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24 Jun 2017

Grand Theft ATO

The media have called the $165 million tax fraud allegedly involving the deputy commissioner of taxation, 'the largest tax fraud in Australia's history'. We call it 'Grand Theft ATO'. With lawyers, guns, money, sports cars, boats, planes, drugs and blackmail it shares some elements with the computer game 'Grand Theft Auto'.

The system has always been wrong Right?
So how does a critical government authority like the tax office seemingly get scammed from within?
We think there is a background story and it goes something like this. Money in circulation is taxed every time it changes hands every financial year. A lot of the dollars in circulation change hands many times every financial year. If a dollar changes hands 4 times or more in one financial year then it's tax liability is more than it's face value.
We live in a time of electronic money or even virtual money that is working 24/7 in thousands or even millions of transactions. The ATO has supercomputers and we are sure the highest management levels at the ATO know that the tax system is unworkable because the total Australian tax liability exceeds the amount of cash in circulation. We suspect this information gave birth to the idea that the money allegedly defrauded from the ATO was just 'funny money' and would not even be noticed.

Consider this? Just last month mining magnate Andrew Forrest donated $400 million to charity, the largest ever donation in Australian history. We surmise Forrest donated to tax-deductible charities rather than feeding the idiots in Canberra who would just waste his hard-earned on interest repayments on government debt currently at $566 billion.
Why should you work just to pay off debt incurred by somebody else? The fact is Australia was once our country but the politicians destroyed that decades ago.

Remember back to the GFC when Kevin Rudd 'guaranteed' deposits in Australian banks?
That scheme is still in operation with modifications and individual Australians bank deposits are guaranteed up to $250k per person. Interestingly, the amount Rudd originally guaranteed is now the amount of government debt. That means your savings are guaranteed by a government that is essentially bankrupt.

With the 'Grand Theft ATO' legal case yet to be finalised, expect it to drag through the courts for years. No doubt the lawyers will make money and the more you make the more the ATO loves you.

Joshua and Adam Cranston and Synep Racing, a company set-up for tax fraud. Joshua Cranston was not involved in the fraud.

22 Jun 2017

Bankrupt Liberal Government Blocked From Using Forests To Pay Debt Interest

TASMANIA. For so-called 'developed economies' trillion dollar debts and the onerous interest repayment treadmill is all they have to look forward to in government. That doesn't stop them standing for election because most of them think they were born to rule. The average Liberal lawyer is so deluded they believe some miracle will make their economy solvent again. In the meantime all they have to do is degrade everything created by nature and call it 'development'. 

Barnett - unable to have the wood he craves.
The Tasmanian Liberal Government never deals in the truth, preferring a jingoistic narrative of jobs and 're-building' the economy. They are not in a race to the bottom, they arrived there decades ago. 
The latest idiot chapter in Tasmania's history is the attempt to 'unlock' some forests. 

The Liberal lawyers didn't collude with and bribe the logging industry quite as effectively as the previous trade union-backed government. As a result the Liberals forest clearing plan was not actually supported by the 'industry'.  

'Logging industry' in Tasmania means some foreign-owned outfits like Ta Ann and New Forests as well as a fleet of rusty cargo ships shuttling wood chips to Asia. Hardly any of it is Australian-owned, but the Liberal lawyers would sell their own mothers to China if the price was right.

So Guy Barnett, Will Hodgman, Matthew Groom and the Liberal lawyers will go to the next election offering a platform of ecocide, climate psychopathy and social disintegration. How very cute and infantile?

19 Jun 2017

US Feds Seize Stolen Malaysian Assets While Turnbull Pretends Najib Is Not Corrupt

As the US Department of Justice seizes a luxury yacht, $200 million in jewellery and even an Oscar award, Australian PM Turnbull pretends Razak Najib is not a kleptomaniac because Turnbull wants Najib to take Australian refugees.

"The US Department of Justice's latest asset seizure notice presents a devastating picture of how Malaysia's record kleptocrats wallowed in their stolen riches, pampering themselves and their jet-set friends with luxuries and jewels. Also, the 251 page document provides detailed and shocking new insights into the conduct of the world's largest and most complex kleptocracy case. HOW LONG CAN NAJIB PRETEND THERE WAS NO WRONGDOING?!"

Sarawak Report has done a brilliant job of documenting the systematic looting of Malaysian public assets so we refer you to that publication. Australian model Miranda Kerr and Titanic actor Leonardo DiCaprio have had assets seized by the DoJ.

