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25 Nov 2021

Bridget Archer Makes A Stand Against Corruption


Helen Haines and Bridget Archer by Lukas Coch/AAPImages

Bridget Archer was a ray of sunshine today in the blackness of the Morrison regime. As Morrison fought like a cornered rat to hide the massive and systematic corruption of his evil empire, one of the people he walks over decided to choose honesty in public life.

We are also Tasmanian and want what's best for our state and our nation. It's been too easy for corrupt bullies like Morrison to cling to power using every devious trick in the book. So he wants to keep the 'socialists' in opposition while his crime cartel lie, forge, award contracts with no tender process and waste our taxes on their own political careers? Most of their policy is paid for by big corporate donors and the whole nation knows it. 

In parliament Morrison had the gall to declare Gladys Berejiklian was the victim of a 'shameful' inquiry by the NSW ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption). So Morrison thinks funding a secret lover with taxpayers money is ethical? What an insight into his demented mind? Wasn't Morrison's father a high-ranking NSW policeman?

This reminds us of the Arthur Sinodinos saga when obviously corrupt behavior slipped through the ICAC process.

The corrupt Liberal Party of Australia rewarded Sinodinos by making him ambassador to the US. That's normal for the systematic crime cartel that use religion, ignorant farmers and 3 media tycoons to stay in power.

We don't have the ALP on a pedestal either. Anyone in opposition in Australia is 100 times more ethical than anyone in government. That's how it is in the Great South Land. We need to purge out culture of the misery of British imperialism before we can progress as a nation. The British royal family should compensate Australia for genocide and dumping hundreds of thousands of criminals here. What country's constitution is an act of another country's parliament? Australia's.

Why Morrison Has To Stop An Anti-Corruption Commission In Memes 

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