8 Jul 2024

Putin Slapped-Down Hard In The French Election


Le Pen is a Putin ally and wanted to limit the use of French weapons against Russia. That won't happen now but it shows how the 'far right' need dictators and mass-murderers to define themselves. Putin lives-on in the corpse of the communist soviet union and has no policies, but all the far right crave is authoritarianism. Any authoritarian will do apparently.

Putin also lost in the British election because they voted-in a staunch NATO supporter in Keir Starmer. Putin has now forced South Korea into the arms of NATO by wooing Kim Jong Un. Putin is now so desperate he's undermining himself. On day 867 of his invasion the Neanderthal maggot attacked a children's hospital. Another day another war crime for very small man Putin.


Incredibly, Ukrainians are able to blow-up sections of the Trans Siberian railway in central Asia transporting North Korean munitions to Russia. Consider that for a moment? One of the most disgusting, totalitarian prison farm nations on Earth is an ally of Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Xi Jinping and a few fat-ass dictators waiting to be hauled before war crimes tribunals. 

Russia Spends $250 million Blowing-Up A Children's Hospital


Watching Jake again. There are some phuktards on this planet eh? A children's hospital tried to invade Russia? Another war crime committed by Putin.

Melania and Donald's Fake Marriage

Trumps number 1 enabler is Melania Trump. She is an insult to all women everywhere.

The 'attack on our country' was only Trump getting busted cheating on his wife yet again and misappropriating campaign donations to pay-off Stormy.

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