The 'Round Tripping' IMDB Money-Go-Round
This third court deposition covers one major new area of investigation by the FBI’s financial investigation team, which is described as a ‘4th Phase’ to the 1MDB financial scam, in addition to the already detailed ‘Good Star Phase’, ‘Power Purchase/Aabar Phase’ and ‘Tanore Phase’.
They have labelled it “The Options Buy-Back Phase”, a final period of illegal activity that was mainly concerned with attempts to recycle borrowed funds time and again through 1MDB accounts in an attempt to cover up the previous thefts of billions from the fund.

5 Jun 2017

Why Are Turnbull's Liberals Arming Muslims?

It's not only Trump arming the Islamic theocracy of Saudi Arabia, Australia is doing it as well. 'Defence has approved four military exports to the kingdom in the past year and the Australian government has led the push for more.'

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne meets with Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah al-Saud in Riyadh in December 2016.

Saudi Arabia are not terrorists I hear you say, but they are a brutal hereditary dictatorship that oppresses all women and practices Sharia Law including beheadings and stonings. So what's the difference between Islamic State and the Islamic State of Saudi Arabia? IS or ISIL is just the militant form of extreme Saudi Wahhabism. Saudi law requires all citizens must be Muslims. Any non-Muslim attempting to acquire Saudi nationality must convert to Islam.

All Muslims are required to make a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once in their lives, in a country that stones people to death? If stoning is terrorism then there are no 'moderate' Muslims. They are all 'terrorists'.

Interestingly, Pyne was part of the 1996 Howard government that disarmed Australians after the Port Arthur Massacre. So his career has covered disarming his own country while arming an extreme religious sect who enforce a system that is incompatible with modern values and civilisation itself. Yet Trump, Turnbull and Pyne claim to be conservatives?

What were the Saudis doing during the rise of Islamic State? The were bombing Yemen, an insignificant backwater in the grip of a famine, just because they follow a rival thread of Islam.
So what good is it for Australia to be arming Muslims? We had a half a trillion dollar government debt before we started pandering to Islam and it's just gotten bigger so wipe that idiotic idea. Australians can make money in more creative ways but it seems our government is not on our side.

Inside Tasmania wants to alert Australians about the blatant contradictions being pushed by Australian politicians. It's getting worse and the media is not up to the task of bringing the idiots to account. And that's the crux of the problem. Elections consistently select average people to power who then undermine the national security of the countries they loudly claim to represent.

Before moving on to other things, take 30 seconds to consider the image below. Ask yourself 'do the Australian Liberal Party represent your moral values?'

Imbecile President Trump used the June 4 terror attack in London to criticise London lord mayor Khan. But hasn't Trump just signed the biggest arms deal in the history of the planet with a brutal regime that stones people to death? And doesn't Trump own hotel interests in Saudi Arabia?
Looks like the psychopaths are in power and Americans are too dumbed-down to follow the narrative.
Are all Muslims terrorists?
If you regard the stoning to death of woman as an act of terrorism then all Muslims are terrorists. Rajm is part of their belief system. It Muslims think Rajm is not part of their cult then the onus is on Muslims to get rid of it from their Sharia Law before polluting other parts of the planet with a sub-human, Neanderthal belief system.

29 May 2017

Aboriginal Summit Rejects Recognition In Colonialist Constitution

This week's Uluru decision would have really stung the Liberal lawyers in Turnbull's government. Australia has a government made-up almost entirely of lawyers with some accountants thrown-in. Lawyers worship the myth of the 'Westminster System' and the 'Constitution' because it enshrines racism, theft, human rights abuses (and genocide) and the imported British class system. All things the Liberal wigs and bean counters love. A 'treaty' is something entirely different, and it leaves the Liberal lawyers exposed as subservient yes-men to a foreign monarch.
Which is entirely what they are. In a nutshell they are 100% un-Australian.

The fact is Aboriginals were left out of Australia's Constitution deliberately by a British penal colony regime determined to destroy them entirely. That's why they stole their children and destroyed their culture, in Tasmania's case almost completely.

Remember that Australia's Constitution was an act of British parliament. Britain's best thinking for Australia was somewhere to dump their criminals and convicts. They went on to exploit our resources, import their rabbits and foxes and basically phuk the place over.

Inside Tasmania likes the truth even if it is uncomfortable for many. We appreciate what the Aboriginal leaders decided at Uluru in May 2017.
BTW. You won't get this in Australia's gutless, corrupt media.

26 May 2017

The 'Fighting Cancer' Industry

Ready to get outdoors for a good cause? Sure, but ever wondered why your 'find a cure' charity run avoids all the known carcinogen hotspots like the farmland that grows your food?

