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13 May 2021

The Psychological Unravelling Of Scott Morrison

This period of World history demands competent, intelligent leadership. There are very serious issues bought on by catastrophic overpopulation in Asia and the ravages of the pandemic. Then we have social breakdown and chaos in many countries of the World and debt levels never seen before in the history of the human race. We also have man-made climate change and the economic hit that has delivered. Standing-up to the Putin-Jinping bloc demands strong leadership as well.

Today the Guardian reports Morrison was 'out of his depth' when commenting on Taiwan. Here is what he said:

“What we know is that we have a situation with China where we’ve recognised, we’ve recognised, how they see these relationships within the region, particularly in relation to Taiwan formerly Hong Kong and things of that nature. And so Australia understands that and that’s always been the basis of our policies.”

Of course that is just gibberish and it's flat-out embarrassing for a leader of any country. Morrison has not got a clue but has he begun to unravel? He is in effective minority government and has to work with an assortment of loonies and brain-dead Nationals to cling to power. No wonder he is losing it himself?

The Cover-Up Of Brittany Higgins Rape

High-profile footballer Jarryd Hayne was accused of sexual assault on September 30 2018. He was charged 50 days later on November 19 2018.

Brittany Higgins said she was raped inside Parliament House in the office of then defense minister Linda Reynolds on Saturday March 23, 2019. The alleged rapist was fired by the defense minister 10 days later on Tuesday April 5 2019. That means Reynolds accepted Brittany Higgins had been raped.  

Morrison claims he was told about the alleged rape on Monday, February 15 2021 and his office was alerted three days earlier. That's almost two years later.

Morrison says an inquiry into which staff members in his office were aware of Brittany Higgins’ rape allegations has resumed.

On May 12 Mr Morrison said he hoped the report would be completed soon.“Mr Gaetjens hasn’t given me a date at this time but I would hope that he can provide one at the earliest opportunity,” So the chief fool is waiting for the date on when his office knew a woman was raped down the hall 2 years ago? Isn't this just one giant smokescreen? All the media knows the name of the parliament house rapist so why hasn't he been charged? 

If it took a month and a half for Jarryd Hayne to be charged, why is it taking well over 2 years for the 'parliament house rapist' to be charged? 

It's starting to look like Morrison is covering-up something a lot bigger than hiding a rape to win an election. There is no election now so why is Morrison protecting a rapist? Why did Peter Dutton bail-out of homeland security? The Liberals have let another rapist on the loose and after the endless sex scandals of the Morrison government that is another rapist too many. History will recognise that 'Scott Morrison government' is synonymous with 'rape'. This is a perverse chapter of LNP psychopathy.

Why does it take a month and a half to charge a footballer but 24 months and counting to charge a Liberal Party spin doctor?

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