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10 Feb 2018

Fake Tasmanian Election - We Are Already Controlled By Unelected Foreign Entities

Most Tasmanians will vote on March 3 2018 but with every Tasmanian represented by 19 parliamentarians and the islands economy controlled by offshore interests why bother?

The graph above from end of financial year 2017 shows Tasmania is catching NT with the highest percentage of foreign owned land. There has been an explosion of Chinese owned land in Australia in this latest register of foreign land ownership. With half of Tasmania in national parks and World Heritage areas, foreigners control a quarter of the remaining arable land. Forestry Tasmania (STT) manages most of whats left but their entire output already goes to Asia anyway.

If you consider almost all of Tasmania's mining industry is owned by offshore interests, with the big 2 mining giants BHP and RioTinto using Tasmania as an electricity outlet, then there is not much of the local economy controlled by Tasmanians. Most farming in Tasmania barely pays the rates and the economic farms are at the mercy of foreign-owned milk companies and processors. Just the way the Tasmanian LibLabs like it.

China has acquired strategic land interests in Tasmania with outright ownership of VDL, an ancient title that even includes the beaches at the NW tip of Tasmania. They are also on the NE tip of Tasmania in a windfarm partnership with Hydro. China uses local operatives like two ex-'government business enterprise' execs to enable their expansionist activities in Tasmania. Remember everything in China is owned by the state so who actually owns Chinese interests in Tasmania? It's the crony capitalist Chinese communist party.
This podcast explains the crony capitalist Chinese system in detail. You have to bribe 5 party officials to gain 'usage rights' of any resource. So how much of Tasmania was transferred to Chinese ownership as a result of money laundering?

The low IQ politicians of Tasmania seem happy to have foreigners own and run the entire island leaving them to manage a debt-laden pseudo economy with just one export market - Asia.

Ask any Tasmanian politician to put a number on the maximum population capacity of China or India and you will get a vacant stare. All they know is how to feed the Asian monsters. Tasmanian politicians must expect to be totally swamped by foreigners eventually but today they want us to vote for them WTF?

We have already seen shadowy operatives bring the Sarawak 'Asian Timber Mafia' to Tasmania and now the same people are on the Chinese payroll after living off the taxpayer for decades.

And that's the kick. More GST revenue, more living off the Australian taxpayer so Tasmanians can support the maximum number of foreign interests. This is a crime against the Australian nation but so far these scum are getting away with it.

17 Jan 2018

January 26 - The Day We Became A Penal Colony WTF?

I can understand why Australian Aborigines see 'Australia Day' as 'Invasion Day' but it's actually a lot worse than that.

January 26 commemorates the arrival in 1788 of the so-called 'first fleet' of convicts from Britain. The population of Britain was about 6.5 million in the mid-1700's and by 1801 it was 9 million.
The world's first 'industrialised' nation, Britain had developed an elitist, hierarchical social system with a tightly controlled pecking order, with their 'royals' at the top of the heap. The elites tried to breed subservience and obedience to authority into the lower ranks with an obsessive class system. As a result of this idiotic and primitive class system they were producing huge numbers of convicts.

After the USA had liberated themselves from the Brits in the American War of Independence, the Poms had to find a new dumping ground for their ever-increasing prisoners.
So they sent them to Australia.

So what other nation celebrates their birthday as the day they became a foreign prison camp? Australia does.
On January 26 go and celebrate why we are a bankrupt nation of conformists and wannabes. Keep voting Liberal because a retarded nation needs to be run by criminal psychopaths led by an entitled 'aristocrat' like Malcolm Turnbull.

Celebrate all the things that make Australia a living, breathing sewer - killing the Great Barrier Reef, concentration camps for refugees, bashing Aboriginals to death in police custody and maintaining a criminal government of hundreds of thousands of bludgers and parasites. But what is even better than all of that is we are doing it at a LOSS. Even the Poms were selling opium to China for profit. They didn't teach you at school that were were colonised by narcotics traffickers and slave traders did they?
But thats what makes us 'Australian' isn't it? The readiness to live in stupidity, subservience, delusion and hate.

14 Dec 2017

'Fake Weather' - Was The BoM Hacked By China To Cover-Up Climate Change?

Another week in Tasmania and more fake weather reports from the BoM (Bureau of Meteorology). They continually predict rain and flooding that turn out to be non-events. Victoria and probably the rest of Australia have also been getting 'fake weather'.

NASA image of predicted climatic changes

IT would like to take you back to December 2016 when the Australian Bureau of Meteorology experienced a 'massive' cyber attack on their computer systems. 
The ABC reports that BoM 'owns one of Australia's largest supercomputers' and that 'it could take years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to fix'.

So here we are a year later and the BoM is being heavily criticized for 'fake weather' such as the '10 out of 10' event that didn't happen.
We know the BoM Cray supercomputer was only installed a year ago. 
Within weeks it was hacked by China the experts said. The BoM claimed Australians 'should start to see improvements in forecasts from January 2017.' Instead we see the complete opposite.