Industrial Farming
Crop farmers are rewarded financially for spraying crops to maximise their profits, and you eat those crops that contain known carcinogens.
The fact is ' Modern Life Is a Frightening Experiment in How Much Exposure We Can Take from Toxic Chemicals'.
The obedient media can't afford to lose advertising revenue from the $770 billion a year chemical industry.
Our so-called 'regulators' are so corrupt and compromised with donations and kickbacks that they would rather let their constituents die than call out the chemical industry moguls. You are the victim.
Lets think again about funding research into deadly, industrialised, greed-driven farming and mass-consumerism? Wouldn't it be better to look at the real causes of cancer and other diseases rather than using cancer research to prop-up a chemical-dependent, consumer products market?

18 May 2017

Petroleum Environmental Management Authority Covers-Up Oil Spill

From The Guardian
Offshore oil and gas regulator says there was a 10,500-litre spill in April 2016 but refuses to reveal where it occurred or company responsible.
Does the 'regulator' receive kickbacks from the company involved? We believe this is likely in Turnbull's corrupt Australia.

An offshore oil and gas well in Australia leaked oil continuously into the ocean for two months in 2016, releasing an estimated 10,500 litres. But the spill was never made public by the regulator and details about the well, its whereabouts and operator remain secret.
In its annual offshore performance report released this week, the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority included a mention of a 10,500-litre spill in April 2016. It provided limited details about, noting that it had been identified during a routine inspection.
After inquiries from the Guardian, Nopsema said the leak went on for two months, at a rate of about 175 litres a day. It went unnoticed while the floating platform was undergoing maintenance and was only discovered when the platform returned.

A spokesman for Nopsema said the leak had been caused by a seal degrading. The regulator investigated the spill and said the operator had been ordered to check the seals were working before disconnecting the platform.
But despite requests to reveal exactly where the spill occurred, or what company was responsible, Nopsema refused to disclose the information, revealing only that it was in the North West Shelf.
The Nopsema spokesman said that since companies were compelled by law to report these leaks the regulator believed there was an “implied duty of confidence”.
Andrew Hopkins, an expert in offshore oil safety, said the secrecy was concerning.
“They should release the names of companies concerned because one of the values of this is the naming and shaming approach – that companies that know they will be named in the case of an incident like this, they are going to be less likely to do it.”
When companies get a licence to drill for oil and gas, they produce a safety case that is supposed to demonstrate how they will minimise risks of spills. Those are also kept secret by Nopsema.
Hopkins said if the requirement for checking that the seals worked before they were relied on wasn’t already in the safety case, then that was a failure on behalf of the regulator in ensuring risks were kept as low as possible. “It’s not as if this is an unpredictable unforeseeable event,” he said.
Nathaniel Pelle, a campaigner at Greenpeace Australia Pacific, said: “Australians, and especially those who rely on the ocean for their livelihood, should be deeply concerned by reports that the national oil regulator has withheld information from the public about a 10,500-litre oil leak for over 12 months.

11 Apr 2017

To The Institute of Foresters Australia - FK' YOU

Please sign the petition at loggingsucks

The Institute of Foresters of Australia runs all of Australia's native forest logging. The organisation is a sham with fake academic credentials from the ANU and Creswick in Victoria. In reality, the IFA is an alliance of psychopaths and freeloaders.

3 Apr 2017

Australia - No Recession For Over 25 Years - The Clock Is Ticking

According to a Bloomberg article Australia has probably broken the world record for the longest period without recession. The term 'recession' is often defined as 2 consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.
There seems to be consensus around the fact this is more good luck than good management. We are so dependent on China's growth that it's not surprising costume foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop wanted to sign an extradition treaty with them, even though they are a Maoist dictatorship with a cartoon legal system.

The iron ore is still moving to China but the reality is both countries are heavily in debt.

Our population is still growing and house prices are rising in tandem. Those graphs look good but the real problem is debt. Australia is buried in it and it just keeps growing.

As Australians debt went up their wages went down. That has pressurised people's lives and they are more inclined to change governments. Meanwhile, government debt is currently 34% of GDP.
Australia's total debt is currently 3.7 times GDP. That means it can never be repaid.
Australia's record run is really a record run of borrowing. By averting the GFC in 2008 Australia was actually setting itself up for an even heavier fall. Will 2017 be the year for a big economic 'correction' in Australia.
(graphs from Bloomberg)

25 Mar 2017

Tasmanian Attorney General Hospitalised With Brain Tumors

ABC Tasmania

Vanessa Goodwin, Tasmania's Attorney-General, is seriously ill with brain tumours, an emotional Premier Will Hodgman has announced.

