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5 Feb 2021

Small Man Syndrome And The Russia-China Block


Putin is a small man addicted to power to compensate for his short stature. Unfortunately he has no leadership qualities and has tried to drag Soviet-era KGB human rights atrocities into the 21st Century.

Putin has blood on his hands. He will never criticize Xi Jinping and his Maoist thugs. Putin does not criticize Kim Jong-un and they will never have a bad word to say about him. 

This is all just too convenient for the cold war remnants but what about the rest of us?

Today Australia is being intimidated and squeezed as the Maoists move South on the their quest for 'Lebensraum'. Somehow the China has to accommodate the biggest population explosion in the history of the entire planet yet Xi Jinping never looks at the massive unoccupied land mass around him that is Soviet Asia.

Have a look at this graphic of the Earth's surface and realise how distorted the Maoist World view really is? They already own 1.88% of the habitable Eart's surface but are ignoring the massive 3.34% that is Russia. Instead they look hungrily at Australia with 1.51% of the habitable Earth and most of that is not too habitable unless your are a lizard. Communist China is well on the way to economically colonising Australia with a perverse trading regime weighted heavily in their favor.

Australians own none of China, cannot buy their currency and have nobody in the Central Committee. The Maoists have turned Australians upon each other, ruthlessly exploiting the corrupt LNP government and it's idiotic leader Scott Morrison. China is exploiting the LNP's astronomical debt.

Only Australians could go broke living in one of the richest countries on Earth.

So why can't Xi Jinping annex Siberia? Most of it is empty. What could Putin do? He would not launch a nuclear strike on his old Communist allies because it goes against his KGB brainwashing. Putin only pretends to be a strong man. He doesn't know if he's capitalist or communist or if it's 2021 or 1959. 

China could just walk into Russian Siberia and annex it like they did with Tibet. Putin would just sit in his palace.

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