30 Jun 2024

Exclusive: Trump Running Mate 2024

According to most of the Slavery Party (Republicans) being a convicted rapist, fraudster, scammer and trying to overthrow your own government and hang your last Vice President means you are not 'leftist'.

Yes, it's a strong and coherent argument and hard to disagree with. The great news is another victim will assume the $35 Trillion Federal debt, the largest debt in the entire history of life on Earth. 

America has never been great, mostly just a few steps in front of organized crime. The wealth came from colonization funded by money lenders and debt grew to fund their ever larger egos. This is typical of all English-speaking nations. They never achieve financial independence because they carry so much intellectual baggage. How did they invade entire continents and end-up bankrupt almost instantly? The cornerstones of the American dream are just delusions. 

Trump picks an argument with his hat

Trump claimed multiple times he won the 2020 presidential election and was the 46th president. His baseball cap thinks otherwise.

Putin's Lapdog = Trump

Putin desperately wants to end his invasion of Ukraine. With Russian soldiers getting blown-up by faulty North Korean munitions Putin wants out. Putin spent two and a half years and killed half a million people just to invade 24 kilometers of Ukraine. We recommend this video by Jake Broe. It covers fat slob Viktor Orban's visit to the Kremlin and the Kremlin contact with Donald Trump. Strange the MSM missed that one?

Trump's jet sits next to Russian government plane for two days in 'isolated' area. Details here.


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