Ms Goodwin, 47, was rushed to hospital yesterday and was found to have "multiple tumours", Mr Hodgman told a press conference this morning.
Mr Hodgman said it was clear Ms Goodwin would be unable to fulfil her duties and he would be taking over her portfolios of Attorney-General, Justice, Corrections, and Arts.
"These shocking things put everything in perspective. Health and welfare of all politicians is important," he said.
"It will be a difficult time for the Government."
Mr Hodgman described Ms Goodwin as a "warm-hearted, hardworking and highly respected member of our community".

"Sadly her mother died of the same condition last year. I spoke at Edyth's funeral."
Edyth Langham-Goodwin, a Tasmanian Liberal Party stalwart and socialite, was 78 when she died in July.
"[Vanessa] has got an extraordinary network of friends and we will stand beside her ... we will support Vanessa the whole way," Mr Hodgman said.

"We'll have to stand together and get through this together.
"Needless to say very shocking and distressing news for all of us that know her, my thoughts are with the staff and colleagues … they love her to bits."
Mr Hodgman said Labor Opposition Leader Rebecca White and Greens Leader Cassy O'Connor had conveyed their best wishes to Ms Goodwin.

"I've known Vanessa all my life, we were born two days apart, our parents were best friends so I consider her one of my close friends and one of my most trusted and reliable workmates," Mr Hodgman said.
"She is held in very high regard by people in the community, she's hardworking, warm-hearted and intelligent and she's very committed to her job, so we'll miss having her around.
"I spoke at Edyth's funeral and it was very tough for Vanessa to go through, so our thoughts are now with her.

Ms Goodwin was elected as the Liberal Member for Pembroke in August 2009.
In 2014 she was appointed the Attorney-General, Minister for Justice, Minister for Corrections, Minister for Arts and Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council following the state election in March.

The accomplished 47-year-old criminologist and lawyer received a PhD in Law at the University of Tasmania and prior to her election spent 11 years working with the Department of Police and Emergency Management.
Ms Goodwin has described herself as a fitness enthusiast, who "enjoys cycling and running" and has completed the gruelling 61-kilometre Kokoda Track hike.

11 Mar 2017

Fairfax Media Has Call Centres Protected By A Serial Killer

Fairfax Media has been running call centres out of the Philippines for the past 5 years. They use the Philippines because it shares the same time zone as Eastern Australia. Fairfax would be paying call centre workers a fraction of what Australians earn. Fairfax probably justify this racket on economic grounds but the world is changing faster than they thought.

Back in July last year, a majority of stupid Philippinos elected a self-confessed serial killer as president. His name is Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte has admitted to personally slaughtering people on the streets of Davos City while he was mayor. Since becoming president Philippine National Police and unidentified ''vigilantes” have killed over 7,000 people. In just 8 months.

A Fairfax journalist was defensive when called-out for the hypocrisy of financially supporting Duterte while at the same time reporting on the bloodbaths. How much do Fairfax pay in taxes to support Rodrigo Duterte? One Fairfax journo appears to have made reporting on dead Philippinos a routine chore. We contacted him for comment and got no answers.

Fairfax have been exposed exploiting cheap Asian labour but it has become a lot more expensive than employing Australians. Will Fairfax accept they have made a mistake or will they continue to pretend offshoring labour is socially acceptable, even when it means supporting a serial killer?


We would not have phoned the Philippines if Fairfax Media was able to mange their information technology. They can't. They may be trying to force Australians to subscribe with credit cards rather than PayPal, even though they claim to accept PayPal.
We dumped our Fairfax subscription a month ago and discovered we don't even need it. Fairfax Media lets you read the first 30 articles a month for free. How do they know how many stories you have read? They use browser cookies. On the Chrome browser just paste this into a new tab:
Use it to clear the cookies but leave 'passwords' unchecked.
You can easily clear cookies on other browsers like Firefox as well. Fairfax Media do not have the power to count the articles you read on your own computer.

It's as simple as that. Fairfax Media are a joke! Do not renew your subscription if you care about law and order and the future of civilisation.

“Duterte won’t be challenged politically because of the war against drugs or the extrajudicial killings,” says Antonio La ña, political analyst and professor of constitutional law at the University of the Philippines. “He will be challenged if there are economic consequences to the killings, or other things that he is doing that could see him perceived as irrational and unpredictable.”