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28 May 2021

World's Largest Landmass Controlled By World's Shortest Dictator

The World's tiniest dictator 'Shorty' Vladimir Putin just blocked EU flights from landing in Moscow. He is trying to show support for fellow Communist despot 'Big Boy' Alexander Lukashenko.

We are more convinced than ever the Soviet bloc never collapsed. If you look at Little Vladimir carrying the can for psychopath dictators Lukashenko and Xi Jinping, you can see the iron curtain remains intact.

Of course Little Vladimir is a psychopath himself. With unlimited access to cold war nerve agents like Novichoc you would think he would use human growth hormone on himself so he doesn't look like an adult baby? We are interested in the effect human growth hormone would have on a 69 year old child like Little Vladimir.

For the US to get rid of Trump was a huge win for democracy and freedom on this planet. We are all working together to make the US great again now that the Communist bloc has been re-defined. Trump did nothing about China spreading COVID around the globe and that's why he stole the presidential election from himself. His bluster about 'high IQ' was all lies. People who think and act like Trump are just retarded.

Both China and Russia developed COVID vaccines quickly and it appears they had a head start because COVID was a bioweapon that dumb-ass Communists lost control of. Russia gave us Chernobyl and China gave as SARS and COVID. Isn't it time these nations were returned to agrarian-based economies and prevented from fiddling with tech outside their realm of understanding?

Why did the Maoists go to Mars? They don't know why they went because they are brainwashed automatons. We even have one in Australia's parliament.

Gladys Liu Update

We caught Ms Liu in Parliament on May 26 announcing what a great job Morrison is doing of 'securing Australia's recovery from COVID-19'. What shite? 

This was at exactly the same time as the Indian COVID strain was spreading in Melbourne due to the Federal government letting it in to the country. Morrison has 100% responsibility for our borders and they let the Indian COVID strain in. Just like they let the Ruby Princess into this country. 

We thought Ms Liu seemed happy COVID is spreading in Australia again. In December 2020 Ms Liu was promoting a communist agent who was thrown out of Australia.

How often has Beijing criticized Ms Liu for anything at all? Never.  

In our view Gladys Liu is a Communist Chinese double agent. Prove us wrong?

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