1 May 2022

Meme Fest

Economy So Strong We Need Emergency Support

Screengrab from the Burnie Advocate. Constantly promoting Communist Chinese mining companies like MMG. Has had a decade of Liberal 'strong economy' but pleading for 'emergency support'.

Prepare For War With China While Liberal Peter Costello Advertises Alibaba.com on Fairfax Media

screengrab from Peter Costello's SMH 25.04.2022.

Many LNP Voters also pray for a home invasion and hope they get mugged on a night out.

These people love being ripped-off and abused by organised crime. It's what makes them LNP voters. We caught this article in 'Scorpene Submarine Fraudsters' newspaper. (your taxes paid for the Nine Entertainment newspapers) If you want the whole story on Australia's imaginary submarines read this.


30 Apr 2022

The Launceston Examiner - Catalano's Garbage Newspaper



HEEELP The Examiner is begging for financial assistance - after being the Liberals cheer squad for decades they are going broke. Paper too expensive or so they say. Why weren't they recycling paper or was that too GREEEN? So much for 'Strong Economy' it was just lies.

Anthony Catalano from Byron Bay calls his newspapers 'Community Media'. If you look at the crippled and divided 'communities' of regional Australia you can see why this is a lie.

April 30 2022, and this is what Catalano's Examiner looks like. Fake 'community' media are paid by a local politician to cover it in advertising and they want you to pay to read it? The Examiner would love to charge you for junk mail in your letterbox.

And the lies. Archer (many Tasmanian politicians are called 'Archer') claims a 'strong economy' and a 'stronger future'. She thinks a One Trillion Dollar debt is a strong economy and they are still printing money because it's now almost worthless. The country is actually bankrupt. 'Stronger future' is a lie as our future has never looked weaker and bleaker. Never-ending climate change, disasters and constantly mutating viruses is a 'strong future'?

They wouldn't know anything about the future. At least Archer can read and write, many Tasmanians can't.

Morrison announces a $10 sign

Here's the idiot crew re-announcing a hydrogen hub, tech that uses obscene amounts of electricity to free hydrogen from water. Unfortunately on the same day we are told our electricity will rise a 100% due to the war in Ukraine. Woodchip salesman Guy Barnett actually squirmed when Morrison told us that. Barnett knows Tasmania had 100% hydro electricity before they started selling it to the mainland.

With Morrison making hydrogen it will be powered by Queensland coal and sold as 'green energy'. Meanwhile the clueless Liberal attack ads constantly vilify the Greens because they are interested in the future of the human race. The truth is the hydrogen hub will be subsidized by stolen firewood from native forests. That's because many Tasmanians can't afford to heat their homes with electricity now let alone in their 'stronger future'.

 The garbage Examiner wants you to pay to see 'branded content' on the front page like a riveting article on funeral homes. They have been running the same thing for weeks. The Liberals totally mismanaged the last pandemic because they opened everything up just as the virus mutated to it's most transmissible form. A big win for the funeral industry. Luckily, many Liberal politicians own their own funeral company.

The death notices in the Examiner are free to read. Anthony Catalano from Byron Bay couldn't charge people to advertise their loved ones dying, and then charge people to read the death notices. It should be possible eh Anthony?

And there is the problem. A few dishonest politicians is enough to degrade our society into a cynical exercise in collective psychopathy. For example: Why hasn't Anthony Catalano and the crippled Examiner ever done an expose on RoboDebt? Or the non-existent submarines that Peter Costello was paid millions of taxpayer dollars in so-called consultants fees?

18 Apr 2022

Najib Gets 12 Years - When The PM Is A Compulsive Kleptomaniac

We have followed the 1MDB fraud for years but know it looks like Najib Razak could be doing time over his massive theft of Malaysian taxpayer's funds.


We believe it is very difficult, if not impossible for a religiously-based nation like Malaysia to be an ethically and morally functioning society. Why? Because delusion and unsubstantiated superstition forms the basis of their World view.

