10 Feb 2022

The Battle To Manage Australia's Trillion Dollar Debt

Why We Call Scott Morrison 'Evil'

In a nutshell, Morrison replaces actual cause and effect with imaginary cause and effect. 

Morrison claims to accept climate change yet still promotes fossil fuels which have a direct causal link to climate change. On the other hand, Morrison claims to be religious, yet has zero proof that a certain god will cause someone to end up in a certain heaven.

Notice Morrison prefers unsubstantiated 'belief' over proven fact?

Scott Morrison claims he practices 'the laying of hands'. This is a technique used by pedophile preachers like Frank Houston to sexually abuse their congregations. The Pentecostal 'speaking in tongues' is really a translation error from old texts that actually means 'speaking in different languages'. 

Is Jenny As 'Evil' As Scott?

Scott Morrison now looks like a caricature of Scott Morrison.

Jenny Morrison belongs to a church founded by serial homosexual pedophile Frank Houston. Frank Houston has well over 1,000 victims. Jenny was able to criticise the victim of another pedophile, proving Jenny has no empathy for the victims of pedophiles. Frank Houston's son is before the courts so we will not be posting links that prove what a prolific pedophile Frank Houston was. Note Frank Houston is not before the courts because he is dead. 

Interesting Jenny's life-long friend is an alleged QAnon follower, given the Hillsong Church is founded by a pedophile. We think Hillsong is a front-group and has nothing to do with spirituality and is actually based on evil. Jenny Morrison must be corrupt to tolerate the ultra-corrupt Scott Morrison.

Morrison Kicks Religious Discrimination Own Goal

Notable even by Morrison standards. The PM who taxes small business while most multinationals pay no tax at all, spent all night passing a bill that doesn't appear to do anything. The Christian lobby condemned it for no longer protecting their 'right' to abuse gay students.

The religious discrimination bill passed shortly before 5am – despite a last-ditch attempt from the government to defeat its own legislation. (10-02-2022) In the early hours of this morning, the most corrupt government in Australia's history realised they had kicked yet another 'own goal'.


An election is never framed in the context of debt management but that's all it is in 2022. They used your taxes to get themselves elected and they are still doing it. The majority of Australians never realise how far from reality they have been led.

Stephanie Tran has done an excellent job of showing how corrupt the National Party is over at Michael West Media.


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