12 Jul 2021

Contact Tracers Lead Back To The Federal Government Border Force


image from The Shovel

For decades Australians were told the Federal Government can stop anybody they want from entering Australia. We heard it from Howard and Morrison with his idiotic 'on-water matters'. FACT. The Federal Government is 100% responsible for our borders.

Now we have teams of contact tracers and check-in apps uncovering just how porous our borders are and who the Morrison Government is letting into the country. A lot of people with COVID. A cruise liner carrying the COVID alpha strain allowed in while Dutton was Border Force Minister. Currently, responsibility for Australia's borders is with the  Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs under minister Alex Hawk. 

We understand the current COVID 'Delta strain' crisis was caused by a FedEx air crew who were allowed to fly in and out with no quarantine whatsoever.

The FedEx Cover-Up

Think about it? The Delta strain doesn't exist in Sydney. In the space of nine days, Sydney had gone from a single case of a limousine driver transferring FedEx aircrew to a wide-scale lockdown. If the limo driver had not been out of Sydney, then he caught the Delta variant from the FedEx crew. We heard these freight crews don't need to quarantine in Australia. They were flown out the next day and FedEx went quiet about he condition of this particular flight crew. NSW Health were not informed what strain they were carrying. The corrupt Liberals tried to blame the limo driver as 'patient zero' but he was cleared by NSW Police. So who is to blame?

The Ruby Princess all over again

A lock-down costing the nation Sbillions is caused by a foreign business entity who takes no responsibility, covers-up the facts and carries on as normal.  Notice how the public is expected to limit and record their movements while the LNP clowns running Border Force take no responsibility at all?

Even today, LNP big mouth Matt Canavan is calling for NSW to be opened-up.  Maybe he's still fired-up over Italy winning the UEFA World Cup? 

Canberra Rejected 40 Million Pfizer Doses In July 2020 

They really wanted to keep this one in the bag but it's out now. Health Minister Hunt claimed they were relying on 'medical advice' in July 2020 to back the Astra Zeneca vaccine but that advice didn't exist. 'The medical advice – the USFDA’s approval of Pfizer – didn’t occur until the end of 2020'.

Berejiklian Unable To Define 'Essential Worker'

So Gladys Berejiklian cannot define what an 'essential worker' is? That means Gladys would not know what a 'non-essential worker' is ether. Why are these clowns in the NSW cabinet? They are putting the rest of the nation at risk and draining all of our economies with their half-assed grasp of reality.

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