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10 Apr 2021

Tasmania Has A Shortage Of Housing Supplies. Really?


According to vested interests Bryan Hayes and Nick Steel of the Tasmanian Forest Products Association, Tasmania has a 'housing crisis and a shortage of building materials'.

So how did a once forested island run out of timber for building materials? This is the reason. Tasmanian forests, both plantation and native are shipped to Asia as logs and wood chips in massive quantities. The main buyer is Communist China and the trade is propped-up by professional liars and spin doctors. Often the exploitation of Tasmania is done by foreign companies like Forico, the one Bryan works for.  

Look at the image above of Burnie Port. No wonder Tasmanian builders can't get lumber when they have to compete with 1.44 billion Communist Chinese.

The situation is identical to the lobster shortage in Tasmania when all the product was flown to Communist China.

The Tasmanian logging industry is rewarding Communist China for human rights abuses and for crippling the global economy with COVID-19.

Rather than being drip-fed cash from Communist China why not use woodchips and Savage River magnetite to leverage the Communists into equitable trading arrangements with Australia?


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