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15 Sep 2017

Australian Marriage Law - Why We Voted 'Yes'

First we acknowledge this 'survey' is typical Inward-Looking/Westminster/Colonial/Obtuse rubbish. Invented by gutless bastards that parade around pretending to represent us, because they are too compromised to actually vote on something themselves.

We voted 'yes' because we don't like the politicians who support voting 'no'. Many of them pretend to be religious when they are actually opposed to the values a higher power would have. Most of Tasmania's conservative 'no to same sex marriage' politicians are also intent on trashing the entire natural world. Even though in Tasmania's case the so-called 'government' actually slaughtered Aboriginals to get their hands on the mountains, forests and land of the original owners. We don't even think the survey is about gays. We think it's about power, and these control freaks ability to force their illusions onto others. Thats why we voted 'yes'.
BTW You can tick or cross one of the two options the idiotic ABS presents to you.

The Survey is Illegal
Turnbull used the electoral roll to carry out his survey. How can you vote in a survey? We suspect the survey breaches the Australian Constitution by using one  government entity to do the work of another government entity. Then again, a lot of Turnbull's ministers are sitting in parliament illegally anyway. Thats the kind of world the Liberal Lawyers have created for the rest of us. A broken-down, bankrupt, basket case nation with no morals, values, rationality, common sense or logic.

28 Aug 2017

Trump 'Confounds The Science' Because He Is Lowlife

Trumps got parody coming to him after his disgusting display in Saudi Arabia. Why the hell would the US sign the largest arms deal in history with religious zealots that support international terrorism?

15 Aug 2017

We Called Australia's Contstitution A 'Trojan Horse'. Were We Right?

Two years ago Inside Tasmania called the Australian Constitution a 'trojan horse'.
Of course, we were ignored because the nutjobs running Australia prefer delusion to reality. They will keep swearing allegiance to the Tooth Fairy until the Easter Bunny delivers us to salvation.

We said of the Constitution 'Its so deeply flawed you could regard it as a 'trojan horse' document designed to cripple Australia economically.'
It certainly looks like a trojan horse now, with section 44 of the Constitution impacting the deputy PM and further undermining the Turnbull government. The big problem with the Constitution is it is a horse and cart-era document. The Constitution sets-up a quasi-democracy because it insists on a non-proportional senate vote. (12 senators per state regardless of population)
The Constitution even has the ultimate 'trojan horse' clause written into it. It can only be modified by majorities in both houses and a national referendum. As time goes on, that becomes harder, if not impossible to achieve.
In reality, only Aborigines are actually Australian citizens, but the racist Constitution fails to even mention them. (her majesty the Tooth Fairy loves genocide but we won't go there today).

One place the all-male draftsmen of the Constitution got it totally wrong was the fact Britain and it's 'colonies' were treated differently to other countries. Once, a passport was not required to travel between Australia and New Zealand, but now NZ and Britain are regarded as foreign countries. So our head of state lives in a foreign country but this is Australia were everything is left to fester for centuries. Because NZ have their own version of the idiotic 'Westminster System', their citizenship is not renounced automatically by Australian citizenship.

Makes you wonder how many previous or historical breaches there have been of section 44? Imagine if past politicians or their estates had to repay money fraudulently obtained by dual citizens from the Commonwealth of Australia?
Look at how they drag welfare cheats to the Federal Court but now it's come back to haunt the government. Just like the tax act and the monarchy are doing irreparable damage to the still fledgling nation of Australia.

29 Jul 2017

Abetz Renounced German Citizenship in 2010 - 6 years After Entering The Australian Senate

This appears to be a statement of fact in the case of Eric Abetz's German citizenship and intelligibility to sit in Australia's senate as a 'dual national'.  Abetz renounced his German citizenship in 2010 after being pursued to the High Court by John Hawkins.
German nationality is not straight forward, but the big unanswered question is this: "How could Eric Abetz renounce a citizenship he did not have?"
Obviously he DID HAVE German citizenship and Australian citizenship up until 2010. The implication is Abetz spent 6 years defrauding the Commonwealth by breaching section 44 of the Constitution.
While the 'dual citizenship crisis' could potentially bring down the Turnbull Government we Tasmanians have spent 7 years trying to get anybody to listen to us. We found this video from August 2010 that parodies Abetz's [alleged] dual citizenship.

26 Jul 2017

I Have Inadvertently Become An Italian WTF?

