2 Dec 2022

The Prosecution Silenced The Media But Failed To Ask Alleged Rapist A Single Question


This botched trial may have triggered a rape tsunami, thanks to corruption in the ACT legal system. We predict a competent investigation will find Scott Morrison was protecting the alleged rapist and pressured ACT police chief Neil Gaughan to sabotage the trial.

The ACT justice system is a dysfunctional waste of taxpayers money. For over a year the media was ordered to suppress reporting on the 'Parliament House rape case' including 'commentary about commentary'. In the end the DPP only tried the alleged victim while the accused remained silent. (due to self-incrimination?)

The 'alleged' crime was covered-up for years by the corrupt Morrison Government. Morrison ran an inquiry into 'when we knew' that never actually discovered when they knew. Morrison also admitted something terrible had taken place and even apologised for it.

Why wasn't Scott Morrison called to give evidence and asked what he apologised for in Parliament? This trial was a scam. The fact Morrison used Parliamentary Privilege to pervert a criminal case lends weight to the theory he was somehow connected to the accused.

We believe you Brittany

Because the 'alleged' crime happened in a building owned and operated by the Australian taxpayer, we had every right to know what the corrupt Liberal government were doing in it. There were a lot of sex crimes in Parliament House during Morrison's tenure. How did representatives of the people get so over-entitled and divorced from reality?

Why Did The AFP Give Higgins Evidence To The Alleged Rapist's Lawyers?

Incredible this even happened. Nobody from the AFP ever took responsibility for crippling a criminal case but it must have been intentional. Thanks to the AFP, and alleged rape in Australia's Parliament House was made legal. Shame!

Later Senator Linda Reynolds was accused of attempting to 'coach' defence lawyers during the cross-examination of her former staffer Brittany Higgins and inappropriately seeking to obtain transcripts of her evidence prior to coming to court. That's fine because the ACT Supreme Court is run by chimpanzees.


What The Jury Got

Was at least a week long cross examination of the victim. What she was wearing and when she wore it again. What a bunch of brainless goons? The Prosecution then failed to ask the alleged rapist one single question, let alone cross examine him. Why did he have a right to silence but not the victim? Today the Prosecution dropped the rape charge not because the alleged rapist was innocent but because the court had over-traumatised their victim. The alleged rapist has been enabled by the corrupt ACT justice system. The ACT Supreme Court have a duty of care to the community and they abandoned it. Shame!

All the jury heard was a recording of the alleged rapist's police interview which was contradictory. The alleged rapist failed to explain why he was in Parliament house in the early hours of the morning after the Saturday night Gladys Berejikilian was elected Premier of NSW. The Libs were in party mode that night and some may have carried date rape drugs. the alleged rapist provided three different reasons why he and Ms Higgins had gone to Parliament House in the middle of the night.  'The alleged rapist told parliamentary security via an intercom that the pair were there to pick up 'documents'. CCTV footage showed neither the alleged rapist nor Ms Higgins carrying documents when they left the building.

Shane Drumgold

The ACT director of public prosecutions could end-up being the hero of this disgusting story. While he was trying to protect the community from an alleged rapist, ACT Policing was trying to protect an alleged rapist from the community. Scott Morrison's fingerprints are all over this.

Drumgold knew a retrial would mean the victim would be re-traumatised by the alleged rapist's lawyer all over again while the alleged rapist plays coy. This is how the nation's capital deals with a sex crime in the highest office in the land. What hope have females got anywhere else in Australia? What hope have any of us got?

Who Paid The Alleged Rapist's Legal Costs? 

Even Australia's ex-attorney general needed a secret slush fund for his costs. It has been claimed (on twitter) the alleged rapist attended Hillsong Church. Did they cover his costs with their huge tax-exempt resources? Did Scott and Jenny Morrison cover his costs because after-all, Morrison bought his own children into this case for some inexplicable reason? Why would Scott Morrison claim (in Hansard) 'terrible things happened' to Brittany Higgins if nothing happened?  Why was Morrison not charged with perverting a criminal trial? The alleged rapist should sue Scott Morrison for defamation because Morrison told everybody something terrible had happened to Brittany and she called it rape. 

Instead, the Canberra legal system embarked on media bashing as if Australia was a totalitarian state and reporting on an alleged sex crime in Parliament House was not in the public interest? These people are all just public servants remember? This trial was botched, stage managed, corrupted and aborted because the Canberra authorities were too compromised to deal with a sex crime in Parliament House and too gutless to admit it.

The Alleged Rapist Now The Victim Trying To Intimidate The Media

A spokesman for the alleged rapist said the former staffer would be “seeking legal remedies concerning untrue content that has been published about him in the future". Pity that doesn't make sense 'Has been published in the future'

Note. Remained silent throughout his entire trial, but lectures the media immediately after his trial is aborted.

This case was a disaster for ACT Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold. He appears to be up against a corrupt legal system designed to protect sex criminals. Sadly for the alleged rapist, he was not cleared. He will regret this for the rest of his life. Who has he really got to blame? It sure as hell isn't the media.

The alleged rapist should man-up and tell a court what really happened to clear his own alleged conscience. Threatening to sue the Australian taxpayer because he showed-up to Parliament House in the middle of the night with an intoxicated female for reasons he was unable to articulate, even though he is an alleged spin-doctor? Isn't it incredible these were the same people running the nations defense force?


Left. We had clocks running to automatically time Morrison's lies. We knew he was hiding something. 868 days - that's how long Morrison covered-up the name of the alleged rapist.      


Left. Morrison never did find out publicly when his office knew about the rape in a Morrison government department. He knew about it immediately.

Right. We ran this for months because we were unable to even comment on this corrupt farce. Now we see it was just a Morrison smokescreen. According to the corrupt convict legal system, an accused has a right to silence. So why did that also apply to every journalist in Australia?

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