Why would China want to hide climate change? 
This is a new theory. 36% of the Earth's population live in China and India - 1.4 billion people in China and growing. They are on an upward economic trajectory that they want to maintain. They are also in the part of the world that will be forced to impose it's will over the rest of the world. Look at this:

Australia is just outside that circle of over population. What we think is insignificant to China and the rest of Asia. China has also turned propaganda into an industry. They know that by sheer numbers of people they are heavily impacting the Earth's climate and their strategy is to manage the fallout. Just like Exxon did by denying climate change for decades and Phillip Morris with smoking, only on a greater scale.

So the BoM computer system was a hacking challenge, and then an opportunity to insert Chinese climate propaganda directly into Australian loungerooms and weather maps. That's what they appear to be doing and it's why Australians need to know how this totalitarian superpower operates.

IT is also aware that that Tasmania's dominant weather pattern, the 'roaring forties' is now much weaker than it was pre-climate change. Most of Tasmania's annual rainfall now goes to the North and the South of the island. If we know that why doesn't the BoM?
If China thinks their unsustainable population and the fact they are trashing the planets climate is going unnoticed they are wrong.

22 Nov 2017

Malcolm Turnbull's Climate Policy

Do you think it's weird that an Australian Prime Minister, supposedly combating climate change, supplies unlimited amounts of coal to the two most populated nations on Earth?
It's more than weird. Turnbull must be incredibly corrupt or incredibly stupid. The fact Turnbull can't say no to selling coal to China and India shows we have already lost Australia's economic independence.

But it's worse than that. Turnbull is up to his eyes in probably the dirtiest deal in modern history - sacrificing the climatic balance of the planet in return for repaying some of the debt incurred by corrupt politicians like himself.
Turnbull is economically empowering India and China, two nations with a combined population of 2.7 billion and he thinks Australian is on a winner? FFS?

So say goodbye to the Great Barrier Reef and thousand of threatened plants, birds and animals because pseudo-Aussie Malcolm Turnbull wants to fit more people into India and China. He wants them to generate more carbon. And the phuktard has a university education?

13 Nov 2017

Institute Of Foresters Australia Destroys Swift Parrot Habitat In Southern Tasmania

There are only 2000 swift parrots left on the planet, yet the Tasmanian government logging arm, 'Sustainable Timber Tasmania' (STT) has just destroyed some of the birds last remaining habitat at Tylers Hill Tasmania.

Swift parrots only breed in Tasmania and nest and feed mainly in blue gums (e.globulus) most of which have been cut down for high quality timber. The parrots don't touch tree plantation blue gums which have been modified to not flower at all. STT never mentions this because they were part of the cartel that did the modifying. But whats this got to do with the Institute of Foresters Australia you ask? The IFA is the quasi-academic pressure group that encourages and legitimises all state government logging in Australia. It uses a charade of meaningless academic qualifications they developed, just to exploit a 'resource' they fundamentally stole from the Aborigines.

The IFA is single-minded in their cause. They employ online trolls who constantly abuse and denigrate anybody who questions flattening big chunks of the Australian landscape for a quick buck. You will find the trolls over at Tasmanian Times who put up with them in some sort of jaundiced idea of 'balance'.

Pictured above is the current chair of STT Rob de Fegely. Rob is past President of the Institute of Foresters. Current President of the IFA is Bob Gordon who was previously CEO of Forestry Tasmania which is the old name for STT. Rob de Fegely is also a non-executive Director of VicForests. Get the picture?

The remaining forests of Victoria and Tasmania are regarded as solid gold ATM machines by the Institute of Foresters. Thats why the swift parrot habitat had to go. The IFA doesn't care who buys the 'resource' they are stealing from the Australian nation as long as they get paid.
Although the IFA pay lip service to FSC 'community engagement', organisations like STT are as opaque as the air quality in Delhi or  Beijing.

Huge quantities of saw logs and woodchip is shipped to Asia after being sold at a loss by STT to somebody's mate. That's the preferred way of the IFA.

25 Oct 2017

Will Turnbull Last Out 2017 As PM?

There's a brutal power struggle going on in Canberra at the moment. Turnbull barely scrapped back into office in 2016 and it's been downhill for the Libs since then. We see a puffed-up, hyper-confident spiv with a non-existent majority, parading around in a prime ministers costume.
Technically, he shouldn't be in office because deputy PM 'Barnyard' Joyce hadn't bothered to read the Constitution. These goons have turned everything they touch to crap. Dutton had to eat humble pie after being forced to pay Manus Island detainees $70 million compensation.

The Libs stuffed-up the census and lied about the cause, been in open warfare with the ABC and George Brandis shed idiot tears when Pauline Hanson wore a full burqa into the senate. He's that fond of Sharia Law is he?

They held a totally stupid 'survey' that breached the Constitution by letting the ABS use the electoral role to find out what people thought about same sex marriage. Communications minister Mitch Fifield gave Fox Sports $30 million of taxpayer money and then covered-up the dirty deal.

They fondled coal in parliament and miss-managed the electricity system.
The High Court will deliver a verdict on Friday 28 October on the 'dual citizenship' fiasco. Will the Turnbull government survive?
Actually they don't deserve to be in office. These people a petty criminals.