Matt Canavan, a dual Australian-Italian citizen who fervently promotes the Indian coal miner Adani, has learned he is actually an Italian? Adani is hell-bent on digging-up the Galilee Basin in Canavan's home state of Queensland. Adani don't care about degrading the Earth's climate and destroying the Great Barrier Reef by mining coal Canavan's government stole from the Australian Aborigines.
People like Canavan prefer to apply the law selectively. Now he has been caught in his own noose. He needs to be made accountable to this generation and all generations to come.
India's population is stupidly unsustainable and it's time people like Matt Canavan began acting in the global interest or even just the national interest rather than his own. Canavan should not be supporting countries that are breeding like out of control rats. India needs to live within it's own means and stop scamming Australians with their grubby phone scams pretending to fix our computers while they steal people's banking details.

22 Jul 2017

Cartoon Theology

These guys depict the propensity humans have for delusional thinking. They use modern firearms, explosives, cell phones and the net to externalise a totally unsubstantiated myth from the 6th Century.

12 Jul 2017

Malaysia's Corrupt PM Najib Shows How Not To Use The Internet

It's no secret Malaysia's PM Razak Najib is addicted to stealing other people's money. The IMDB money laundering scandal is testament to that. But like a cornered rat, Najib fought back and tried to use the net to attack one of the individuals who exposed his corruption.

Najib and Taib - two of the most corrupt men in Asia if not the World

In a ham-fisted attempt to save his butt, Najib's cronies set-up a fake anti-corruption blogsite. The site's real purpose appears to be to discredit the editor of Sarawak Report, Sarawak-born journalist Clare Rewcastle-Brown.
Najib's crooks left some obvious signs on this fake website. It has only been up for a few months and has been puffed-out with filler articles plagiarised from other sites. The only individual mentioned by name is Ms Rewcastle-Brown. If this really was an anti-corruption site then surely it would be publishing stories about Najib and his gang of thieves? But don't hold your breath. We guarantee any comments referring to Malaysia and Najib will never see the light of day.
In a way this is to be expected from a lowlife such as Najib. It also alerts the anti-corruption community to watch out for this type of fake reporting.

6 Jul 2017

How The British Empire Tried To Destroy The Australian Aborigines

As Britain devolves down to an crowded, poverty-ridden ghetto, where swarms of bankrupt bureaucrats parasitize the population, we feel no sympathy. Why? Karma. This was the nation that slaughtered tens of thousands of Australian Aboriginals for no reason. None of the murderers ever faced justice, yet this arrogant 'empire' believed they had a right to export their sleazy and corrupt fake legal system to many parts of the Earth.

You are looking at a map showing massacres of Aboriginal people between 1780 to 1880 in Australia (yellow). We can see 3 massacres of colonialists (blue). 'Massacre' is here defined as 6 or more people killed. About 15,000 Aborigines were murdered in this time period and approx 30,000 Aboriginals were wiped-out between 1788 to 1940.

Commonwealth Propaganda
Most of this 'ethnic cleansing' took place while Australia was a cluster of 100% British-controlled colonies. 'The Crown' murdered 15,000 indigenous people and the killers never faced justice. Today, corrupt representatives of that same 'Crown' are still prosecuting Australians although they never prosecuted themselves.  They are still trying to scam their corrupt legal system and fake 'Commonwealth' onto the rest of us. No wonder Britain is collapsing? Britain was a nation that claimed to be 'Christian', that claimed to have moral values and a functioning legal system. It was all lies and propaganda and the lies went on for centuries. As an Australian educated in our school system of the 1950's and 60's we were forced to sing 'God Save the Queen' every day, yet our corrupt teachers studiously avoided the bitter truth. We are still angry about that today.

In 2017 what has changed? The stupid British are guarding Mosques in London while many regard their church as a 'paedophile cult'. That was another crime they inflicted on the Aboriginals. They raped their children. The idiotic Queen has knighted a string of paedophiles and claims it was by accident. The Brits are technically bankrupt and have devolved down to a multicultural zoo where animals attack other animals for no apparent reason. Their childish 'Commonwealth Games' oscillates between Toronto and Brisbane with contestants competing for tin medals.They commemorate every imperialist skirmish but never their own atrocities. All part of propaganda.

If people tell you Australia is regarded as a joke internationally, don't believe them. Britain is the joke. The system the British exported was based on lies and double standards. That system has failed, just like Nazism and Communism before it.

24 Jun 2017

Grand Theft ATO

The media have called the $165 million tax fraud allegedly involving the deputy commissioner of taxation, 'the largest tax fraud in Australia's history'. We call it 'Grand Theft ATO'. With lawyers, guns, money, sports cars, boats, planes, drugs and blackmail it shares some elements with the computer game 'Grand Theft Auto'.

