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25 Oct 2016

Duterte Imitates Addict While Visiting Crystal Meth Supplier

Duterte imitating a drug addict
Tasmania is far enough away from Rodrigo Duterte to see him as he really is. The problem for Australia is we have a democratically-elected nut-job in the region. After once being in a sexual relationship with a priest, Duterte slaughtered 3,800 people in his first 3 months in office because they may have had a drug problem.
And this could just be the beginning of Duterte's bloodbath. He claims there are 3 million more addicts for him to kill.

Is Duterte a drug user himself? At right we see Duterte imitating an addict while on his China trip. How does Duterte know what addicts look like and why does he need to personally demonstrate this to China while on a diplomatic mission? It's not unusual for people who have been sexually abused by priests to later develop serious drug and alcohol problems. Is it time Duterte turned the gun on himself? China is the world's largest supplier of crystal methamphetamine or 'ice'. China is also a communist dictatorship so the ruling regime must be involved in trafficking ice somewhere along the supply chain. Is Rodrigo Duterte a crystal meth addict?

22 Oct 2016

Tasmanian Liberals Go Wild Over Burning Wood

The Tasmanian Liberals are going gaga over New Forests plan to build a $145 million wood pellet plant in Tasmania. The Lib government thought it was such a great idea they funded another 13 ventures to do similar things with pellets.

Unfortunately for Tas Forestry Minister (and lawyer) Guy Barnett, burning wood pellets produce almost the same emissions as burning coal. That is not surprising - coal is just a geologically buried forest so what is the difference?

Coal Mining Is Subterranean Forestry.
Quoting Wikipedia 'in the geologic past, the Earth had dense forests in low-lying wetland areas. Due to natural processes such as flooding, these forests were buried underneath soil'. That means mining coal is actually 'harvesting' an ancient forest. That is never mentioned by FSC or the Institute of Foresters Australia. In fact, coal mining is so close to forestry that the Institute of Foresters and FSC could call it 'Earth-managed subterranean forestry'.

The big FSC lie 
The main assumption buried under mountains of FSC verbiage is 'the best managed forests were not managed at all'. Without forests that evolved by natural evolutionary forces over a billion years, there would be no forests to be managed by humans or FSC.
FSC needs to declare this fact. They also need baseline data as a starting point to measure their progress at saving the Earths forests. The primordial forests that once covered the Earth were managed by nature not humans, and these are the same forests FSC attempts to certify today. Those ancient forests must have been managed very well without human managers, and if you accept that fact then coal must be a downstream 'chain of custody' product of ancient forests.

The economics.
If wood pellet manufacturing is financially viable then why can't the economic rationalist Liberals allow us to have an auto industry as well? Why can't we manufacture electric cars or thousands of other consumer products right here in Australia? Why do the Liberals want us to buy products only produced by low paid workers mostly from Communist China?

15 Oct 2016

Turnbull Helping Najib Launder Million$

From Sarawak Report
Read about the Swiss proceedings against Falcon Bank and the laundering of stolen funds from 1 Malaysia Development Bank or 1MDB. It leads all the way to ANZ subsidiary AmBank. And guess who is intently looking the other way? Our own tax haven user, ex-merchant banker and Solomon Islands logger Malcolm Turnbull. Earlier this year Razak cracked-down on people depicting him as a clown. That convinced us that he really is a corrupt clown.

Swiss Start Criminal Proceedings Against Falcon Bank

On Wednesday the Swiss financial regulator FINMA announced that it had recommended prosecutions against at least two senior former executive officials of Falcon Bank as part of the actions taken over 1MDB.
Yesterday, the Attorney General’s Office went a considerable step further than that and declared that it is opening criminal proceedings against the entire Abu Dhabi-owned bank!
The implication of the shocking announcement is that the Swiss law enforcers suspect that the entire operation of the private bank was flawed from top to bottom, making it effectively a criminal enterprise.
“The OAG [Office of the Attorney General] suspects deficiencies in the internal organisation of the Falcon Private Bank Ltd. It is believed that due to these deficiencies, the bank was unable to prevent the commission of the offences currently under investigation in the criminal proceedings relating to 1MDB.
Swiss law .. allows the prosecution of a legal entity that is suspected of not taking all the reasonable organisational measures that are required to prevent natural persons from committing offences, in particular money laundering or corruption offences.”
The Attorney General’s Office points out that this is the second Swiss private bank against whom such radical measures have been taken, all relating to money laundering of money at 1MDB.  The first, of course, was BSI closed in May.
Falcon transferred no less than $3.8 billion related to 1MDB’s sovereign wealth transactions, highly unusual for a small private bank. However, the regulators focused on one blatant transaction of 21st March 2013, where Falcon acted as an intermediary for $681 million dollars from 1MDB, passed into Prime Minister Najib Razak’s AmBank account in KL.
In the course of just that one day the money was passed from BSI Bank in Lugano, filtered through three private ‘investment funds’, passed to an account at Falcon Singapore named Tanore Finance Corporation and then on to Najib’s personal account.  FINMA described the Tanore account owner, Eric Tan, as a young Malaysian businessman with known political connections.