15 Sep 2017

Australian Marriage Law - Why We Voted 'Yes'

First we acknowledge this 'survey' is typical Inward-Looking/Westminster/Colonial/Obtuse rubbish. Invented by gutless bastards that parade around pretending to represent us, because they are too compromised to actually vote on something themselves.

We voted 'yes' because we don't like the politicians who support voting 'no'. Many of them pretend to be religious when they are actually opposed to the values a higher power would have. Most of Tasmania's conservative 'no to same sex marriage' politicians are also intent on trashing the entire natural world. Even though in Tasmania's case the so-called 'government' actually slaughtered Aboriginals to get their hands on the mountains, forests and land of the original owners. We don't even think the survey is about gays. We think it's about power, and these control freaks ability to force their illusions onto others. Thats why we voted 'yes'.
BTW You can tick or cross one of the two options the idiotic ABS presents to you.

The Survey is Illegal
Turnbull used the electoral roll to carry out his survey. How can you vote in a survey? We suspect the survey breaches the Australian Constitution by using one  government entity to do the work of another government entity. Then again, a lot of Turnbull's ministers are sitting in parliament illegally anyway. Thats the kind of world the Liberal Lawyers have created for the rest of us. A broken-down, bankrupt, basket case nation with no morals, values, rationality, common sense or logic.

28 Aug 2017

Trump 'Confounds The Science' Because He Is Lowlife

Trumps got parody coming to him after his disgusting display in Saudi Arabia. Why the hell would the US sign the largest arms deal in history with religious zealots that support international terrorism?

15 Aug 2017

We Called Australia's Contstitution A 'Trojan Horse'. Were We Right?

Two years ago Inside Tasmania called the Australian Constitution a 'trojan horse'.
Of course, we were ignored because the nutjobs running Australia prefer delusion to reality. They will keep swearing allegiance to the Tooth Fairy until the Easter Bunny delivers us to salvation.

We said of the Constitution 'Its so deeply flawed you could regard it as a 'trojan horse' document designed to cripple Australia economically.'
It certainly looks like a trojan horse now, with section 44 of the Constitution impacting the deputy PM and further undermining the Turnbull government. The big problem with the Constitution is it is a horse and cart-era document. The Constitution sets-up a quasi-democracy because it insists on a non-proportional senate vote. (12 senators per state regardless of population)
The Constitution even has the ultimate 'trojan horse' clause written into it. It can only be modified by majorities in both houses and a national referendum. As time goes on, that becomes harder, if not impossible to achieve.
In reality, only Aborigines are actually Australian citizens, but the racist Constitution fails to even mention them. (her majesty the Tooth Fairy loves genocide but we won't go there today).

One place the all-male draftsmen of the Constitution got it totally wrong was the fact Britain and it's 'colonies' were treated differently to other countries. Once, a passport was not required to travel between Australia and New Zealand, but now NZ and Britain are regarded as foreign countries. So our head of state lives in a foreign country but this is Australia were everything is left to fester for centuries. Because NZ have their own version of the idiotic 'Westminster System', their citizenship is not renounced automatically by Australian citizenship.

Makes you wonder how many previous or historical breaches there have been of section 44? Imagine if past politicians or their estates had to repay money fraudulently obtained by dual citizens from the Commonwealth of Australia?
Look at how they drag welfare cheats to the Federal Court but now it's come back to haunt the government. Just like the tax act and the monarchy are doing irreparable damage to the still fledgling nation of Australia.

29 Jul 2017

Abetz Renounced German Citizenship in 2010 - 6 years After Entering The Australian Senate

This appears to be a statement of fact in the case of Eric Abetz's German citizenship and intelligibility to sit in Australia's senate as a 'dual national'.  Abetz renounced his German citizenship in 2010 after being pursued to the High Court by John Hawkins.
German nationality is not straight forward, but the big unanswered question is this: "How could Eric Abetz renounce a citizenship he did not have?"
Obviously he DID HAVE German citizenship and Australian citizenship up until 2010. The implication is Abetz spent 6 years defrauding the Commonwealth by breaching section 44 of the Constitution.
While the 'dual citizenship crisis' could potentially bring down the Turnbull Government we Tasmanians have spent 7 years trying to get anybody to listen to us. We found this video from August 2010 that parodies Abetz's [alleged] dual citizenship.

26 Jul 2017

I Have Inadvertently Become An Italian WTF?

Matt Canavan, a dual Australian-Italian citizen who fervently promotes the Indian coal miner Adani, has learned he is actually an Italian? Adani is hell-bent on digging-up the Galilee Basin in Canavan's home state of Queensland. Adani don't care about degrading the Earth's climate and destroying the Great Barrier Reef by mining coal Canavan's government stole from the Australian Aborigines.
People like Canavan prefer to apply the law selectively. Now he has been caught in his own noose. He needs to be made accountable to this generation and all generations to come.
India's population is stupidly unsustainable and it's time people like Matt Canavan began acting in the global interest or even just the national interest rather than his own. Canavan should not be supporting countries that are breeding like out of control rats. India needs to live within it's own means and stop scamming Australians with their grubby phone scams pretending to fix our computers while they steal people's banking details.