The system has always been wrong Right?
So how does a critical government authority like the tax office seemingly get scammed from within?
We think there is a background story and it goes something like this. Money in circulation is taxed every time it changes hands every financial year. A lot of the dollars in circulation change hands many times every financial year. If a dollar changes hands 4 times or more in one financial year then it's tax liability is more than it's face value.
We live in a time of electronic money or even virtual money that is working 24/7 in thousands or even millions of transactions. The ATO has supercomputers and we are sure the highest management levels at the ATO know that the tax system is unworkable because the total Australian tax liability exceeds the amount of cash in circulation. We suspect this information gave birth to the idea that the money allegedly defrauded from the ATO was just 'funny money' and would not even be noticed.

Consider this? Just last month mining magnate Andrew Forrest donated $400 million to charity, the largest ever donation in Australian history. We surmise Forrest donated to tax-deductible charities rather than feeding the idiots in Canberra who would just waste his hard-earned on interest repayments on government debt currently at $566 billion.
Why should you work just to pay off debt incurred by somebody else? The fact is Australia was once our country but the politicians destroyed that decades ago.

Remember back to the GFC when Kevin Rudd 'guaranteed' deposits in Australian banks?
That scheme is still in operation with modifications and individual Australians bank deposits are guaranteed up to $250k per person. Interestingly, the amount Rudd originally guaranteed is now the amount of government debt. That means your savings are guaranteed by a government that is essentially bankrupt.

With the 'Grand Theft ATO' legal case yet to be finalised, expect it to drag through the courts for years. No doubt the lawyers will make money and the more you make the more the ATO loves you.

Joshua and Adam Cranston and Synep Racing, a company set-up for tax fraud. Joshua Cranston was not involved in the fraud.

22 Jun 2017

Bankrupt Liberal Government Blocked From Using Forests To Pay Debt Interest

TASMANIA. For so-called 'developed economies' trillion dollar debts and the onerous interest repayment treadmill is all they have to look forward to in government. That doesn't stop them standing for election because most of them think they were born to rule. The average Liberal lawyer is so deluded they believe some miracle will make their economy solvent again. In the meantime all they have to do is degrade everything created by nature and call it 'development'. 

Barnett - unable to have the wood he craves.
The Tasmanian Liberal Government never deals in the truth, preferring a jingoistic narrative of jobs and 're-building' the economy. They are not in a race to the bottom, they arrived there decades ago. 
The latest idiot chapter in Tasmania's history is the attempt to 'unlock' some forests. 

The Liberal lawyers didn't collude with and bribe the logging industry quite as effectively as the previous trade union-backed government. As a result the Liberals forest clearing plan was not actually supported by the 'industry'.  

'Logging industry' in Tasmania means some foreign-owned outfits like Ta Ann and New Forests as well as a fleet of rusty cargo ships shuttling wood chips to Asia. Hardly any of it is Australian-owned, but the Liberal lawyers would sell their own mothers to China if the price was right.

So Guy Barnett, Will Hodgman, Matthew Groom and the Liberal lawyers will go to the next election offering a platform of ecocide, climate psychopathy and social disintegration. How very cute and infantile?

19 Jun 2017

US Feds Seize Stolen Malaysian Assets While Turnbull Pretends Najib Is Not Corrupt

As the US Department of Justice seizes a luxury yacht, $200 million in jewellery and even an Oscar award, Australian PM Turnbull pretends Razak Najib is not a kleptomaniac because Turnbull wants Najib to take Australian refugees.

"The US Department of Justice's latest asset seizure notice presents a devastating picture of how Malaysia's record kleptocrats wallowed in their stolen riches, pampering themselves and their jet-set friends with luxuries and jewels. Also, the 251 page document provides detailed and shocking new insights into the conduct of the world's largest and most complex kleptocracy case. HOW LONG CAN NAJIB PRETEND THERE WAS NO WRONGDOING?!"

Sarawak Report has done a brilliant job of documenting the systematic looting of Malaysian public assets so we refer you to that publication. Australian model Miranda Kerr and Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio have had assets seized by the DoJ.

The 'Round Tripping' IMDB Money-Go-Round
This third court deposition covers one major new area of investigation by the FBI’s financial investigation team, which is described as a ‘4th Phase’ to the 1MDB financial scam, in addition to the already detailed ‘Good Star Phase’, ‘Power Purchase/Aabar Phase’ and ‘Tanore Phase’.
They have labelled it “The Options Buy-Back Phase”, a final period of illegal activity that was mainly concerned with attempts to recycle borrowed funds time and again through 1MDB accounts in an attempt to cover up the previous thefts of billions from the fund.