15 Mar 2022

You Get What You Voted For


Morrison refusing to admit this is climate change

After decades of climate change warnings, Australians still voted for the Liberal-National parties in 2019 when they elected the most corrupt government in Australia's history. Morrison and Joyce are owned by the fossil fuel industry and are paid to not notice human suffering.

The Australian voters elected two parties who always put their fossil fuel donors ahead of the welfare of the people they represent. They don't represent Australians they represent corporations. Take Barnaby Joyce? The deputy Prime Minister was very visible during the catastrophic floods of 2022 wasn't he?

He wasn't, he was in hiding on the other side of the Dividing Range, counting his Adani cash and hoping Australians subsidised his coal donors yet again by donating to the flood victims.

The 'most vaccinated PM in the World' caught COVID and was also in hiding. It's all about their careers and it's never about the electorate right?

Thanks to 'The Shovel' for this image. We saw 'Con' Dom Perrottet describe these floods as a 'one in a thousand year event'. It shows what meticulous record keeping the Aboriginal people were doing centuries before the Liberal Party caused climatic change. Also a shout-out to the Tasmanian Liberal farmers that had to make the Tasmanian tiger extinct to protect their really valuable sheep. Good work guys but now some boffins are working on reversing the extinct thylacine. 

Pentecostal blow-hards like Scomo are very funny people. The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet women's network logo has been 'pulled' because it resembles a penis. Scomo is the idiot that just keeps giving. Years after he returns to being a small time pickpocket, images like this will remain, reminding us what a failure he was and how mentally deficient LNP voters are.

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