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25 Sep 2016

'Mosques are part of the Australian suburban landscape' True Or False?

We were shocked to read in both The Conversation and The Guardian that 'Mosques are part of the Australian suburban landscape'. We think the article is one-sided and appears to promote a theology that is causing many serious and on-going problems around the world.
Sure, not every Muslim kidnaps schoolgirls and bombs their own people, but why seek to expand your religion when you can't maintain law and order among your existing followers? Do Muslim adherents seriously not understand why Australians do not want Sharia Law in our country?

Apparently there are about as many Muslims as Buddhists in Australia, so you could say 'Buddhist temples are part of the Australian suburban landscape'. It's not true and nobody is saying it. Are all our phone calls, SMS's and emails tracked because of Buddhists? Are we scanned at airports because of Buddhists? No. Lets have some honesty in this massive erosion of our personal freedoms?

Above is an early Mecca-facing Mosque in Australia built by a cameleer.  Camaleers only really operated in Australia between 1860 and 1900.
They filled the void for desert transport in preindustrial Australia and eventually they were gone. Unfortunately their camels remain in large numbers as ferals and are doing significant damage to the desert landscape.

There were cultural issues back then that the 'Australian Mosque' article failed to report. 'simmering tensions between Afghan cameleers and European bullock teamsters escalated to the point where the cameleers were openly demonised in the press and accused of various acts of aggression, including monopolising and befouling waterholes'. (From a Commonwealth history website)

We want more tolerance in the world but tolerance is a two-way street. Call me an 'infidel' and then tell me I'm 'intolerant' eh? Articles written by possible converts to Islam who are often funded by the taxpayer is not a level playing field for the average Australian. We feel our over-zealous and disconnected politicians have written laws that stifle free speech in Australia and this political correctness is being ruthlessly exploited by those who seek to change the Australian way of life.

Let's try to be honest about religion for a change?
Religions are nearly always based on illusions and they operate as rackets to create wealth for the priests and clergy. Often these same clergy are sexually abusing children and violating other people's human rights. Just because many people become 'conditioned' or 'programmed' by so-called 'religion' doesn't mean the rest of us need to live in the Middle Ages. If the Muslim countries of the world are so successful, and we believe they are not, then why not build more mosques there?
Could our world be a better place if more people identified 'science' as their 'religion'? We say 'yes'. This planet really couldn't get much worse than it is now. So much for the over-educated and devout who have made life a misery for the rest of us and are working flat-out to externalise their ridiculous 'apocalypse' brainwashing.

Shot dead for sharing a cartoon on Facebook.  We have technology, social media and people living in the stone age.

Sixty per cent of Australians would be concerned if a relative married a Muslim.

19 Sep 2016

Australian Air Force Accidentally Bombs Syrian Army

Today we read the RAAF was part of an accidental attack on the Syrian Army. An attack that occurred during a ceasefire. While PM Turnbull is in the US discussing refugees, last PM Abbott is lecturing Europeans on dealing with refugees, many who come from Syria.
And wasn't the RAAF Middle East deployment Tony Abbott's work? It was, and although combating Islamic State seems a worthy cause, isn't this also a sectarian conflict that has gone on for 1300 years? How many sides are now engaged in the Syrian conflict? Far too many for a simple-minded country like Australia to deal with.

By David Wroe at SMH
Australian RAAF planes were involved in the accidental bombing of dozens of Syrian troops in a mistake that may have helped Islamic State fighters and exacerbated tensions as a fragile ceasefire continues to unravel.
Defence has not specified whether it was Australian Hornets that launched the strikes or just supporting planes that were involved.

Russia, which blamed the strikes for the death of 62 Syrian government troops, called an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council in response – a move the US branded a stunt given the scant regard Moscow or Damascus have shown even for civilian deaths previously.
The mishap came at a delicate time for the US-led effort against the Islamic State terror group, with a week-old ceasefire brokered by Washington and Moscow already teetering.

5 Sep 2016

5.6 Magnitude Oklahoma Earthquake Caused By Fracking

More proof dumb humans can't elect governments, manage their countries, the climate or even the geology of the planet.
By Kim McLendon at Inquisitr
Induced earthquakes in Oklahoma reached a 5.6 magnitude. A total of 11 quakes were recorded on Saturday. In recent years, earthquakes in the region have become increasingly common. Though there was significant debate about the safety of hydraulic fracturing or fracking, the process gained enough support to proceed in many parts of the United States.

