7 Feb 2020

Can Corona Virus Save Our Forests Like It's Saving Our Fishery?

At the moment Tasmanians can buy local rock lobsters. Usually they are flown straight to China. But we can't afford to pay what the communist swarms pay. So the fishing boats don't go out and the fishery gets a much needed rest.

Image by freakwave

Just having Chinese woodchip ships enter our ports is now a biosecurity risk. Of course the eco-psychopaths running this industry will find a way around that. But what if the market declines permanently? The Chinese commodities market has been operating on a planet-wrecking scale for decades and it's destroyed a lot of Australia's forests, biodiversity and water security.

The Maoist dictators don't care about Australia and neither do the Liberal maggots selling Australia to the highest bidder. 'Commie cash' has kept corrupt Morrison in power but there are fundamental contradictions to his corporate pychopathy. Such as bashing unions while dining-out on Maoist cash.

The Game Of Life 
Anyone who has played Conway's The Game of Life involving cellular automata will be aware that cells live or die depending on both underpopulation and overpopulation. Because the 2 mega-population nations of China and India have urbanised and are essentially hostile to the natural world, they are extremely vulnerable to pandemics. They are also vulnerable to incompetent bio-engineering and gene-editing experiments like the failed 'HIV-resistant twins'.

A Biological Race With The Devil
Corona virus was not the first and it won't be the last viral pandemic to hit China. The questions we are asking are will Tasmania's forests and Australia's biodiversity survive the Asian population catastrophe?
Will any of us survive it? Will we be able to survive human population induced climate change or will we be destroyed like our forests, waterways, flora and fauna?

We Will Survive
Australians are fighting back against climate change and the Asian population catastrophes. Why should we die just to make room for mindless, programmed totalitarians or backward, uneducated Indians who are currently raping a women every 15 minutes?
Both these countries have over 1.3 billion people each which is beyond the carrying capacity of our planet. They need to have their populations reduced somehow. None of our politicians will ever say what you are reading now. It's up to us to realize our biological systems are more powerful than all of Scott Morrisons stolen money, all of Xi Jinpings brainwashed armies and all of India's bureaucratic rat warrens.  

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