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Peter Costello and Rupert Murdoch think LNP propaganda is so valuable you should pay them for it. Their sock puppet reporters cover the destruction of the Earth's climate and ecology and the breakdown of civilization as if it was just inevitable. Paywall media give you sanitized news and charge you to see ads. Why is TV free when the costs are higher than online media? Australian scammer media upholds scammer government.

24 Jan 2022

Brian Houston's Next Court Appearance March 3 - Will It Affect The Election?

Brian Houston's case of concealing his father's sex crimes appeared for mention today (January 27). The case was adjourned to March 3 2022. The Murdoch press is now actively linking the sex crime cover-up at Hillsong with Scott Morrison. Check the video on that story to see what we mean. This could be extremely damaging to Morrison's election prospects. Unlike the Lehrmann case, Morrison appears unable to control the Houston legal process.

By comparison, Peter Costello's Fairfax is suppressing the Houston-Morrison sex scandal. 

When Has An Australian Prime Minister's Mentor Been Charged With Covering-Up Pedophilia? Hardly Ever.

Didn't Tony Abbott visit George Pell in prison? He did. Is this a Liberal 'rites of passage'?

It's as if the legal system has realized the Hillsong Church is on trial and Brian Houston and Morrison are just baggage dragged-in to the vortex of Frank Houston's sex crimes against at least 9 children.

Brian Houston runs the Hillsong Church conglomerate with wife Bobby.

Houston is Scott Morrison's mentor and the man Morrison tried to get invited to the Trump White House.

Another high-profile case, that of Bruce Lehrmann was 'tentatively' deferred to June 6 2022. 

The two cases are unusual due to their relationship with the Morrison government. When the Houston trial begins will be interesting relative to the possible election dates. (below)

full list is here  

The last possible election date is May 14, so we are predicting Houston's court date will be set for after that day. Morrison may hold a snap election earlier but he really needs to push these cases off into the future.

Morrison in Overdrive Censoring The Internet

Morrison is trying as hard as any Middle Eastern dictator to cripple the flow of information on the WWW. Ultimately, Morrison is wasting his time but his motivations are interesting. 

Morrison's father John was the chief police inspector for Woollahra-Waverley between 1987 to 1992. Exactly the same time as the systematic murders of gay men in the Marks Park area of Bondi. Later, Morrison's parents joined a break-away sect after the Uniting Church voted to ordain gay ministers. Is Scott Morrison prepared to talk openly with the Australian people about his parents attitudes to gay people?

Scott Morrison along with fellow Hillsong-Pentecostal Alex Hawke abstained from voting on the same sex marriage proposal that ultimately passed Australia's parliament.

Grace Tame Braver Than The Religious Nutjobs Running Australia

On Australia Day, Pentecostal Morrison wanted to press the flesh with everybody during a pandemic. No wonder Albo refused to shake his hand? Of course Australian women are angry but so are Australian men.

Scott Morrison has racked up a trillion dollar debt while he forces Australian taxpayers to fund delusional religions. Australian taxpayers are funding thousands or religions that all contradict each other. These religions routinely sexually abuse children and create poverty and homelessness. Then they pretend to be 'charities'. Another reason not to shake Morrison's hand.

Religious charities are a scam because none of their promises and dogma is scientifically verified. How many people with COVID did religion save? None. Morrison's Pentecostals also sexually abuse children. If Australia is going to survive we need to return to a secular (non-religious) state.

21 Jan 2022

China's Economy Has Collapsed

We are seeing the end of the largest financial bubble in history as the Chinese property market collapses. This video goes into some detail about why China's market got so big and how the Evergrande collapse bought an end to China's boom.

So Communism Didn't Work Right?

The main driver of the China property boom is authoritarian control by the CCP. They prevented the population from investing in anything other than real estate.

China has tried to walk on both sides of the street, realizing that Russian communism had collapsed because it was too insular, they globalised their economy and searched for weaknesses and markets in the capitalist system.

An equilibrium was reached in the late 20th and early 21st centuries as both systems exploited each other to mutual benefit. Meanwhile corruption and self indulgence prospered around the globe. Populations were lied to and happily accepted it. Lobsters were air freighted to China on a daily basis from Tasmania while the locals never saw them. Chinese monopoly money flowed into Australia, inflating our property market and putting houses beyond the reach of young families. This is an environment where corrupt politicians flourish and they did.

The Australian Liberals developed a migration scheme based entirely on wealth and targeting rich Chinese. Chinese investors could only buy new houses in Australia, not old ones. The Australian property boom is an offshoot of the Chinese property boom. That means it will also fail.

dictator for life holds video with WEF

Proof China's economy is failing is dictator Xi Jinping this week lecturing the WEF about the critical importance of low interest rates.

