5 Apr 2024

How The Jewish Bible Caused The American Civil War

Summary. In Genesis, Abraham claimed god 'appeared' and told him god endorses slavery but only if the slaves are circumcised. Ignorant and evil people accepted this ridiculous myth for thousands of years.*

As if the creator of the periodic table of elements and all the galaxies was limited to telling only one person this idiotic rule? Today, Jews must provide evidence this really happened, or declare the Old Testament a fraud. The entire Abrahamic narrative is unsubstantiated.

brainwashed or conformists?

Judaeo-Christians Used The Old Testament To Justify Slavery

While investigating Jewish genital mutilation we discovered their hypothetical god believes in slavery. Let's look at that for a moment?

Abraham, a herdsman imagines god is talking to him and demanding people circumcise their slaves. Over the centuries self-serving opportunists interpreted the Jewish bible as god's acceptance of slavery. They began kidnapping and transporting Africans to Europe and the Americas. Based on the lies in a Jewish manuscript about an imaginary god? Jews fail to prove that god even exists let alone endorses slavery.

How much untold, unspeakable misery over centuries did the evil Jewish bible bring to millions of innocent people? After realizing that horrendous truth, it's no wonder Israel is a terrorist state. By their own fake beliefs, Israel will suffer like the slaves they created in the old testament.

Israel must renounce the Old Testament as a fraud and evolve into the modern era. Jews must be held accountable for their archaic thinking and crimes against children. Child abuse is a criminal offense in all civilized countries so why are Jews still mutilating babies in Australia? 

'Jews Really Did Cause The American Civil War'

It's hard to disprove this statement because it's 99.9% true. Do you have more evidence? Drop it in the comments. 

Looking at the screengrab above from Genesis you see how the faked word of God endorsed slavery. The text was written by ancient Jews not God.

The main slave trader was Britain

Christians and Jews were kidnapping and transporting Africans to the Americas for a 350 year period. This industrial-scale slave trade caused the American Civil War resulting in over 600,000 dead soldiers. Total human rights abuses and death caused by the Jewish-endorsed slave trade is incomprehensible.

Palestine's Right To Defend Itself - Why They Never Mention It

Biden and Albanese often say 'Israel has a right to defend itself' but never 'Palestine has a right to defend itself'. That's after Palestine was systematically subsumed by Israel starting in 1947. If Hamas is a terrorist organization then so is Israel. Probably more so because Israel was parachuted into Palestine by brainwashed Judaeo-Christians biased against Palestine, who they thought of as lesser than Israelis.

from the Guardian

Today Anthony Albanese and Joe Biden are hand-wringing over the murder of aid workers during Israel's genocide and invasion of Palestine. Biden is still arming Israel to commit genocide. Too many politicians are too soft on Israel because of Jewish retaliation. Rather than reform their corrupt lies, Jews go after their critics.

If Israel was based on rational thought and not a stone age circumcision cult they would be taken seriously. Intellectually, Judaism is a joke. Today Israel runs entirely on propaganda yet tries to use artificial intelligence to defend it's lies. They claim god promised them land? Tell that to the Australian Aborigines, or the Tasmanian Aborigines who were obliterated by English Christians who wanted to graze sheep and build prisons on their land. We know all about genocide here.

Disclaimer. As recently as 2023 we regarded Judaism as another science-denying cult exploiting a tax-exempt charity status. Interestingly, while paying no tax in Australia Israel demands tax on income made anywhere on the planet. After discovering the truth about Genesis we were changed for ever. We will never look at Jewish people the same again and will not buy their products or services for the rest of our lives.

* We intend to look at this insane myth in the future. God 'appeared' and told the 99 year Abraham to perform a self circumcision, even though he was a 'herdsman' with no medical knowledge and god gave no reason why he had to do it. 

Unbelievably, this set-up Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the so-called 'Abrahamic religions'. If you wonder about any of this then welcome to the dumbest species of mammals anywhere in the universe :)

The British monarchy are absolute criminals for publishing a Bible just for people they kidnapped.

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