This is a similar story to Australia during the Morrison years. For him religion was just a cover for blatant corruption. Sadly the Albanese-led Opposition hasn't got the balls to hammer the LNP criminals, and let them get away with theft on a massive scale. The conservative idiots sold Darwin port to communists and then started trumpeting about the huge threat Communist China poses. They wasted billions on the French submarine contracts but made sure Scomo's mates Costello and Gazard became millionaires. We suspect this was the capital Peter Costello used to buy Nine Entertainment and become a propaganda unit for the LNP.

And why hasn't Albanese mentioned Robodebt?  $1.872 billion pissed-up against the wall in a scheme invented by Morrison that achieved nothing except suicides. Morrison is a psychopath and Stokes, Costello and Murdoch want him to inflict more theft and misery onto Australia.




12 Apr 2022

Is The ACT Supreme Court Covering-Up A Decision On The Alleged Parliament House Rape?

Update. The Lehrmann rape trial is to proceed.

On April Fools Day (12 days ago) the ABC reported  "ACT Chief Justice Lucy McCallum will deliver a decision next week on whether the trial of the man accused of raping former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins will go ahead as planned".

Below is what the ABC published 12 days ago.

screengrab from HERE.

So what happened? Nothing. The decision never happened, at least in the time frame claimed. Why? And why has everybody except Scott Morrison being implored not to report on the case? In our view this is a perversion of the Australian justice system by the LNP government.

Notice we have not mentioned any names, but what about the hundreds or thousands of Australians currently doing time for rape and other sex crimes? Is there one law for Liberal Party spin doctors and another for everybody else? If these allegations are true, why is it legal to rape a person in Australia's Parliament House but not in other parts of Australia?

This was already covered-up by the Morrison government for two and a half years and they have already spent well over a year examining when they first knew about an alleged rape just down the corridor. What a pathetic joke?

For the women of Australia, this is no April Fools joke. In our view, all women are being abused by Scott Morrison.

10 Apr 2022

After A 6 Month Campaign Morrison Gives New Voters 4 Days To Enrol


screengrab from HERE

Alleged Pentecostal psychopath Scott Morrison has finally called an election after stealing billion$ from the Aussie taxpayer. Scott visited fellow crook David Hurley on Sunday April 10 which leaves just 4 working days for new voters to enroll due to the Easter break.

This is typical Morrison, focused entirely on his own criminal career and zero on the Australian people.

Previously, we covered Morrison's 6 month election campaign.

screengrab from HERE

31 Mar 2022

Costello's Nine Entertainment Ignores Second Lismore Flood

This is the garbage Peter Costello's SMH printed as news today while the town of Lismore was flooded for the second time in a few weeks but they didn't notice.

Ex-Howard treasurer Peter Costello, chair of NIne Entertainment is propping-up the corrupt Morrison government after attacks from it's own side. The climate change situation in NSW (home of the SMH) is much worse than the reputation of one compulsive liar and alleged psychopath. Statistically, Morrison is one of the planets main drivers of climate change.

Meanwhile In The Real World

We covered this climate disaster recently but now it's a rolling tragedy. Brainwashed Catholic Dom Perrottet claimed the last flood was a 'one in a thousand year event'. So the last big one was in 1022AD? How the hell would the liar know? This is the idiot who urged Tasmania to open it's borders last year although he has no medical qualifications and the resulting surge in cases caused a mini recession.

18 Mar 2022

COVID Is Going Though Tasmania Like A Bushfire


Today Tasmania has 9,205 cases, the highest ever number of active cases. That passes the January 12 peak after the borders re-opened. Corrupt Channel 7 Tasmania news covered-up the daily 'new cases' number but told us the Royal Hobart Hospital has cancelled elective surgery to make way for Covid patients.

Our vaccination rate is high but are people really protected or is the Communist Chinese bat virus always one step ahead? There are a bit over 500,000 people in Tasmania so the virus must be spreading somewhere in the community for the numbers to be this high. Fewer people are wearing masks in and around shops now and most seem to think the pandemic is over.

We were disgusted the Gutwein Liberal government failed to name the schools where the virus is spreading. Was this in the best interests of parents and children? So who the hell did this decision help? The Chamber of Commerce, The AFL, The Hotels Association, who knows? Remember 'normal' in Tasmania is 'bankrupt'.

We have just looked at the Tas COVID Weekly Report which we have added to the links bar above. This is heavy on stats but light on human experience. For example how many double or triple vaccinated people are catching it? They don't know. Are people catching it multiple times?