So we have a Marxist battling to hold down interest rates so his debt-driven pseudo-capitalist, pseudo-communist empire doesn't go broke and the proletariat lynch him? The irony. None of the WEF cares about Xi because his bat virus has already crippled their economies. Why did Xi imprison doctors warning of the pandemic and then cover it up while it spread around the globe?

Unlimited Growth - Where Crony Communism and Crony Capitalism Agree

Free market capitalists think the Earth is an unlimited sewer with the ability to absorb every bit of toxic waste, mass scale exploitation and degradation of it's climate and ecology. They are dumbphuks but so are Chinese dictators. 1.4 billion aspirational, wealth-driven Chinese is too much for the Earth to bear. China's environmental footprint already takes-in much of the globe but fake 'leaders' like Scott Morrison are paid to not notice.

Our Collapse

Economically, it's going to go bad in Australia but we have an Aboriginal culture here that outlives them all. ATM we have a property boom but empty supermarket shelves and inventories. Look at this amazing quote from US fund manager Jeremy Grantham. 'crazy investor behaviour indicative of a late-stage bubble: meme stocks, a buying frenzy in electric-vehicle names, the rise of nonsensical cryptocurrencies such a dogecoin and multimillion-dollar prices for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. This checklist for a super bubble running through its phases is now complete and the wild rumpus can begin at any time,'

In Liberal-run Australia, there is no planning, just endless crises immediately white-washed by the PR-driven government. 'Let her rip' eh, even the stockmarket? Australians have learned how to survive the insanity of their own elected government. Lets see whose DNA survives and whose is terminated in 2022 and beyond?

20 Jan 2022

Check-Out What Peter Costello's Fairfax Didn't Want You To Know

Peter Costello Is Flogging A Dead Horse Trying To Get Morrison Re-Elected

Peter Costello, ex-treasurer under John 'War Criminal' Howard is now chair of Nine Entertainment, who owns Fairfax Media. We will let the screengrabs do the talking because Costello obviously wanted this story covered-up.

Wednesday January 19

17 Jan 2022

Jacinda Ardern Should Be Prime Minister Of Australia And New Zealand


After the massive volcanic eruption on Saturday January 15 Australia scrambled an RAAF Poseidon aircraft to carry out sightseeing. NZ sent an Orion reconnaissance aircraft and a Lockheed C-130 carrying fresh water and supplies. Water supplies on Tonga would be impacted by ash. Marise Payne and Scott Morrison are so deeply involved in buying an election they are waiting for Tonga to ask for help. Why would Tonga want COVID-infected Australians in their COVID-free islands?

                     An RAAF Poseidon takes-off from Amberley Qld.

The Australian government are the psychopaths who thought drowning Pacific islands using climate change was funny. Australia is so alcohol-dependent and disconnected from reality that psychopaths and crime figures are re-elected.

Here is a reminder of Morrison's climate change track record.  

Scott Morrison is the number one coal exporter, number two LNG exporter, largest carbon emitter per capita and largest methane gas producer on Earth.

The Morrison team think their 6 month long election campaign is about tax cuts? Its hard to come-up with something Morrison hasn't totally stuffed. He sold Darwin Port to the Maoists, he invented Robodebt, he though coal seam gas would stop the pandemic, he armed the Chinese army with iron ore, the list is almost endless. Fair-dinkum, the guy is a total liability for Australia. How did we get so corrupt?

Ulterior Motive

We watch the Pentecostal Liberals closely and we may know where video footage of destruction in Tonga will end-up. We recon the RAAF will give it to Kerry Stokes Seven West Media for the 6 o'clock news and also to Peter Costello's Nine Entertainment. Natural disasters are big money makers for media and most of them are Liberal-aligned media barons. Morrison is 100% crony capitalism and has bankrupted his own country. See if we are right?

Next Day. (Jan 18)

Sadly we were right. Watched a Channel 7 news bulletin and they had air footage from Tonga sourced from 'the Australian and New Zealand airforce'. We wonder if this disaster footage is provided for free to the media networks that keep Morrison in government?

16 Jan 2022

Brian Houston Ordered The Deportation Of Novak Djokovic

No Separation Of Church And State 


Australia's borders are notionally controlled by PM Morrison and Minister Alex Hawke both of the Hillsong Church. They are both disciples of Brian Houston. Hillsong doesn't believe in science but Houston uses it selectively when it suits him. If God created viruses why should Brian Houston believe in vaccines? We would love to see a spreadsheet of Brian Houston's brain. Maybe a flowchart that goes round and round like a vortex into irrationality.

