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25 May 2021

Porter's Failed Defamation Proceedings Against The ABC

The Fallout. Ex-attorney general Porter is destined to a life of never being found innocent and never being found guilty, an outcome we predicted. The defamation action against the ABC looks like a ploy that ultimately only wasted Porter's money. It did prove Sue Chrysanthou was prepared to carry somebody else's private information into another person's case. Hopefully she takes-on the Pork Barilaro defamation and that ends-up in the trash can as well.


Just as Shane Dowling predicted the wheels have fallen off Porter's 'star legal team'.

Porter's chosen defamation barrister Sue Chrysanthou has been disallowed due to previously advising Jo Dyer, a friend of Katharine Thornton, the rape victim. (why are the corrupt Australian media not publishing her name?) Ms Dyer is expected to be a witness in the main case between Porter and the National broadcaster if that goes ahead.

Should Porter win against the ABC, damages would essentially be paid by the Australian taxpayer. Our recollection is that it was actually Porter who informed the nation he was the cabinet minister accused of an historical rape.

Kangaroo Court of Australia's Shane Dowling has intervened in the Porter defamation trial. Latest on that here.

                                   Porter Press Conference May 31-2021

Previously, Tasmanian Liberal Senator and solicitor Eric Abetz is alleged to have told the Tasmanian Speaker "not to worry, the woman is dead and the law will protect him".

We accept that Abetz actually did say that on the grounds he hasn't sued Ms Hickey for defamation and he hasn't taken a lie detector test. If that is his interpretation of the law then it means nobody would ever be found guilty of murder because the victims are all dead. Obviously, that's not the case but Abetz is a Trump disciple so in our view his grasp of reality is tenuous.

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