16 Dec 2022

Tasmanian Government Resorts To Covering-Up COVID Statistics

 Tasmania's Christmas Covid Cover-Up

We took a routine screen grab of Tasmanian COVID cases on Friday December 16 while the stats were still for the week ending December 9. We wanted to compare them with the new set of stats that is usually released late Friday afternoon. 

The new stats turned out to be the old stats. Tasmania Health Service had simply used the previous weeks stats in FULL , only changing the date at the bottom. What are Jeremy Rockliff's minions doing? The disease is killing a lot of people (see below) and it's not time to roll-over to the bricks and mortar retail industry. Tonight we learn the RHH and the LGH COVID threat level has been increased yet again.

Same stats different week. This administration appears to have abandoned it's duty of care to Tasmanians and now only represents the gaming, hospitality and foreign cruise ship companies.

Compare Tasmania's seemingly static case numbers to the 3 East Coast of Australia states. 

That's 191 deaths IN ONE WEEK in the other three East Coast states. It's time the Tasmanian Government came clean about what's happening in Tasmania? Do they want a mass death event over the Xmas-New year break? 


Tasmanian Government Ignores Covid Wave Hopes It Goes Away

Yesterday Cunard Cruises Queen Elizabeth visited Burnie Tasmania for one day. This ship was blocked from visiting Bali last month because of the high number of Covid cases onboard.

Above - TasPorts records the QE visit and marinetraffic.com shows it is heading back to Sydney after a 'circumnavigation' of Australia. Inside Tasmania does not know if it was only refueling or if passengers went ashore to visit hospitality venues and infect as many Tasmanians as possible.

The Tasmanian Government opened Tasmania's ports to cruise ships in October 2022 regardless of how many active cases were onboard. Current Tasmanian case numbers are 576 per day. Real case number would be much higher as people no longer bother to inform the Tasmanian Health Service they tested positive. Covid is an uncomfortable truth for the hospitality, sport and gaming focused Tasmanian Government.

Guy Barnett Submarine Cable Fanatic Unable to Connect King Island And Flinders Island To Tasmania

Barnett is on Liberal-owned Channel 7 every few weeks opening yet another renewable energy project somewhere in Tasmania. As if we didn't already have 100% renewable energy. No, Barnett wants to stack renewables on top of more renewables on top of base-load renewables so he can mindlessly prop-up the Asian population explosion. He looks like he is permanently on autopilot.

The rip-off Launceston Examiner can't spell King Island

King Island needs solar for local use. The Tasmanian Government's front company Hydro Tasmania has never connected King Island or Flinders Island to the Tasmanian grid by submarine cable. So Hydro Tasmania still burns diesel on the islands for electricity. The islands are only home to about 3,000 people but the Tasmanian government sucks a lot of resources and revenue out of them. The fact the Tasmanian government has never connected them to Tasmania proves they don't care about their economies.

The Tas government are submarine electricity cable fanatics with the Basslink Cable that they overloaded and blew-up and now Marinus Link. They promote Marinus incessantly with no coherent business case for the Tasmanian population. In our view, Barnett works entirely for offshore corporations and only pretends to represent Tasmanians.

Marinus Link bypasses King Island just like Basslink bypassed Flinders because Barnett only dreams in long submarine cables. He never thought of connecting King and Flinders Islands to Tasmania. Or even linking the Furneaux Group together to make a cheap and reliable cable that actually points to the Latrobe Valley. BTW why is Barnett supplying the Latrobe Valley?


Barnett's cables are designed to exploit Tasmanians to benefit multinational wind turbine corporations owned by China and the Philippines. Barnett's plan is to sell our renewable power to millions of unsustainable suburbanites in Sydney and Melbourne. This is Guy Barnett's real electorate.

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