* Hillsong co-founder believes unvaccinated star shouldn't be allowed in Australia
* Brian Houston hopes 'Australia will learn from it and toughen up the rules'
* Sparked divided reacation when he weighed into Novak Djokovic visa saga
* Footage has since gone viral of Hillsong followers singing and dancing at camp

Houston tweeted this on the day of the first Djokovic hearing January 10

Compare that to the Djokovic timeline.

Houston is a man currently charged with concealing sex crimes, Why is he advising the Australian Prime Minister and Immigration Minister on border security? Will Morrison ensure the court is lenient? Only in the Pentecostal Fascist dictatorship of Australia.

Hillsong must be taxed at the corporate rate, so the rest of Australia can move beyond the $trillion crippling Liberal debt. Debt inflicted by complete idiots locked in a Neanderthal version of reality.


Liberal Donors Can Skip Hotel Quarantine

Things would be very different for the World number 1 if he had donated to the LIberal Party of Australia. More from here.

Morrison used the World number one to spin a 'tough on borders' fairytale and as a distraction from the fact he failed to order rapid antigen tests.

Morrison is as tough on borders as Mary Poppins. He let in the Ruby Princess. He let in the FedEx Delta strain air freight. The person 100% responsible for Australia's borders is Scott Morrison. Two months ago Morrison allowed the Qatar Air carrying Omicon to land in Australia after pretending to shut the borders. Scott Morrison's borders are as porous as his non-existent moral values. Morrison thinks he will dupe the alcohol-dependent Aussie voters with a fake tough on borders stance by arresting a tennis player?


A Flaw In The Morrison Government Logic

Djokovic could have legally entered Australia with just 2 shots of the Astra Zeneca vaccine in use since late 2020.

Instead Djokovic caught COVID-19 last month (December 2021). The government maintains an old vaccine that is only 61% effective against the Delta variant, is superior to natural immunity conferred from having caught the virus 4 weeks ago.

The governments position is that immunity or 'fully vaccinated' is only possible with a manufactured vaccine, and not from a recent viral infection. Doesn't that prove COVID was engineered in a lab? 

This is huge 'own goal' for the Morrison government. The have been China's slavish supplier for decades and have failed to act on all or any human and animal rights abuses in the dictatorship.

12 Jan 2022

COVID Chaos - Australia Has Surrended To The Virus

Tasmania Community Contact Tracing

Here is a link to a community implemented spreadsheet on COVID check-ins.

I can see many supermarkets are transmission sites for days at a time. The Liberals want everybody to catch it but I don't want my summer spoilt by some bat-eating virus from the Liberals closest trading partners.  

According to Morrison's National Cabinet, now that COVID has mutated into Omicron we can open everything up. Somehow the virus evolved into agreement with the tourism, entertainment and sports industries. This happened in December 2021.

Tasmania Has Stopped Contact Tracing

Above. A screengrab of the last Government list of Tasmanian exposure sites  made on January 3. At time of writing Tasmania is getting over 400 cases a day.

Too Bad If You Have A Compromised Immune System

In December, the highly-mutated Omicron virus, arrived from South Africa as extreme right-wing Trump fanboy Dom Perrottet became Premier of NSW. Along with Morrison, they decided to ignore the fact there were now two different viruses circulating in the community. They chose to only focus on Omicron and 'let it rip'. Too bad if some of our relatives must die.

The Contradictions

If Omicron really is a less dangerous virus then why do we all need booster shots? How long will Delta keep circulating and does anyone really know?  

Why did politicians change 'close contact' to 'contact for 4 hours' when they said Omicron spreads much faster?

Throughout the pandemic, catching COVID and recovering was never regarded as a vaccination that gives immunity. Why?

We are cutting back on PCR tests due to the system overloading, but now we don't know how many cases there are. Is this a Morrison-Perrottet strategy?  

Morrison told people to do their own rapid antigen tests even though they are not available in the country and he failed to buy them. Again.

Why is the proportion of Delta cases being ignored? 

If exposure sites are not being recorded then why are we still using check-in apps on our phones?

How High Will It Go?

3 days later and Tasmania's COVID cases have more than doubled. No wonder businesses are shutting down to protect themselves.

27 Dec 2021

Perrottet And Hazzard Claim Everybody Will Get Omicron


Introducing NoCon Dom and Brad BioHazzard

Two Liberal mouthpieces from NSW have emerged from the ideological swamp to inform us 'we will all get omicron'.

