24 Mar 2024

Channel 7 Wins The Tasmanian Election


They had an election here in the last couple of weeks (yawn) and we contributed nothing. That's because Tasmania is totally corrupt (convicts) and the electoral act is applied selectively. Rockliff threw a tantrum when his image was published in the a juice media video above.

On Kerry Stokes Channel 7 Jeremy Rockliff's image was broadcast non-stop throughout the election with no complaints.

Channel 7 and the Libs are in a mutually dependent relationship and with a Tasmanian AFL team it's a conflict of interest. (convicts). Channel 7's media operations have gone feral. Look at this?

Labor leader Rebecca White pushed-out by Channel 7 on March 24.

Actually everybody else won this election not the Libs

If you want to see the 'everybody else' look at the results? So far it's 18 everybody else's against the Libs 13 minority government. So Jeremy Rockcliff would lose a no confidence vote in parliament. Hard to believe that's 'winning'?

If you want to keep-up with those last 4 seats this is the results page.

Is Channel 7 A Political Party In Tasmania?

Ex- 7 employees make-up as many members of Tasmania's parliament as the Jacquie Lambie Network. Channel 7's policy of growing AFL and farming advertisers is identical to the Liberals. The Liberal Party hide big donors so we don't know how much 7 spends on palm-greasing the Liberals. The Libs are also big advertisers on 7 so they probably don't even issue invoices.

 Upper house member for Rosevears and ex-7 reporter Jo Palmer.

New member for Bass and ex-7 reporter Rob Fairs.

Member for Windermere
and ex-7 fishing host Nick Duigan.
Kerry Stokes Channel 7 is a blatant LNP mouthpiece. That makes their reporting compromised. WA oligarchs like Stokes and Rinehart trade with Communist China while pretending to support democracy and free trade. 
Channel 7 has been enabling defamation proceedings against rival media networks. It's one way to destroy your competition but is it legal?    

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