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24 Feb 2016

Woolnorth Falls Into Communist Hands

Australia's treasurer Morrison has allowed the Chinese company Moon Lake to buy the VDL company 'Woolnorth'. We saw NeoCon Senator Erich Abetz hit-out at a 'bizarre almost xenophobic campaign' against the Chinese purchase. So what are Abetz's thoughts on the artificial islands in the South China Sea armed with missile bases? Not a problem eh Erich? We are used to Abetz undermining Australian sovereignty but to be promoting Maoist ownership of his own electorate is more than bizarre. It's actually 'treason'.
Communist take-over of NW Tasmania image from Woolnorth Tours
The Chinese Maoists have now got a strategic military and economic foothold in Tasmania and we have the Liberal Government to thank. Tasmania's gutless media the Examiner and Mercury blocked comments on stories about the takover.
So whats the difference between Woolnorth being in New Zealand, Australian or Chinese hands? NZ and Australia are not totalitarian states with an unsustainable population of 1.4 billion. And how can a regular Chinese citizen become a billionaire in a Maoist dictatorship unless he is also corrupt? Maybe their entire system is corrupt and if so why are they allowed to buy parts of Australia? Would we let a Mexican drug cartel buy Woolnorth and if not why not Eric Abetz, Brett Whiteley and the rest of you Liberal cash-addicts?
Next time you hear a Liberal whinging about Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea remember, the Liberals supported the Chinese buying Cubbie Station, the largest irrigated property in the Southern Hemisphere. Now they have sold the largest dairy farm in the Southern Hemisphere to China.
Liberals like Abetz are out to destroy a successful Tasmanian business Ballamy Organics who were doing well exporting infant formula to China. That was too much for Abetz who wanted to destroy another locally-owned business by allowing the Chinese to export their own milk protein from Tasmanian soil.


Matt said...

What are the laws at Woolworth about making a army and flogging people and hanging people are these laws true and if so WTF ???

Mark said...

Nah you're right, it was a far better thing that Woolnorth was sold to Jan Cameron for shutting down, as is her modus operandi resulting in hundreds of job losses and 10's of millions of lost revenue into Tasmania. Woolnorth has never in it's entire history been owned by Australia - not once - and with millions of dollars of investment being poured into this property, and Tassie workers and their families hands, a massive export market opened up for Tassie produce, a massive inroad to the Chinese tourism market and the knock on effects for other Tassie producers, I can't for the life of me understand what anyone has to complain about. Let's be honest, if Tasmania was a racehorse they'd have shot it years ago, but when anyone wants to do anything here that brings investment and jobs into the state there's this pervasive attitude that we have to stay locked up like a museum piece slowly starving to death. This type of ill informed commentary without even obviously knowing who the new owners are, their connections to Australia and their plans for Woolnorth is nothing more than racist scaremongering of the small minded.

Mark said...

Matt - wtf are you talking about? Why even say that? You do realise Tasmania is part of Australia right? Do you understand that Tasmanian and Australian laws are the only laws applicable here right? What sort of racist makes the absolutely ridiculous comment about the Chinese raising an army and flogging people at Woolnorth? Probs best to get back to the porch with the banjo mate and stay away from the internet.