Fracking is a highly controversial practice, supported and condemned almost equally. A poll in early 2015 showed a nation evenly divided. It was good for the economy, and no one could really prove it would cause ecological damage. According to the March 2015 Gallop poll, the population of the United States was 40 percent for and 40 percent against fracking, while 20 percent said they were undecided.

Induced earthquakes are earthquakes caused by human actives. The United States Geological Survey, or USGS, stated plainly in a report issued in March that increases in Oklahoma earthquakes are a direct result of fracking-related activities.
Fracking debates have raged on for years. The United States Geological Survey put the situation in a clear perspective with some real scientific data. This data has been ignored until the earth shook violently on Saturday.
Induced earthquakes in Oklahoma are being caused by the practice of disposing of wastewater beneath the Earth’s surface. Wastewater disposal from fracking is commonly hidden away far below ground. That wastewater disposal is the primary cause of increasing seismic activity in Oklahoma and surrounding states, according to the USGS report.

    “Wastewater disposal being the primary cause for recent events in many areas of the CEUS. Wastewater from oil and gas production operations can be disposed of by injecting it into deep underground wells, below aquifers that provide drinking water.”

Fracking wastewater disposal methods are causing a significant increase in the number of earthquakes recorded in the central United States. The USGS report records a significant increase in seismic activity in recent years compared to years 1973 to 2008.

23 Aug 2016

Is Philippines President Duterte A Serial Killer?

More proof idiots elect idiots. Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has so far killed 1800 people in 7 weeks on the grounds that somebody thinks they could be an addict or drug dealer. Duterte is a lawyer and to get around the Philippines ban on capital punishment, in force since 2006, he instructed police and vigilantes to kill 'pushers and addicts' in extra judicial executions without trial. Duterte claimed publicly to have shot a fellow student while in law school.
For a person of any nationality with a law degree to declare one section of their society can start murdering another section of their society with impunity is completely criminal. Duterte is just a gutter criminal.

At left we see Duterte using the mind-altering drug alcohol. Will his murdering thugs start shooting alcoholics after they have cleaned-up the so-called 'addicts'? And what about breweries, will they be burned to the ground as well?
The problem with this blood bath style of low IQ populism is it has no end. Duterte has legalised murder, he has murderers walking the streets and on the public payroll, he is a murderer himself for ordering the killings.
As they say in Asia and on the rest of the planet 'live by the sword, die by the sword'.


Its criminal for the Australian telco Telstra use the Philippines for it's call centers. Because the Philippines is in the same time zone as Australia is no reason for Telstra to support an anarchist like Rodrigo Duterte.
If Telstra is so determined to undermine the Australian economy then why don't they put their call centers in Papua New Guinea, a country that needs jobs and an opportunity to develop it's economy? Australians need to vote with their feet. If Telstra are using a criminal regime that has enshrined anarchy then why use Telstra as your service provider?

10 Aug 2016

ABS Blames Hackers For Crashing The Census

Who saw this coming? Certainly not the Australian Bureau of Statistics who spent census day (Tuesday August 9) reassuring Australians how safe their data will be, only to have most of the census data fail to reach their system.
"It was an attack, and we believe from overseas," chief statistician David Kalisch told ABC radio on Wednesday.
"It was quite clear it was malicious."
The site was targeted by four denial of service (DoS) attacks, he told the ABC.
Interesting, because no DoS activity was detected in Australia on Tuesday August 9.

On Wednesday August 10 the Digital Attack Map still shows no DoS activity for Australia.
The Bureau of Meteorology Hack
Less than a year ago China was blamed for a massive hack on the Aussie weather bureau.
The thing is, government agencies like the Signals Directorate and the Australian Cyber Security Centre are not able to trace where these attacks are coming from and are unable to prove who is behind them.
Doesn't this make David Kalisch's assurances about the security of personal data harvested by the ABS, including names and addresses, just a lot of hot air?
Kalisch can't name whoever carried out the census night attack on the ABS computers so how can he claim our data is safe if most of it got lost in cyberspace between our homes and his computers?
The ABS Are Chronic Liars
This interesting article tracks the lies the ABS has been telling the Australian public. This is a department that is unsupervised and out of control.