11 Oct 2016

Father of Permaculture Bill Mollison Dies At 88

By Matt Dunwell at the Guardian
Bill Mollison, who has died aged 88, was one of the co-creators of permaculture, an agricultural system that works with, rather than against, nature, on the basis that the natural world holds the key to stable and productive systems. Having developed the concept, he then travelled from his native Tasmania for 30 years to embed his approach worldwide. His ideas have spread widely – permaculture is practised in more than 140 countries and by more than 3 million people – even though in the 1970s the idea was considered, in Mollison’s words, “the highest form of sedition”.

Much of what he espoused was based on his great respect for the wisdom of subsistence farmers around the world, who have long used sustainable methods to grow their crops. In agricultural terms, this means planting diverse sets of crops, using perennial species to form productive stable systems, and ensuring the conditions for soils to be regenerated.

Other characteristics that he observed in the Tasmanian wilderness informed permaculture, for instance that the interfaces between different habitats are the most productive and that elements such as plants and animals need to be placed together so they are mutually beneficial – as once when he pointed out: “You don’t have a slug problem, you have a duck deficiency!”

Mollison pointed to further beneficial ecological consequences: “The only safe energy systems are those derived from biological systems. A New Guinea gardener can walk through the gates of his garden taking one unit of energy and hand out 70. A modern farmer who drives a tractor through the gate takes 1,000 units of energy in and gives one back. Who is the most sophisticated agriculturalist?” He held that “although the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple”. Ecological systems would enable people to meet their own needs, take back control of their lives and reinforce nature rather than deplete it.

Born in the fishing village of Stanley, on the north-west coast of Tasmania, Bill (whose given name was actually Bruce), was the son of Roland Mollison and his wife, Amy (nee Harmon). His parents ran a butter factory, and later built the village bakehouse that Bill took over at the age of 14 when his father died, delivering bread with a horse called Topsy.

In his 20s, he worked as a fisherman, forester and trapper. He understood and celebrated the self-reliance of rural life in the 1930s and 40s, and his love of the natural world led him to join the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in 1954, working in agricultural research for 10 years before leaving to study biogeography, the study of the distribution of plants and animals, at Hobart University.

He was appointed a lecturer at Hobart in 1968, and some years later developed a new discipline, environmental psychology. At this stage he could have settled into a comfortable academic life. However, he felt increasingly trapped by traditional academia and sought instead to marry his studies in psychology with the natural world, seeking an elusive operating system that would inspire people through a systematic design process to build abundant and resilient lifestyles.
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At the age of 50, after his university peers had roundly rejected his plea for a cross-disciplinary holistic approach to their work, he turned his back on formal education. Joined by an environmental design student, David Holmgren, Mollison started to sketch out the origins of what we now know as permaculture. Nobody had put together the architecture for a regenerative design approach that drew on knowledge of traditional cultures while adapting to the opportunities of new technologies and systems thinking. It simply did not exist.

Into this framework they introduced concepts from other ecological pioneers, indigenous cultures and peasant farmers, combining them with a keen observation of the natural world. In 1978 Mollison and Holmgren published Permaculture One, the precursor of Mollison’s more detailed Permaculture – A Designers’ Manual (1988). This was to become the “permaculture bible”, and is still used as a reference text for teachers. It expands the concepts at the heart of agroecology, agroforestry, carbon farming, regenerative agriculture, sustainable architecture and local money systems, providing the intellectual framework that supports the continuing evolution of his ideas.

Thereafter Mollison wanted to spread his ideas, and decided to teach an informal two-week course in permaculture, operating from what he dubbed “The People’s Republic of Strickland Avenue”, the street in Hobart where he and Holmgren lived. He devised a curriculum and shared it with anyone who might turn up – a move so audacious that it was laughable. As his students grew in confidence they taught similar 72-hour courses, and after 10 years of continuous touring and teaching, Mollison – with the help of his network of loosely affiliated teachers – had spread his ideas across five continents. In 1981 he received the Right Livelihood award.

