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18 Jun 2020

Xi Jinping Dictator For Life

A portrait of Miserable Maoist Xi Jinping. We will expose Australians enabling Communist Chinese expansionism. Jinping is an intellectual and political thief. He imitated European communism and his 'belt and road' was invented by Marco Polo in the late 1200's.

Let's Clear-up Some Misconceptions?

Anybody who helps Communist China by supplying it's military and factories with raw materials is enabling the largest human population explosion in the history of Planet Earth period.

Iron ore is particularly dangerous because it's used primarily for military purposes and then for manufacturing. Gina Rinehart is on the list of people who have made obscene profits from Communist China.

"Rinehart, via Hancock Prospecting, shares 50 per cent of the profits generated by the Hope Downs mine, which is operated by Rio Tinto and produces 30 million tonnes of iron ore annually. Another joint venture with Mineral Resources Limited at Nicholas Downs, northwest of Newman, is producing 500 million tonnes of ferruginous manganese. The Alpha Coal and Kevin's Corner projects in Central Queensland, both with production due to commence in 2013, are expected to produce 30 million tonnes of coal each. The Roy Hill iron ore project, south of Port Hedland, in the Pilbara is expected to begin production in 2013 with a yield of 55 million tonnes a year."

After making so much money from the trading advantage Communist China has over free-World democracies,  Rinehart had the arrogance to accuse the Australian government of being 'socialist'. That's pure hypocrisy in our view but it's the same hypocrisy that runs right through the present Liberal Party of Scott Morrison. This is a party founded on opposing Communist expansionism and it's now economically enslaved by Xi Jinping and Beijing.

No wonder the hopeless Liberals are considering 'belt and road'?

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