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3 Apr 2020

Princess Cruises - Floating Incubators Of Death

The COVID-19 death rate is 5.7%  of total cases
As of April 4 2020 -  57,000 people have died from a global total of almost 1 million cases.
We used an online percentage calculator to discover what percentage of people are dying globally. Fortunately 225,000 have recovered and they now have the only form of known immunization to the disease.

Ruby Princess Off Sydney April 2020
The story of how Princess Cruises owned by Carnival Corp/Plc spread the deadly COVID-19 virus around the globe is almost unbelievable.

The Diamond Princess Disaster
The first COVID-19 case from the Diamond Princess disembarked on 20 January 2020 in Hong Kong. It was not until the following cruise by the Diamond Princess that the ship was quarantined in Yokohama Japan on February 4. As of March 24 2020 the Diamond Princess had logged 712 COVID-positive tests with 10 deaths. So what did Princess Cruises do? They just kept cruising with their other 17 ships and appear to have started selling discount tickets.
This behavior will go down in history as extreme corporate psychopathy.

Diamond Princess of Death

"Grand Princess, another Grand-class ship owned by Princess Cruises, also experienced an outbreak of the disease; two of its passengers fell ill after a cruise from San Francisco to Mexico in February 2020, and one of them died.[27][28] The ship was then quarantined offshore during its next cruise, and 21 tested positive out of the 46 people who were tested, including 19 crew and 2 passengers. Another passenger tested positive later.[29] On 30 March, the ship was cleared to sail again after cleaning and disinfection were done to the ship.[30]"

The Ruby Princess Disaster
"By the end of March 2020 another Carnival cruise ship was responsible for 10% of all of Australia's COVID-19 cases with over 400 infections.
In a move the NSW health minister later admitted was a mistake, 2,700 passengers were allowed to disembark without checks from NSW Health.  At least five of the 19 deaths so far attributed to Covid-19 in Australia have been passengers from the ship".

Princess Cruises and Carnival Corp Must Be Sued For Killing Australians
This is the last thing the alleged 'corporate psychopaths' that run these murderous cruise ships want to see. They must be dragged through the Internationals Criminal Courts and sued to oblivion. We suspect Princess Cruises moved crew between ships ignoring the fact COVID-19 can have a long asymptomatic phase.
Unbelievably, they are still selling discount tickets.

So who will be stopping gullible, alcohol-dependent Australians from booking a 'suicide cruise'? Lets get onto these peddlers of death and shut down their dubious operations?

Battery-Caged Cruise Hens
The cruise ships that are stalking Australia's coastline look more like stacked battery cages for middle-class halfwits. What do you think?

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