A Government That Promotes Footy And Alcohol

How many Tasmanians are actually bored by adults chasing a ball around like children? Why does the media elevate the lowest common denominator of social narrative? Why are adults encouraged to have the emotional range of children? Why do the 3 media conglomerates and the major parties pander to spectators trapped in the meaningless competition of local sport?

Alcohol is the carcinogenic waste product of a fungus. (yeast)  Why is a high cholesterol diet and continuous alcohol consumption promoted by the government? The government that knows it kills people earlier. Look how many ex-cricketers died of heart attacks in the last 2 weeks?

15 Mar 2022

You Get What You Voted For


Morrison refusing to admit this is climate change

After decades of climate change warnings, Australians still voted for the Liberal-National parties in 2019 when they elected the most corrupt government in Australia's history. Morrison and Joyce are owned by the fossil fuel industry and are paid to not notice human suffering.

The Australian voters elected two parties who always put their fossil fuel donors ahead of the welfare of the people they represent. They don't represent Australians they represent corporations. Take Barnaby Joyce? The deputy Prime Minister was very visible during the catastrophic floods of 2022 wasn't he?

He wasn't, he was in hiding on the other side of the Dividing Range, counting his Adani cash and hoping Australians subsidised his coal donors yet again by donating to the flood victims.

The 'most vaccinated PM in the World' caught COVID and was also in hiding. It's all about their careers and it's never about the electorate right?

Thanks to 'The Shovel' for this image. We saw 'Con' Dom Perrottet describe these floods as a 'one in a thousand year event'. It shows what meticulous record keeping the Aboriginal people were doing centuries before the Liberal Party caused climatic change. Also a shout-out to the Tasmanian Liberal farmers that had to make the Tasmanian tiger extinct to protect their really valuable sheep. Good work guys but now some boffins are working on reversing the extinct thylacine. 

Pentecostal blow-hards like Scomo are very funny people. The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet women's network logo has been 'pulled' because it resembles a penis. Scomo is the idiot that just keeps giving. Years after he returns to being a small time pickpocket, images like this will remain, reminding us what a failure he was and how mentally deficient LNP voters are.

10 Mar 2022

Crowdfund A Reward For The Arrest Of Mass-Murderer Putin


Communism is a systematized obsession with organization that always ends-up as a dictatorship. Eventually the dictatorship turns into a blood bath. Now we have mentally retarded North Korea, the Russian Nazi Vladimir Putin and the mad bat virus dictator Xi of the Dictator's Republic of China. At least the rest of the literate World has been unified against this barbaric 'system'.

5 Mar 2022

Cocaine Use In The Queensland Liberal Party


Don't humans love plant alkaloids such as cocaine? Even nicotine is a plant alkaloid that was evolved by tobacco to act as a pesticide. No wonder humans get so hopelessly addicted to it? It's as if humans and plants shared a common ancestor all those millions of years ago. 😀 

You really need to find out what the Queensland Liberal Party are doing with your compulsorily acquired taxes. Watch this friendlyjordies blockbuster and find out how Liberals in the fast lane are staying between the white lines.

Obviously, The Cocaine Is Hidden Inside the High Performance Cars - Why Hasn't The AFP Realised That?

That's our theory. The Liberal donor car company have a lot of cocaine. They have to be getting it from somewhere. 


How convenient? Both the media and the Australian Federal Police have remained silent on the Queensland Liberal cocaine importation scandal?

2 Mar 2022

Russia, China And North Korea Are A Bloc That Australia Supports

Russia, China, North Korea and Belarus form a tight Marxist-Maoist trading bloc based on shared communist 'principles' that translate into brutal, sadistic, one man dictatorships.

3 dictators for life Putin. Xi, Lukashenko

You can bet anything Australia exports to China finds it's way to North Korea and now Russia. Of course communism (Bolshevism, Marxism whatever) is the cover these dictators operate under. Why do these countries have billionaires if they are based on serving the proletariat?