Although his original principles remain in place, the courses have evolved to expand beyond agriculture and into areas such as design, engineering, construction and architecture, all based on an ecological approach, and his ideas have been taken up by the international Transition Town movement.

Mollison had a brilliant mind. He observed, he catalogued, and his systematic approach helped him to weave seemingly disparate ideas into the most detailed tapestry. In this sense he was a true visionary. He was also challenging, angry, driven by a deep sense of injustice, and merciless if crossed. He used to say: “First feel fear, then get angry. Then go with your life into the fight.”

He is survived by his fifth wife, Lisa, four daughters and two sons.

• Bill (Bruce Charles) Mollison, ecologist, born 4 May 1928; died 24 September 2016

6 Oct 2016

If Malaysians Are So 'Culturally Sensitive' Why Host The Grand Prix?

Australians spend 4 days in jail and then acquitted. Totalitarian Malaysians over-react again.
There is a huge contradiction with the corrupt nation of Malaysia arresting 9 Australians for celebrating Daniel Ricciardos' Malaysian GP win last week.

Free The Budgie Nine
They were promoting the Malaysian GP by wearing swimwear with the national flag. So what? This is just diversionary rubbish from Malaysia in our view. They don't have an issue with corrupt dictator Najib siphoning billions of 1MDB cash into his own filthy bank account, or blowing up a pregnant foreign national with plastic explosives do they?
Wake-up Malaysia. The rest of the World doesn't care about your state-sponsored pilgrimages, your environmental ecocide or you rampant corruption.
If you don't like Formula 1 then take-up camel racing with your extremist Saudi friends.
In our opinion, Malaysia is a dysfunctional, quasi religious state that must be avoided at all costs by civilised visitors.
The contradiction is that inward-looking Malaysians want to maintain some vague Malay national identity while slavishly imitating the Riviera F1 lifestyle on stolen taxpayers money.
The message in Australia is clear. 'Don't ever set foot in Malaysia. Avoid Malaysia'.

30 Sep 2016

Mass Murderer Duterte Calls Himself Hitler And Was Molested By A Priest

From Lindsay Murdoch SMH
Manila: Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has likened himself to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the latest of a series of rash outbursts that are alarming his country's allies in Asia, including the United States.

In a rambling speech in his hometown of Davao, Duterte told reporters that he had been "portrayed to be some cousin of Hitler" by critics.
Noting that Hitler had murdered millions of Jews, Duterte said: "There are three million drug addicts (in the Philippines). I'd be happy to slaughter them."
The 71 year-old firebrand president then said "if Germany had Hitler, the Philippines would have…" before pausing and pointing to himself.

Mr Duterte has previously likened himself to the late dictator Idi Amin who was accused of gross human rights violations and killings while ruling Uganda.
The comments came after two of the US's most powerful politicians told the US Senate that Mr Duterte is "advocating and endorsing" mass murder and stoking instability in his war on drugs as more than 6000 Filipinos are expected to be executed by the end this year.

Duterte Sexually Abused By A Priest 

Duterte's unbalanced mental condition may be the result of sexual abuse at the hands of Jesuit priest  Father Paul Falvey.

"DAVAO CITY, Philippines — It involved mere touching and it contributed to his sexual awakening, but the memory of being fondled against his wish when he was a high school freshman is vivid enough for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to remember the identity of the sexual molester.

Duterte was quick to point out that Falvey died many years ago and that he had already forgiven the priest.
The ex-mayor identified the priest after some sectors challenged him to name the priest he said molested him during his younger years at the Ateneo de Davao.
(ADDU, A Jesuit University)

Duterte stressed that it was more of fondling that the late priest did to him.
Duterte also shrugged off suggestions that he file charges against the Church, because that would be like hauling Catholics to court.
Duterte also explained that he has not changed religion.

I am a member of His flock. I have not changed religion, still a Christian, and I have this deep and abiding faith in God. I only have one God,” he added."
Duterte was once enrolled at the ADDU before he transferred to the Holy Cross of Digos College in Digos City, Davao del Sur after being expelled twice from previous schools, including one involving alleged misconduct.

Duterte later graduated high school at Holy Cross of Digos College.

Duterte spent his elementary years at the Sta. Ana Elementary School in Davao City, where he graduated in 1956.

Duterte finished his Bachelor of Arts degree at the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manila, where he graduated in 1968. He also obtained a law degree from San Beda College Manila in 1972.

'The truth is, I'm used to shooting people' Rodrigo Duterte.