31 Jul 2016

MH370 - Ditched Into The Indian Ocean As Revenge Against Razak Najib

Tonights 60 Minutes program in Australia provided compelling evidence that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was ditched into the Southern Ocean under full control of one pilot.
Uniform water damage on the underside of a Boeing 777 flaperon discovered on Reunion Island in the West Indian Ocean has identical damage to a 777 wing flap found in Tanzania in June 2016.
These components can only be manually lowered during flight. That means human involvement in the ditching of the aircraft, and brings us back to the mental state of the pilots of the missing aircraft. Exactly where we were 2 years ago.
Pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was politically active, a supporter of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim and was in the courtroom as Anwar was sentenced to 5 years prison on false charges by corrupt dictator Najib Razak. He ditched the aircraft later that night, only hours after the sentencing of Anwar.
Data recovered from Shah's home flight simulator shows an identical flight path to the Southern Indian Ocean. Shah had deleted this flight data from his simulator. This has been known since 2014 and with the new evidence appears to implicate the older pilot.
Shah's daughter said her father was 'lost and disturbed' and his marriage was on the rocks.
It could easily have been the orchestrated trial of Anwar that pushed Zaharie Shah over the edge. What other explanation is there at the present time? None.
Malaysian Airlines was majority owned by the Malaysian Government in 2014 and that government is run by one of the most corrupt dictators on Earth - Razak Najib.
Also in 2014 we read that copilot Fariq Abdul Hamid tried to make a 'desperate call' just before the plane vanished.
If you put together what was known in 2014 with what is known now, it's hard not to come to the conclusion this was the work of one pilot. This could well be a 'case closed' for the ill-fated flight MH370.
Watch the 60 Minutes segment here:

26 Jul 2016

George Brandis - Paid Not To Know About Government Child Abuse

He's Australia's attorney general and he has access to the end points of every phone call, SMS and email in Australia but he doesn't know what his own party is doing to children in detention?
His own party? Yes, the Country Liberal Party of the Northern Territory is a sub-set of the Liberal Party. Look at the Indigenous Affairs Minister in Brandis's own government? (see story below) The Northern Territory is not a state so the Commonwealth has much more influence in it's affairs.

Nigel Scullion's Pathetic Record As Indigenous Affairs Minister

The 'Australia's Shame ' 4Corners program on Monday July 25 brings into focus the Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion. Scullion is a member of the Country Liberal Party who currently run the Northern Territory. Aboriginal incarceration rates are consistently high and have skyrocketed under Scullions watch. The juvenile justice system locks-up 26 times more indigenous than non indigenous children. Scullion has to go.

Scullion claims he has no control over rates of aboriginal incarceration but we ask 'why the hell is he collecting a fat paypacket as indigenous affairs minister if he can't help the Aboriginal people?'
British-born Scullion is currently Australian Indigenous Affairs Minister and has been since 2013 under both the Abbott and Turnbull governments. Having a Brit run indigenous affairs must be highly insulting to every Australian indigenous person given the Brits carried-out almost total genocides of Aboriginals in many parts of Australia such as Tasmania. Isn't this the same as having a counter terrorism unit run by a Moslem?  Likewise another 'Royal Commission'. Why would Turnbull hold an inquiry into his own corrupt, brutal party of sadists?It's time to get rid of conservative imported seat-warmers like Nigel Scullion.
Didn't know, didn't ask: Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion's startling admission 
Scullion claims the detention centre footage had not 'piqued' his interest and he had more important things to do than watch the footage - like dining out.

