25 Mar 2021

Abetz Claims He Is 'Consistently Outspoken' On Sexual Violence. When?

We just saw a story on Eric Abetz's denial of slut shaming a parliament house rape victim.

To quote Abetz 'Sexual assault is an issue on which I've been consistently outspoken including domestic violence.'

We could not find a single media report that shows Abetz was 'outspoken' on sexual assault. On the contrary, we found articles indicating Abetz's support for alleged pedophile George Pell.

If you are reading this Eric, drop a link or two into the comments to prove you are 'outspoken on sexual assault'. What is your position on the ex-attorney general's rape allegations? Are they not identical to what Sue Hickey claims? Are you prepared to take a lie detector test to prove who is lying?

If Abetz is prepared to distort the record claiming he is some kind of advocate for sexual assault victims, then how credible is his overblown denial of slut shaming a rape victim? We believe Sue Hickey over Abetz any day of the week. 

Can Eric Arrange A Congratulatory Message From Prince Andrew? 

Above is a screengrab from Abetz's website. Abetz is peddling photos of the Queen and distributing anniversary messages from the Queen.

Can Eric arrange a message from alleged pedophile Prince Andrew as well? If Eric is such an outspoken advocate against sexual assault why isn't he arranging for the Queen to turn Prince Andrew over to the FBI?

Abetz's Bizarre Record As A Senator from Tasmania

Eric Abetz is one of 12 senators representing half a million people in Tasmania. That in itself is a joke. Just this week we read how the Chinese owners of the entire North West tip of Tasmania have driven this huge dairy property into the ground.
Abetz is a Trump supporter. Trumps psychopathic disregard for the American people during a pandemic, resulting in the death of half a million people was a catastrophe. Trumps attempt to overthrow democracy itself was criminal. Abetz's response? He failed to condemn Trump but attacked ABC Australia for their reporting of it.

This is why Abetz attacked the ABC for it's reporting of the 'Storming of the Capitol'.
Abetz was watching as Trump was wiped-out in the 2020 US election along with Craig Kelly, Alan Jones and Mark Latham. A sad day for Abetz, but his response to Trumps delusional 'stolen election' was textbook. Instead of calling-out the worst chapter of conservative-hysteria of the modern era, the deadly Trump-initiated home invasion and riot on Americas' Capitol Hill, Abetz could somehow blame ABC Australia. Just as the ex-attorney general blamed the ABC for his alleged crimes?
The fact Abetz was able to draw such a distorted and delusional connection shows the depth of his alleged mental illness. We believe Eric Abetz is mentally ill and at the very least he must take a lie detector test to clear Sue Hickey's name. The days of psychologically bashing an innocent woman are over Eric.
We ask 'how has Eric Abetz's irrational and dysfunctional philosophy helped Tasmania'?

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