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16 Jan 2019

2019 - A Year Of Chaos

2019 started amid global chaos caused by the bankrupt, hapless and inept elected governments of the World. It looks more and more like democracy doesn't work but hasn't that already been predicted? Here are some issues we thought worth covering.

The real reason a Saudi teen fleeing a brutal theocratic dictatorship was accepted by Canada and not Australia - Liberal arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

There is no way the allegedly 'psychopathic' LNP Australian government was going to jeopardise billion$ in arms sales to the brutal hereditary dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.

Alleged sociopath and overzealous arms dealer Christoper Pyne knows the Saudis can only comprehend tit for tat relationships. Look at how 'prince' Bin Salman ordered a journalist be hacked to death just for criticizing their sick regime? And yet Aussie PM Scott Morrison (who self-identifies as 'Christian') and Christopher Pyne were forced to uphold this extreme Sunni death cult.   

IT covered the arms sales previously and asked why Christopher Pyne, a man who voted to disarm his own country after the Port Arthur Massacre was now selling arms to a bunch of medieval terrorists who still believe in stoning people to death? Remember, 15 of the 19 September 11 terrorists were citizens of Saudi Arabia? So 78% of the 9-11 terrorists were Saudis.
We regard Liberals like Christopher Pyne and Scott Morrison as morally and ethically bankrupt. So please don't vote for them.
Which reminds us. We never did find out who allegedly hacked Pyne's Twitter account and 'liked' a gay porn site. What sort of somnambulistic, basket weaving nation sees a defense minister's computer hacked and is too lazy to hold an investigation.

US Debt Ceiling leads to government shutdown and BigMacs at the White House
The US shutdown is being presented as a conflict over funding for Trump's Mexican border wall but it's actually about crippling debt.

In decades past, economists developed the 'debt is good' idea as well as the 'good debt, bad debt' concept. They didn't imagine that by 2019 US politicians would be using the debt ceiling as a blunt instrument to batter each other over the head with. This one has a way to go before it plays out until the next big shutdown. US government debt is currently close to $22 trillion, a figure nobody in Australia can even comprehend.

Britain's Brexit Blundering
After years of anguish over leaving or staying in the EU it's now close to the March 29 date when the Poms are supposed to leave.
The whole debacle has been a psychological pantomime of self-entitled colonial thieves trying to cover the variables and come out ahead. The Brits looted and raped half the known world and now they appear to be reaping what they have sown.
I am writing this in the full knowledge that it's in the English language, an historic amalgam of mostly invasions long past.

The worse thing about the Poms is their belief in bureaucracy and class. Their idea of Brexit reminds me of a divorce where one partner expects the other to continue with the cooking and cleaning. In Tasmania the Poms exterminated the Aborigines which attracted fascists from Germany and South Africa to live here. The Poms called the landscape 'Crown Land' - what an insult to intelligent people everywhere? I do not accept the royal family as owning this land - it's a brutal lie.

But I'm ending on a positive note. Theresa May's dancing - Hard House remix

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