25 Jul 2016

Census 2016: Australians who don't complete form over privacy concerns face fines

Australian Bureau of Statistics fear boycott of census as privacy advocates say decision to retain names and addresses puts personal information at risk
From the Guardian

Australians who refuse to answer questions in the 2016 census over privacy concerns surrounding the retention of their personal information could face heavy fines.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) announced in December 2015 it was planning to retain name and address information in the upcoming census in order to create a “richer and dynamic statistical picture” of Australia.
2016 is census year! But you can stick your census in your ear, you won't get any data here
Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin is worried. Just because we have given away so much of our privacy already doesn’t mean we should keep giving it away
Read more

But privacy and civil rights groups have criticised the decision, which they say constitutes a serious invasion of privacy and put Australians’ personal information at risk. The retention of name and address information – coupled with the other personal information Australians disclose in the census – provides an enormous amount of personal information. Previously, name and address information was removed from the census data.

Some groups, including the Australian Privacy Foundation, have said the ABS failed to explain the changes and called on it to reverse the decision. The foundation’s vice chair, Kat Lane, said Australians would be “alarmed by this sneaky change to the way their personal information will now be stored”.

The blowback from civil liberties groups has alarmed the ABS and raised concerns about the potential for a boycott of the census on privacy grounds.

But failing or refusing to answer a question in the census can be an offence under the Census and Statistics Act 1905 if a person receives a direction from the ABS to complete a form.

Although the maximum penalty is one penalty unit – a $180 fine – a person could receive a series of directions relating to the completion of a single census form, potentially significantly increasing the fine.

A spokesman for the ABS said: “Australians traditionally show strong support for the census and the need to enforce penalties is rare. The ABS prefers to seek the willing cooperation of respondents. However, it is sometimes necessary to use the legislative provisions, in order to maintain the integrity of ABS statistics.
Census will allow Australians to identify as 'other' for both sex and gender
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“For the 2011 census, there were 1,282 notices of direction issued and 78 prosecution actions approved.”

One of the concerns raised over the retention of the additional personal information was how securely that information would be stored.

The ABS said it conducted a privacy impact assessment but the Australian Privacy Foundation said it was a flawed process and was not an independent assessment.

The ABS has also addressed the question of whether the information could be provided to third parties.

While the government could make regulations at some future point to allow information from the census to be disclosed to a third party, a section in the act prevents information of a “personal or domestic” nature if it is likely to enable identification of a person.
Australia's census to go online in 2016
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A spokesman for the ABS said the section “precludes the minister from creating an instrument that authorises the disclosure of personal information and/or identifiers, and precludes the ABS from sharing any form of personal information with any other government department, tribunal or law court”.

While the proposal initially appeared to be to collect the names and addresses for an indefinite period, the Australian statistician David Kalisch wrote in Fairfax Media on Friday that he planned to permanently destroy the name and address information by August 2020.

He wrote that the names and addresses would be removed from other personal household information and stored in a separate database in order to provide an additional safeguard.

The date of the census is 9 August.

21 Jul 2016

MH370 - We've Been Looking In the Wrong Place WTF?

Today we read the Dutch company hired to locate the wreck of Malaysian Airlines MH370 admits they have been looking in the wrong place.
"MH370 disappeared in March 2014 with 239 passengers and crew aboard en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur. Searchers led by engineering group Fugro have been combing an area roughly the size of Greece for two years."
It appears the aircraft may have been gliding for up to another 200kms, possibly under human control.
This raises some interesting questions about the role Australia played in what is a Malaysian domestic issue. Australia is spending well over $1billion a year on so called 'intelligence' yet have failed to notice that Malaysian PM Razak Najib is a thief and murderer who is leading one of the most corrupt nations on Earth. Sleepwalking Australian politicians from both major parties carry-on as if Malaysian corruption is completely normal. Malaysia is not a normal country and the Australians onboard MH370 should have been warned how pathetic Malaysia is. The Malaysian government was the majority owner of Malaysian Airlines when MH370 disappeared.
Of the 239 passengers aboard the doomed flight only 6 were Australians. That's 2.5% of the passenger list yet Australia under Tony Abbott became a key player and financier of the search. So far the search has cost $180million making it the most expensive in aviation history.
The Australian government travel advisor Smarttraveller currently warns of 'piracy' in the Singapore Straits, blissfully unaware that the Malaysian government is itself involved in the massive piracy of the entire country's wealth. Just Google '1MDB' to see what we mean? So much for Australia even having an 'intelligence community' if they are so out of touch with reality they are enticing Australian travelers to their deaths on board tin-pot airlines like Malaysia's. Three months ago Byron Bailey at the Australian predicted the plane had overshot the search area. He also invoked corruption in Malaysia. In his words 'Perhaps the ­Malaysian Prime Minister could donate some of the $US681 million ($884m) mysteriously ­deposited into his personal bank accounts to the cost of the search for which the Australian taxpayer is funding an excessive amount?'
Happy Birthday Razak Najib.
The fact is Najib and his racially-based Malay UMNO Party has countless domestic and foreign enemies. Any one of scores of groups or individuals have it in for the thieving cartel running Malaysia and especially Sarawak. Najib was closely implicated in the brutal murder of Mongolian translator Shaariibuugiin Altantuyaa who was blown to pieces with C4 plastic explosives while pregnant.
Some of Najib's most dubious work involves massive kickbacks from Saudi Arabia involving the alleged control of ISIS. This is international organised crime at it's worst and the truth is probably that the Saudis and Najib are funding ISIS. Saturday 23 is Najib's birthday. Hopefully he won't have too many more to come.
To Australian intelligence organisations. Stop protecting corrupt operatives like Taib and Najib and work out who is really funding Islamic State.
Search to be 'suspended' or is that 'abandoned'? July 22 2016