Putin, Kim Jong Un and gay armed guard Getty images

How do you think North Korea survived years of sanctions? They are supplied by Russia and China who were trading with the rest of the World up until recently. Now heavy sanctions have been slapped on Soviet-era spyboy Vladimir Putin, so China will be carrying the can for all of them

This Is Where Australia Comes In

Australia has a schizo relationship with China. We have covered the systematic treason against Australia by Australians here at Inside Tasmania ad nauseaum. Lest we forget Pentecostal half-wit Scott Morrison 'leasing' Darwin Port to the Marxists? What about Pentecostal nut-job Eric Abetz selling the strategic North West corner of Tasmania to Communist China? These Liberal Party idiots were so brainwashed by Maoism they thought they were on the same side. Some cases were so bizarre they still seem unbelievable today. Like then Premier of Tasmania Will Hodgman helping the Chinese Communist Party build military bases in Antarctica. 

Australia's Mining And Media Oligarchs

We all know Andrew Forrest and Gina Rinehart have sold China enough iron ore to make a million bombs and missiles. Where do you think the steel in Kim Jong Un's ballistic missiles came from? Kerry Stokes, owner of Seven West Media has been a vocal supporter of Communist China. These oligarchs pretend to be capitalists while harvesting wealth from communism. That makes them communists we believe.

Don't Expect The Liberal Party to Change Soon

Morrison and Dutton revealed how stupid they are by passing laws that were only directed at Moslem extremists, but prevent Ukrainian-born men from defending their country. It's going to be very hard, if not impossible for the Australian LNP to develop a rational foreign policy with so few brain cells. 

Remember John Howard also invaded a sovereign state for no apparent reason other than WMD propaganda. Even while they were up to their necks fighting Moslems in the Middle East, the LNP imbeciles had made stoning the rock at Mecca 100% tax deductible. For the Australian LNP to understand global geopolitics is next to impossible until grafting new brain cells becomes a reality.

brothers in slime

Vladimir Putin Is Gay

Putin declared the publication of images of himself wearing makeup is 'extremist material'. If Putin was really heterosexual why would he make images of him in drag illegal? He has serious psychological problems.

why did Putin ban this?

Now The Downing Of MH17 Is Crystal Clear

Putins invasion of Ukraine is an admission of guilt concerning MH17. Putin committed a war crime and wanted the World to blame Ukraine. He is an unhinged psychopath.

25 Feb 2022

Putin the Psychopath

Communism Is Dictatorship

Communism doesn't work but why is Australia mindlessly supporting a dictatorship in China? The truth is because we also have a failed system.

Look at human garbage Donald Trump who thinks Putin is smart? Look at human garbage Joe Hockey who thought the 2020 US presidential election was stolen? Look at Eric Abetz, Trumps biggest supporter in Tasmania?

If Ukraine is part of Russia then why is Putin killing Russians? These psychopathic dictators only think about themselves.

We typed 'Putin' in the Inside Tasmania search box. Here are two highlights..

Small Man Syndrome And The Russia-China Block


Baby-Killing Psychopath Putin

Putin is a small man addicted to power to compensate for his short stature. Unfortunately he has no leadership qualities and has tried to drag Soviet-era KGB human rights atrocities into the 21st Century.

Putin has blood on his hands. He will never criticize Xi Jinping and his Maoist thugs. Putin does not criticize Kim Jong-un and they will never have a bad word to say about him. 

This is all just too convenient for the cold war remnants but what about the rest of us?

7 Dictators That Have To Go

The planet has entered a death spiral at the hands of a few dictators. Not only are these corrupt dictators blocking the evolution of the human race but they are routinely murdering innocent people.


Lukashenko and Putin

The KGB-trained operative who never emerged from the cold war. He is still poisoning people who speak the truth or murdering innocent airline passengers just to win some obscure regional power struggle. 
He is using the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok to stay in power. Is clinging to power so necessary? Do these tinpot dictators get addicted to it? Obviously. Putin is just another small-minded, self-serving dictator.


The Belarusian dictator ticks all the boxes. Still lives in the Soviet era like Putin, anti-semitic, homophobic, praises Hitler etc, etc. Claims vodka will prevent Coronavirus, is an adulterer. Is Belarus's only president and is addicted to power.  Recently won a staged election and 'disappears' his opponents. Like Putin, this cadaver from the past has got to go.