27 Jun 2024

Simon Birmingham's Party Covers-Up War Crimes While Signing Treaties Against War Crimes

On June 26 2024, Julian Assange was released from a UK prison by another country, a country trying to cover-up war crimes. On the same day a pompous, over-entitled South Australian senator did a media whinge about PM Albanese simply phoning Assange.

Birmingham needs a history lesson. Julian Assange spent years in prison because Simon Birmingham's party of half-wit Neanderthals thought Iraq may have weapons of mass-destruction. John Howard's party of war criminals were 100% wrong but continued to murder and torture tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and commit multiple war crimes for no reason. John Howard made Australia a terror target and shredded our global reputation. Today we find the 911 terror attacks in the US were carried-out by Saudi Arabia. Why is Simon Birmingham and the Liberals trying to protect Islamic terrorists?

The US's Iraq invasion broke international law and their Guantanamo Bay concentration camp resulted in just 8 convictions and 9 deaths. Now the US has used time spent in a foreign prison as punishment for Assange charged with spying for Australia, which is a lie.

After Iraq the blood-thirsty Howard government helped invade Afghanistan, a 20 year strategic failure that financially drained Australia for decades and caused more Australian war crimes. John Howard has never been held to account for his disastrous religious wars.

Looks like Simon Birmingham's position is 'because Australia signs global treaties against war crimes we should hide our war crimes and punish people for exposing them'. If so Birmingham is a manipulative, corrupt hypocrite in our view.

Why didn't Birmingham complain how a nation can release a prisoner from a different country and why this prisoner was charged with spying for a non-existent country? Why is time spent in a different countries prison considered a punishment in the US?  

Simon Birmingham must reveal his position on all these questions or shut up. Birmingham served under Tony Abbott, a close friend of a convicted pedophile and who attended the funeral of a convicted pedophile. Birmingham's party leader today attended the funeral of a convicted pedophile. No public outcry from Birmingham on that was there?

Birmingham also served under Scott Morrison, a probable psychopath who turned everything he touched to effluent. The guy who sold the tip of North West Tasmania and Darwin Harbor to Communist China. Then Scott tried to get the US and the UK to arm him with nukes to protect us from his commie friends. No doubt that all made sense to Simple Simon?

Note to Simon Birmingham. Many Australians are a lot smarter than you. Why not run your brainwashed ideas past an actual thinker before making a public fool of yourself? 

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