25 Jun 2016

Why isn't the erosion of our democracy an election issue?

Greg Barns at Independent Australia
Criminal lawyer and spokesperson for the Australian Lawyers Alliance, Greg Barns, looks at the erosion of rights over the course of the past three years by the ALP and Coalition and argues this should be an election issue.

It has had little or no coverage in this interminably long Federal election campaign, but the erosion of human rights – and therefore our democracy – in Australia should be an issue discussed as we head to the polls in a few days.

Over the course of the last three years, the Coalition parties supported generally by the ALP, have eroded the right to freedom of speech, undermined the right to privacy and increased the capacity of security agencies and the bureaucracy to operate without proper independent scrutiny. All of these measures have been legislated in the name of the so-called "War on Terror" or what is termed “border control”.

On their own, each of these measures has provoked disquiet, and even outrage, among those committed to human rights and the rule of law, but when examined cumulatively the assault on democracy since 2013 has been breathtaking.

It is critical that we ask ourselves this question before we cast a vote on July 2: What other draconian measures has the ALP and the Coalition got in mind to legislate over the next three years, and which of those parties and individuals running for Senate spots will support them?

It is worth recalling each of the anti-democratic measures that now sit on the statute books in this country courtesy of the majority of the politicians we elected in 2013.

First, there are the amendments made to the Commonwealth Crimes Act in 2014, which allow ASIO to label an operation a “controlled operation”. This means ASIO agents can commit criminal offences and civil wrongs such as burglaries, assaults, kidnapping and frauds knowing they will not be prosecuted. Only murder, sexual assaults and serious assaults are out of bounds.

These operations are secret, so that any person, including the media, who reveals anything about such an operation faces up to five or ten years imprisonment depending on whether they acted recklessly or intentionally. Only some Independents in the Senate – such as Nick Xenophon, David Leyonhjelm and John Madigan – voted with the Greens to oppose this law.

Similarly, being sheltered from scrutiny through the criminalisation of free speech are those who run the notorious immigration detention centre system. The Australian Border Force Act was passed last year with only the Greens opposing it. As we know this law makes it a criminal offence for any person working in immigration detention, with few exceptions, to reveal what happens in these awful places.

Even doctors are not protected, as revelations about the Australian Federal Police spying on Peter Young, a prominent doctor who worked in the centres and who has publicly aired his disquiet over mistreatment of asylum seekers, shows.

Then there was the extraordinary law that allows the Federal government to know whom it is each and everyone of us communicates with by phone, email, Facebook and any other electronic format over the previous 2 years. The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Act was supported by the ALP but not by most of the Independents and Greens.

Stripping Australians as young as 14 of citizenship is now possible, courtesy of our politicians. And worse than that it is done by a minister, not through an independent and rigorous court process. The opposition to this Bill came from Independents and Greens, with even the so called left of the ALP too frightened to stand up for a fundamental tenet of the rule of law in a democracy — that only independent courts should be allowed to decide grave questions such as citizenship.