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24 May 2021

The Axis Of Evil Dictators


Dictatorships are spreading around the world like the Indian COVID strain. We have Belurusian plane hijacker Alexander Lukashenko propped-up by Soviet 'Small Man Syndrome' Vladimir Putin, in turn propped up by Maoist Snake Head Xi Jinping. 

Jinping also props-up North Korean psychopath Kim Jong-Un who was befriended by Nutjob democracy denier Donald Trump. Trump was well on his way to becoming a dictator himself with about half of the mentally-deficient Australian Liberal Party accepting his stupid 'stolen election' conspiracy.

Those are just the 'apex dictators'. Xi Jinping is using Brazilian half wit Bolsonoro to convert the Amazon basin into a Chinese hamburger feedlot. Much of Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania are dotted with dictatorships. 

Locally, the Maoists have been threatening Australia rather than looking North at Putin's Siberia, the largest unoccupied land mass on Earth and just a stone's throw from Beijing. Xi Jinping would never tread on Putin's little baby toes would he?

Why don't these evil dictators hold a 'World Dictators Summit' where they can compare methods on suppressing democracy and clinging to power? They are too dysfunctional to even try but they have set up the main game of the 21st century. Dictator versus dictator.

Tiny Little Vladimir Blocks All EU Air Traffic From His Fiefdom

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