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12 Apr 2022

Is The ACT Supreme Court Covering-Up A Decision On The Alleged Parliament House Rape?

Update. The Lehrmann rape trial is to proceed.

On April Fools Day (12 days ago) the ABC reported  "ACT Chief Justice Lucy McCallum will deliver a decision next week on whether the trial of the man accused of raping former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins will go ahead as planned".

Below is what the ABC published 12 days ago.

screengrab from HERE.

So what happened? Nothing. The decision never happened, at least in the time frame claimed. Why? And why has everybody except Scott Morrison being implored not to report on the case? In our view this is a perversion of the Australian justice system by the LNP government.

Notice we have not mentioned any names, but what about the hundreds or thousands of Australians currently doing time for rape and other sex crimes? Is there one law for Liberal Party spin doctors and another for everybody else? If these allegations are true, why is it legal to rape a person in Australia's Parliament House but not in other parts of Australia?

This was already covered-up by the Morrison government for two and a half years and they have already spent well over a year examining when they first knew about an alleged rape just down the corridor. What a pathetic joke?

For the women of Australia, this is no April Fools joke. In our view, all women are being abused by Scott Morrison.

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