'Duterte stated at a rally in April 2016 that he shot a fellow student who had teased him about his racial origin, while at San Beda law college: "But the truth is, I'm used to shooting people. When we were about to graduate from San Beda, I shot a person." Duterte said that he shot the student in a corridor, which led to his expulsion from the college. The story was received with laughter and applause by the thousands of supporters at the rally. After the rally, Duterte told a reporter that the student survived the incident'.

25 Sep 2016

'Mosques are part of the Australian suburban landscape' True Or False?

We were shocked to read in both The Conversation and The Guardian that 'Mosques are part of the Australian suburban landscape'. We think the article is one-sided and appears to promote a theology that is causing many serious and on-going problems around the world.
Sure, not every Muslim kidnaps schoolgirls and bombs their own people, but why seek to expand your religion when you can't maintain law and order among your existing followers? Do Muslim adherents seriously not understand why Australians do not want Sharia Law in our country?

Apparently there are about as many Muslims as Buddhists in Australia, so you could say 'Buddhist temples are part of the Australian suburban landscape'. It's not true and nobody is saying it. Are all our phone calls, SMS's and emails tracked because of Buddhists? Are we scanned at airports because of Buddhists? No. Lets have some honesty in this massive erosion of our personal freedoms?

Above is an early Mecca-facing Mosque in Australia built by a cameleer.  Camaleers only really operated in Australia between 1860 and 1900.
They filled the void for desert transport in preindustrial Australia and eventually they were gone. Unfortunately their camels remain in large numbers as ferals and are doing significant damage to the desert landscape.

There were cultural issues back then that the 'Australian Mosque' article failed to report. 'simmering tensions between Afghan cameleers and European bullock teamsters escalated to the point where the cameleers were openly demonised in the press and accused of various acts of aggression, including monopolising and befouling waterholes'. (From a Commonwealth history website)

We want more tolerance in the world but tolerance is a two-way street. Call me an 'infidel' and then tell me I'm 'intolerant' eh? Articles written by possible converts to Islam who are often funded by the taxpayer is not a level playing field for the average Australian. We feel our over-zealous and disconnected politicians have written laws that stifle free speech in Australia and this political correctness is being ruthlessly exploited by those who seek to change the Australian way of life.

Let's try to be honest about religion for a change?
Religions are nearly always based on illusions and they operate as rackets to create wealth for the priests and clergy. Often these same clergy are sexually abusing children and violating other people's human rights. Just because many people become 'conditioned' or 'programmed' by so-called 'religion' doesn't mean the rest of us need to live in the Middle Ages. If the Muslim countries of the world are so successful, and we believe they are not, then why not build more mosques there?
Could our world be a better place if more people identified 'science' as their 'religion'? We say 'yes'. This planet really couldn't get much worse than it is now. So much for the over-educated and devout who have made life a misery for the rest of us and are working flat-out to externalise their ridiculous 'apocalypse' brainwashing.

Shot dead for sharing a cartoon on Facebook.  We have technology, social media and people living in the stone age.

Sixty per cent of Australians would be concerned if a relative married a Muslim.

19 Sep 2016

Australian Air Force Accidentally Bombs Syrian Army

Today we read the RAAF was part of an accidental attack on the Syrian Army. An attack that occurred during a ceasefire. While PM Turnbull is in the US discussing refugees, last PM Abbott is lecturing Europeans on dealing with refugees, many who come from Syria.
And wasn't the RAAF Middle East deployment Tony Abbott's work? It was, and although combating Islamic State seems a worthy cause, isn't this also a sectarian conflict that has gone on for 1300 years? How many sides are now engaged in the Syrian conflict? Far too many for a simple-minded country like Australia to deal with.

By David Wroe at SMH
Australian RAAF planes were involved in the accidental bombing of dozens of Syrian troops in a mistake that may have helped Islamic State fighters and exacerbated tensions as a fragile ceasefire continues to unravel.
Defence has not specified whether it was Australian Hornets that launched the strikes or just supporting planes that were involved.

Russia, which blamed the strikes for the death of 62 Syrian government troops, called an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council in response – a move the US branded a stunt given the scant regard Moscow or Damascus have shown even for civilian deaths previously.
The mishap came at a delicate time for the US-led effort against the Islamic State terror group, with a week-old ceasefire brokered by Washington and Moscow already teetering.

