10 Apr 2024

Tasmania - A Psuedo-Right Minority Government With Baggage

Life-long trade unionist David O'Byrne and The Jacquie Lambie Network To Sit With The Liberals

What a joke if thy sat on the cross benches?

The results are in and the automatons who ran a campaign based on a set of traffic lights are stuck on the amber light of the Jacqui Lambie Network waiting for it to go green WTF? The Liberals actually claimed traffic lights cause car accidents and they will be running transport?

Rockliff appointed Howard-era ultra-conservative Eric Abetz minister for baiting the Greens and kept quiet about the speaker. Mark Shelton will be Speaker. That means Rockliff is relying on Sheldon to cast a deciding vote. We will be watching how this dodgy government manages Tasmania in the post economic meltdown.

Why Can't They All Be Like Kristie Johnston?

"Concerningly, the JLN have given away their ability to vote on their conscience as they see fit to represent their community," Johnston said. We think she has a lot of heart and integrity. Something the Liberals  are devoid of.

There seems to be a lack of real Australians in this government. We have found the Tasmania haters are the people with no spiritual connection to this place. They want to convert Tasmania into Europe or even a desert. Anyone can arrive in post-genocide Tasmania, declare they hate the environment and get a portfolio in a Liberal government.

Spud farmer Jeremy Rockliff's ministry is made up of kennebecs and dutch creams. His cabinet reunites 2 ultra-conservative senators from the Howard government that invaded Iraq based on imaginary intelligence. War criminal John Howard thought Iraq was involved in the attack on the World Trade Center. These Howard fossils helped destabilized the entire Middle East. 

They went on to invade Afghanistan, achieving nothing yet draining the Australian economy of billions of dollars wasted on a failed religious war.

Thanks to the ABC for doing 90% of our compositing.


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