7 Oct 2013

A Quick Guide To The Meaning Of Everything

When physics began looking at biology things started falling into place for many of us. Humans are descended from unicellular marine organisms that first occurred around one billion years ago on Earth.

The oxygen we need was made as a byproduct of photosynthesis by cyanobacteria. Before that there was no oxygen in our atmosphere. You could think of cyanobacteria as the 'stem cells' of life itself. They are still around everywhere and they are our ancestors. That means our archaic single-celled ancestors 'terraformed' Earth so more complex, multicellular organisms such as humans could evolve. We are directly related to plants and all life forms on this planet. Instead of our relationship with the world being a disconnected egotistical or theological concept, it's as immediate as the air in our lungs right now, not to mention the water, protein and bacteria we need to survive. We are a part of all life and it's a part of us. If your political or religious 'beliefs' are disconnected from everything around you then maybe it's time to re-evaluate who or what you really are?
Image - Spectacular Microscopic Art.

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Anonymous said...

That's only the meaning of everything on earth that we know of and it's very true, logically one can contemplate the rest of the universe started and functions the same way. But as the ideological concept of physics is constantly worn away and replaced by universal reality, the meaning of everything becomes even more fuzzy.

Doubt we will ever know the meaning of everything, our lives are to short, we suffer from a genetic defect which goes against the natural evolving rhythm of the universe and it's called ideological delusion. We are at a point where the meaning of everything, is in survival and in that, we are going backwards fast and probably already fallen off the cliff. But are to deluded to notice, until we hit the bottom.