11 Feb 2020

Another Koala Massacre FSC Certified By Global-Mark Australia

At the beginning of 2020 whistle-blowers reported a 'koala massacre' of hundreds of koala bears had occurred 12 kms South-West of the Victorian town of Portland. The koalas were killed harvesting the bluegum plantation they were feeding in.

The last koala bear massacre we covered was in 2013.
That massacre was carried-out by Australian Bluegum Plantations and forced the board chairman of FSC Australia to step down.

FSC Has Learned Nothing in 7 Years
This massacre was carried-out by South West Fibre a joint operation of Midway and Mitsui. Both Midway and Mitsui are FSC certified and their logging operation has FSC Controlled Wood and Chain of Custody from fraudulent certification company Global-Mark.

So a company with FSC certification from Global-Mark has killed and injured hundreds of koala bears AT THE SAME TIME as thousands of koalas are burned to death in devastating bush fires in Eastern Australia? How did this happen?

The Re-Appearance of Forester Wayne Tibbits
When we looked at South West Fibre's certification a familiar name came-up - Wayne Tibbits. It was Tibbits who issued the public notification letter for South West Fibre in 2017. 

Tibbits has a long history in the modified eucalytpus plantation industry. In 2018 Tibbits issued FSC certification for a company that legally didn't exist. We asked Tibbits a number of key questions relating to the genetic modification of eucalyptus trees. 
Tibitts was too scared to answer a single question. Inside Tasmania was not surprised by the involvement of Tibbits and Global-Mark founder Herve Michoux in this koala bear massacre. In our view these people are corrupt and are destroying the credibility of the entire timber industry in Australia. Global-Mark should be shut-down by the ACCC.

Why FSC Is A Fraud
In 2015 we asked the question 'can koala bears become addicted to clonal eucalyptus leaves'?
Nobody at FSC or Global-Mark ever answered that question either. They have never answered a single question, yet claim to accept 'stakeholder input'. Global-Mark are actually 'white collar criminals' which means FSC are complicit.

The roots of the problem lie in the fake forestry degrees that enable membership to the Institute of Foresters of Australia. As much as the coal industry, the Foresters are pushing Australia to catastrophic climate change and eco-system collapse. They are essentially an organized crime cartel helping themselves to Aboriginal forests. The IFA oversee the mass shipment of Australian native forests as woodchips to only 3 Asian countries. The IFA call tree crops 'forests'.

The fake foresters at FSC have declared that a plantation, any plantation is a forest that they can certify. This is a total lie because it means they can certify palm oil plantations in Sarawak and West Papua that were converted from jungle by force. A plantation is a 'crop' nothing more or less. It does not have the genetic diversity to be anything like a 'forest' but the industry-driven FSC system want the public to think tree plantations are forests. For FSC it's all about money. FSC member companies are so corrupt they claim they are storing carbon by felling trees.

Why Do Koalas Get Killed In Bluegum Plantations?
Bluegums are one of koalas favorite foods and when you have an entire crop of them, often surrounded by farmland the koalas can't leave. These are not 'natural' bluegums but highly-modified fast-growing pulpwood bluegums. Only genetic engineers like Wayne Tibbits know exactly how the trees were modified.

Maybe they are 'polyploidy', they are most likely clonal and they are also sterile meaning they never flower. FSC Australia has never explained why it certifies plantations that never flower. It has been surmised these engineered 'traits' together act as a drug to koala bears. This really is an FSC-orchestrated tragedy and it definitely will happen again.

Swift Parrots
Another species that prefer flowering bluegums is the critically endangered swift parrot. With hundreds of thousands of hectares of bluegum plantations, the parrots are starving to death because the FSC bluegums are sterile. No wonder these eco-criminals are too scared to even talk about it?
How can FSC wipe-out entire species while claiming to be protecting them?