5 Sep 2016

5.6 Magnitude Oklahoma Earthquake Caused By Fracking

More proof dumb humans can't elect governments, manage their countries, the climate or even the geology of the planet.
By Kim McLendon at Inquisitr
Induced earthquakes in Oklahoma reached a 5.6 magnitude. A total of 11 quakes were recorded on Saturday. In recent years, earthquakes in the region have become increasingly common. Though there was significant debate about the safety of hydraulic fracturing or fracking, the process gained enough support to proceed in many parts of the United States.

Fracking is a highly controversial practice, supported and condemned almost equally. A poll in early 2015 showed a nation evenly divided. It was good for the economy, and no one could really prove it would cause ecological damage. According to the March 2015 Gallop poll, the population of the United States was 40 percent for and 40 percent against fracking, while 20 percent said they were undecided.

Induced earthquakes are earthquakes caused by human actives. The United States Geological Survey, or USGS, stated plainly in a report issued in March that increases in Oklahoma earthquakes are a direct result of fracking-related activities.
Fracking debates have raged on for years. The United States Geological Survey put the situation in a clear perspective with some real scientific data. This data has been ignored until the earth shook violently on Saturday.
Induced earthquakes in Oklahoma are being caused by the practice of disposing of wastewater beneath the Earth’s surface. Wastewater disposal from fracking is commonly hidden away far below ground. That wastewater disposal is the primary cause of increasing seismic activity in Oklahoma and surrounding states, according to the USGS report.

    “Wastewater disposal being the primary cause for recent events in many areas of the CEUS. Wastewater from oil and gas production operations can be disposed of by injecting it into deep underground wells, below aquifers that provide drinking water.”

Fracking wastewater disposal methods are causing a significant increase in the number of earthquakes recorded in the central United States. The USGS report records a significant increase in seismic activity in recent years compared to years 1973 to 2008.

23 Aug 2016

Is Philippines President Duterte A Serial Killer?

More proof idiots elect idiots. Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has so far killed 1800 people in 7 weeks on the grounds that somebody thinks they could be an addict or drug dealer. Duterte is a lawyer and to get around the Philippines ban on capital punishment, in force since 2006, he instructed police and vigilantes to kill 'pushers and addicts' in extra judicial executions without trial. Duterte claimed publicly to have shot a fellow student while in law school.
For a person of any nationality with a law degree to declare one section of their society can start murdering another section of their society with impunity is completely criminal. Duterte is just a gutter criminal.

At left we see Duterte using the mind-altering drug alcohol. Will his murdering thugs start shooting alcoholics after they have cleaned-up the so-called 'addicts'? And what about breweries, will they be burned to the ground as well?
The problem with this blood bath style of low IQ populism is it has no end. Duterte has legalised murder, he has murderers walking the streets and on the public payroll, he is a murderer himself for ordering the killings.
As they say in Asia and the rest of the world, 'live by the sword, die by the sword'.


Its criminal for Australian telco Telstra to use the Philippines for it's call centers. Because the Philippines are in the same time zone as Australia is no reason for Telstra to support an anarchist serial killer like Rodrigo Duterte.
If Telstra is so determined to undermine the Australian economy then why don't they put their call centers in Papua New Guinea, a country that needs jobs and an opportunity to develop it's economy? Australians need to vote with their feet. If Telstra are using a criminal regime that has enshrined anarchy then why use Telstra as your service provider?

10 Aug 2016

ABS Blames Hackers For Crashing The Census

Who saw this coming? Certainly not the Australian Bureau of Statistics who spent census day (Tuesday August 9) reassuring Australians how safe their data will be, only to have most of the census data fail to reach their system.
"It was an attack, and we believe from overseas," chief statistician David Kalisch told ABC radio on Wednesday.
"It was quite clear it was malicious."
The site was targeted by four denial of service (DoS) attacks, he told the ABC.
Interesting, because no DoS activity was detected in Australia on Tuesday August 9.

On Wednesday August 10 the Digital Attack Map still shows no DoS activity for Australia.
The Bureau of Meteorology Hack
Less than a year ago China was blamed for a massive hack on the Aussie weather bureau.
The thing is, government agencies like the Signals Directorate and the Australian Cyber Security Centre are not able to trace where these attacks are coming from and are unable to prove who is behind them.
Doesn't this make David Kalisch's assurances about the security of personal data harvested by the ABS, including names and addresses, just a lot of hot air?
Kalisch can't name whoever carried out the census night attack on the ABS computers so how can he claim our data is safe if most of it got lost in cyberspace between our homes and his computers?
The ABS Are Chronic Liars
This interesting article tracks the lies the ABS has been telling the Australian public. This is a department that is unsupervised and out of control.