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Peter Costello and Rupert Murdoch think LNP propaganda is so important you should pay them for it. Their sock puppet reporters cover the destruction of the Earth's climate and ecology and the breakdown of civilization as if it were somehow inevitable. Paywall media give you sanitized news and charge you to see ads. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? We have scammer media upholding scammer government.

18 Mar 2022

COVID Is Going Though Tasmania Like A Bushfire


Today Tasmania has 9,205 cases, the highest ever number of active cases. That passes the January 12 peak after the borders re-opened. Corrupt Channel 7 Tasmania news covered-up the daily 'new cases' number but told us the Royal Hobart Hospital has cancelled elective surgery to make way for Covid patients.

Our vaccination rate is high but are people really protected or is the Communist Chinese bat virus always one step ahead? There are a bit over 500,000 people in Tasmania so the virus must be spreading somewhere in the community for the numbers to be this high. Fewer people are wearing masks in and around shops now and most seem to think the pandemic is over.

We were disgusted the Gutwein Liberal government failed to name the schools where the virus is spreading. Was this in the best interests of parents and children? So who the hell did this decision help? The Chamber of Commerce, The AFL, The Hotels Association, who knows? Remember 'normal' in Tasmania is 'bankrupt'.

We have just looked at the Tas COVID Weekly Report which we have added to the links bar above. This is heavy on stats but light on human experience. For example how many double or triple vaccinated people are catching it? They don't know. Are people catching it multiple times?

A Government That Promotes Footy And Alcohol

How many Tasmanians are actually bored by adults chasing a ball around like children? Why does the media elevate the lowest common denominator of social narrative? Why are adults encouraged to have the emotional range of children? Why do the 3 media conglomerates and the major parties pander to spectators trapped in the meaningless competition of local sport?

Alcohol is the carcinogenic waste product of a fungus. (yeast)  Why is a high cholesterol diet and continuous alcohol consumption promoted by the government? The government that knows it kills people earlier. Look how many ex-cricketers died of heart attacks in the last 2 weeks?

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