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8 Mar 2021

Why Australia Is Stuck In A Sexual Exploitation Holding Pattern

Zombie Legal System

It's no surprise Australian politicians have been accused of sexual offenses when they have to swear allegiance to an English woman sheltering an alleged pedophile on the run from the FBI.

All Australian parliamentarians have to swear an oath of allegiance to the queen to sit in parliament. They are democratically elected just to swear allegiance to somebody who was never elected and whose family just happens to have a long and secret history of pedophilia. This is the zombie legal system Australia is built on.


The idiocy is compounded by Australia's dominant religion. Based on a 'creator' entity who sexually abused a young female he created. Just to drive the point home, the creator predator chose an underage female, a virgin who was also married. Incredibly, the creator predator broke his own tenth commandment 'Thou shalt not commit adultery'. This locked-in centuries of sexual abuse by the clergy that continues today..

If god created the universe why didn't he create jesus ready-made? Does he like to see females suffer in childbirth? Most Australian politicians swear their meaningless oath holding a book about a sexual predator.

masters of illusion

The Rule Of Law Is Really The Rule Of Privilege

Morrison loves talking about the fake 'rule of law' because he knows it's a license for the rich and privileged to abuse whoever and whatever they want and get away with it. There is no logic or rationality in this legacy system at any level. It's rotten from top down and it needs to be rebuilt.

While Australia's defence minister is on medical leave after mishandling a rape in her own office, the Earth's most populous superpower is plotting to annex Australia. That's how idiotic Australia's government has become.

While Australia's highest legal officer is running secret trials of honest whistleblowers, he has gone on psychological leave after being accused of rape. How can he be suppressing the truth on one hand yet ask us to believe him on the other? 

Blatant contradictions are normal in our zombie legal system because it's a game to be exploited by the wealthy and privileged. Lawyers have charged $100 a page for photocopying and they always get away with it.

Presumption of Innocence

In the case of Porter a crime is alleged to have occurred and of course he has a presumption of innocence. But so has the victim. She also has this presumption. In the balance of probability, we say she has more of a presumption of innocence because as an Australian female, shouldn't she be expected to be abused by god, the monarchy, the people who swear allegiance to the monarch and the people who uphold a fake and abusive legal system?

Right-wing Murdoch controlled hacks have called Porters rape allegation a 'trial by media'. That's not true. It's actually a trial by the victim from beyond the grave. 

She must have known Porter will never be able to prove his innocence, just as she will never be able to prove his guilt. 16 is a vulnerable age and the victim must have been really hurt. The accused minister seems destined to a life half-way between innocence and guilt.

Its Not Only Women

Here is a snapshot of the imperialist-monarchist history of WA. None of the white supremacists who put indigenous people into neck chains ever faced justice. 3rd generation Liberal politician Christian Porter's electorate is in WA.

Morrison Cannot Dump Porter

We suspect Morrison is not in a position to sack AG Porter. Firstly, he is effectively in minority government, and secondly, who would Morrison have gone to for legal advice during his term as PM? That means Porter knows where the skeletons are buried and for someone a devious as Morrison, there are a lot of them. 

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