18 Dec 2021

This Six Month Election Campaign Is Voter Abuse

After two and a half years of scams, orgies and theft, self indulgent career criminal Scott Morrison launches a six month long election campaign without naming a date. Obviously, he wants to grind down the Australian voters over the coming months so they are so brain-dead they will vote for a party of psychopaths and perverts.

Every press conference and photo-op has it's vacant looking opportunists in the background wanting to get their hands on the public purse. Suddenly this 'sports-based Pentecostal fascist' is amenable to mainstream ideas like having a future for planet Earth and the human race. Morrison will not be drilling for oil off Cronulla Beach because it's un-Australian. Bass Strait is OK, just not offshore Sydney.

Look at what the idiot achieved in this term in office? The biggest parliamentary sex scandals in the nations history, the biggest wide-spread theft of Australian taxes, the most lies told and the most cover-ups. Now the prime mobster is back for more because he didn't make all his mates millionaires in the last term. Morrison in his stupidity thinks his limited tenders and no Federal ICAC will fly again.

A mainstay of Morrison's campaign is 'we can't let socialists into office'. Being funded by Chinese communists is fine with the LNP. All the way with Emperor Xi Jinping.

We are sure the Australian Future Fund invests in Chinese arms manufacturing and now most of Andrew Forrest and Gina Rinehart's iron ore leases are Communist Chinese ammunition. The Liberals have made billions from arming the Maoist war machine.

China was our biggest trading partner until the bat virus crippled our economy. The one Morrison didn't see coming. Who would have thought the  Australian economy would be slapped-down by an animal rights issue in China?

We don't accept Scott Morrison even has a basic concept of reality. His outlook is Morrison-centric.  The Hillsong fraud is the complete opposite of leading a country. It's tax fraud based on exploiting ignorance.

Scott Morrison's Father

Morrison's father John

Scott Morrison announced he rejects the concept of conflict of interest during his failed Berejiklian for Warringah campaign. We suspect his lack of moral values came from within his own family.

"John Morrison appears to have been an ambitious man, willing to twist situations to his own advantage and with questionable racist attitudes."

Right. John Morrison wearing a quasi-military uniform. John Morrison was the mayor of Waverley and the Chief Inspector of NSW Police in Waverley between 1987 and 1992.

Non-Rational Thought Processes


Contradictory thinking

If you look at a flow-chart of what victims of religion are supposed to believe, you come to the conclusion they should never be in leadership roles.

This appears to have been the legacy Scott Morrison inherited from his Sunday school-teacher parents Marion and John.

Morrison's parents joined the Assembly of Confessing Congregations a sect created in response to homosexuality. The split in the Uniting Church was caused by the ordination of gay ministers, which Morrison's parents firmly opposed. In Parliament, Scott Morrison abstained from voting on the same-sex marriage proposal that was passed by parliament. Morrisons parents religious beliefs were at least partially formed by other peoples sexuality.

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