Sweet. Even if you are double vaccinated or triple vaccinated you will still get it according to the NSW Liberals. But weren't COVID jabs supposed to prevent you catching the disease? Not according to the Liberal Party. They have hoisted the white flag and surrendered to the virus.

Later in the day Hazzard claimed the melt-down of testing sites and false negatives for thousands of people was actually caused by Queensland.  Hazzard accused the Queensland Premier of 'effectively perverting the purposes of pathology testing'. Thats because Queensland demands a PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival but so do SA and Tasmania. Only a Labor Premier can pervert pathology according to the two half-wits.

Liberal Party Claim Kerry Stokes, Rupert Murdoch and Peter Costello Will Also Catch COVID

Why have the Liberals told us their own propaganda machine are going to get COVID? Perrottet and Hazzard said everyone will catch it and they seem to know.

What's Happened To The 6 O'clock Channel Seven News in Tasmania?

Maybe Kerry Stokes already has Omicron because the Channel 7 News has been subverted by the Ashes Cricket test. Nobody at 7 knows when the 6 o'clock news starts because that depends on when 'stumps' are called at the cricket. Tonight the 6 o'clock news started at 6.40pm.

For almost a week now Channel 7 have left the 'new case numbers' for NSW off their map of Australia while showing every other state. This is blatant propaganda from Kerry Stokes and it should be illegal. This is a pandemic not a meaningless test match.

18 Dec 2021

This Six Month Election Campaign Is Voter Abuse

After two and a half years of scams, orgies and theft, self indulgent career criminal Scott Morrison launches a six month long election campaign without naming a date. Obviously, he wants to grind down the Australian voters over the coming months so they are so brain-dead they will vote for a party of psychopaths and perverts.

Every press conference and photo-op has it's vacant looking opportunists in the background wanting to get their hands on the public purse. Suddenly this 'sports-based Pentecostal fascist' is amenable to mainstream ideas like having a future for planet Earth and the human race. Morrison will not be drilling for oil off Cronulla Beach because it's un-Australian. Bass Strait is OK, just not offshore Sydney.

Look at what the idiot achieved in this term in office? The biggest parliamentary sex scandals in the nations history, the biggest wide-spread theft of Australian taxes, the most lies told and the most cover-ups. Now the prime mobster is back for more because he didn't make all his mates millionaires in the last term. Morrison in his stupidity thinks his limited tenders and no Federal ICAC will fly again.

A mainstay of Morrison's campaign is 'we can't let socialists into office'. Being funded by Chinese communists is fine with the LNP. All the way with Emperor Xi Jinping.

We are sure the Australian Future Fund invests in Chinese arms manufacturing and now most of Andrew Forrest and Gina Rinehart's iron ore leases are Communist Chinese ammunition. The Liberals have made billions from arming the Maoist war machine.

China was our biggest trading partner until the bat virus crippled our economy. The one Morrison didn't see coming. Who would have thought the  Australian economy would be slapped-down by an animal rights issue in China?

We don't accept Scott Morrison even has a basic concept of reality. His outlook is Morrison-centric.  The Hillsong fraud is the complete opposite of leading a country. It's tax fraud based on exploiting ignorance.

Scott Morrison's Father

Morrison's father John

Scott Morrison announced he rejects the concept of conflict of interest during his failed Berejiklian for Warringah campaign. We suspect his lack of moral values came from within his own family.

"John Morrison appears to have been an ambitious man, willing to twist situations to his own advantage and with questionable racist attitudes."

Right. John Morrison wearing a quasi-military uniform. John Morrison was the mayor of Waverley and the Chief Inspector of NSW Police in Waverley between 1987 and 1992.

Non-Rational Thought Processes


Contradictory thinking

If you look at a flow-chart of what victims of religion are supposed to believe, you come to the conclusion they should never be in leadership roles.

This appears to have been the legacy Scott Morrison inherited from his Sunday school-teacher parents Marion and John.

Morrison's parents joined the Assembly of Confessing Congregations a sect created in response to homosexuality. The split in the Uniting Church was caused by the ordination of gay ministers, which Morrison's parents firmly opposed. In Parliament, Scott Morrison abstained from voting on the same-sex marriage proposal that was passed by parliament. Morrisons parents religious beliefs were at least partially formed by other peoples sexuality.

12 Dec 2021

Oh No. Russian Hackers Publish Details Of Most South Australian Public Servants

We read on Slashdot  the personal details of up to 80,000 government workers have been stolen by Russian hackers.

