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24 Jan 2022

Brian Houston's Next Court Appearance March 3 - Will It Affect The Election?

Brian Houston's case of concealing his father's sex crimes appeared for mention today (January 27). The case was adjourned to March 3 2022. The Murdoch press is now actively linking the sex crime cover-up at Hillsong with Scott Morrison. Check the video on that story to see what we mean. This could be extremely damaging to Morrison's election prospects. Unlike the Lehrmann case, Morrison appears unable to control the Houston legal process.

By comparison, Peter Costello's Fairfax is suppressing the Houston-Morrison sex scandal. 

When Has An Australian Prime Minister's Mentor Been Charged With Covering-Up Pedophilia? Hardly Ever.

Didn't Tony Abbott visit George Pell in prison? He did. Is this a Liberal 'rites of passage'?

It's as if the legal system has realized the Hillsong Church is on trial and Brian Houston and Morrison are just baggage dragged-in to the vortex of Frank Houston's sex crimes against at least 9 children.

Brian Houston runs the Hillsong Church conglomerate with wife Bobby.

Houston is Scott Morrison's mentor and the man Morrison tried to get invited to the Trump White House.

Another high-profile case, that of Bruce Lehrmann was 'tentatively' deferred to June 6 2022. 

The two cases are unusual due to their relationship with the Morrison government. When the Houston trial begins will be interesting relative to the possible election dates. (below)

full list is here  

The last possible election date is May 14, so we are predicting Houston's court date will be set for after that day. Morrison may hold a snap election earlier but he really needs to push these cases off into the future.

Morrison in Overdrive Censoring The Internet

Morrison is trying as hard as any Middle Eastern dictator to cripple the flow of information on the WWW. Ultimately, Morrison is wasting his time but his motivations are interesting. 

Morrison's father John was the chief police inspector for Woollahra-Waverley between 1987 to 1992. Exactly the same time as the systematic murders of gay men in the Marks Park area of Bondi. Later, Morrison's parents joined a break-away sect after the Uniting Church voted to ordain gay ministers. Is Scott Morrison prepared to talk openly with the Australian people about his parents attitudes to gay people?

Scott Morrison along with fellow Hillsong-Pentecostal Alex Hawke abstained from voting on the same sex marriage proposal that ultimately passed Australia's parliament.

Grace Tame Braver Than The Religious Nutjobs Running Australia

On Australia Day, Pentecostal Morrison wanted to press the flesh with everybody during a pandemic. No wonder Albo refused to shake his hand? Of course Australian women are angry but so are Australian men.

Scott Morrison has racked up a trillion dollar debt while he forces Australian taxpayers to fund delusional religions. Australian taxpayers are funding thousands or religions that all contradict each other. These religions routinely sexually abuse children and create poverty and homelessness. Then they pretend to be 'charities'. Another reason not to shake Morrison's hand.

Religious charities are a scam because none of their promises and dogma is scientifically verified. How many people with COVID did religion save? None. Morrison's Pentecostals also sexually abuse children. If Australia is going to survive we need to return to a secular (non-religious) state.

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