The data was accessed in a cyber-attack on external payroll software provider Frontier Software. The data includes names, dates of birth, tax file numbers, home addresses, bank account details, remuneration and superannuation contributions. Treasurer Rob Lucas said politicians, including Premier Steven Marshall, could be among those affected.

Strange the story didn't seem to make it into the Stokes-Costello-Murdoch propaganda networks? We wonder why? Apparently it's behind the Financial Review paywall which is part of ex-Liberal treasurer Peter Costello's Nine Entertainment cartel. 

Peter Costello may have partly funded his media empire with kickbacks from the French submarine deal. Apparently, Costello and a NSW Liberal operative were partners in ECG Advisory Solutions that made big profits from the submarine deal.

It appears the Stokes-Costello-Murdoch MSM networks are running a protection racket for conservative Australian politicians who now essentially operate as a crime cartel. The term 'limited tender' is a giveaway there was really no tender process and the conservatives are simply distributing taxpayers money amongst their mates


5 Dec 2021

Peter Costello's Fairfax Declares Berejiklian A Rockstar

 An Insult To Rock and Roll

Peter Costello has reached a new low in mindless propaganda. Some unnamed Liberal swamp dweller called Berejiklian a 'rockstar' WTF? This was probably because her secret relationship with another MP was a blatant conflict of interest.

The corrupt Liberals are trying to get rid of Zali Steggall in Warringah. Zali wants a Federal ICAC and a stronger stance on climate change. The Liberals just want to import another million people from Asia and sell them home units in Western Sydney. If they vote conservative and have low tolerance to totalitarianism, then jackpot. They also like to burn coal in return for donations.

Pick The Rockstar

ICAC gold medalist

Olympic gold medalist

Costello's Nine Entertainment followed-up with this bit of crap the next day:

We like the term 'Senior Liberals'. What are they? Alcohol-dependent nutjobs that have sex in parliament house? The main 'Senior Liberal' is Scumo who is still living the dream of 'Sports-Based Pentecostal Fascism'. Being totally corrupt is an huge advantage in the Liberal Party just as not having a functional brain makes you a winner in the Nationals.

Climate Change In NSW

There are now mass tree die-backs in NSW caused by climate change. Entire forests died after drought and extreme heat in 2019.

4 Dec 2021

Has Omicron Mutated Into a Mild Illness?

Is the Omicron variant a naturally evolved COVID vaccine?

As of today the latest COVID variant has infected thousands but nobody has died. It's the dominant form of COVID is South Africa.

Hours after shutting the border to Southern Africa, the Federal  Government let the highly mutated Omicron strain in. It would have got here anyway because of the number of countries now infected with Omicron. By becoming the dominant strain and replacing Delta, Omicron has the potential to bring an end to the pandemic. We will be watching.

Above. Greg Hunt and Professor Kelly on Peter Costello's 9News YouTube channel.

25 Nov 2021

Bridget Archer Makes A Stand Against Corruption


Helen Haines and Bridget Archer by Lukas Coch/AAPImages

Bridget Archer was a ray of sunshine today in the blackness of the Morrison regime. As Morrison fought like a cornered rat to hide the massive and systematic corruption of his evil empire, one of the people he walks over decided to choose honesty in public life.

We are also Tasmanian and want what's best for our state and our nation. It's been too easy for corrupt bullies like Morrison to cling to power using every devious trick in the book. So he wants to keep the 'socialists' in opposition while his crime cartel lie, forge, award contracts with no tender process and waste our taxes on their own political careers? Most of their policy is paid for by big corporate donors and the whole nation knows it. 

In parliament Morrison had the gall to declare Gladys Berejiklian was the victim of a 'shameful' inquiry by the NSW ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption). So Morrison thinks funding a secret lover with taxpayers money is ethical? What an insight into his demented mind? Wasn't Morrison's father a high-ranking NSW policeman?

This reminds us of the Arthur Sinodinos saga when obviously corrupt behavior slipped through the ICAC process.

The corrupt Liberal Party of Australia rewarded Sinodinos by making him ambassador to the US. That's normal for the systematic crime cartel that use religion, ignorant farmers and 3 media tycoons to stay in power.

We don't have the ALP on a pedestal either. Anyone in opposition in Australia is 100 times more ethical than anyone in government. That's how it is in the Great South Land. We need to purge out culture of the misery of British imperialism before we can progress as a nation. The British royal family should compensate Australia for genocide and dumping hundreds of thousands of criminals here. What country's constitution is an act of another country's parliament? Australia's.

Why Morrison Has To Stop An Anti-Corruption Commission In Memes