30 Dec 2018

Psychopath Of The Year Award For 2018

This year we decided to have a 'Psychopath of the Year Award'. Choosing a worthy winner was harder than we thought. With totalitarian dictatorships in China and probably India, the 2 Asian population monsters are well on the way to destroying life on Earth. But who is even noticing? Certainly not the hopelessly corrupt and compromised 'Western' leaders.

The profoundly arrogant Saudi prince Bin Salman was considered after the dismembering of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but we see Bin Salman as just a festering sore on the putrid fundamentalist ulcer that is Saudi Arabia. The world can live without religious nutjobs but it will not happen in our lifetimes.

But right behind Bin Salman and refusing to condemn him was fellow sword dancer Donald Trump. Apparently Trump ticks all the boxes on most psychopath personality tests. With his self-centered and dysfunctional performance as 'leader of the free world' we can see why. Here we have a criminal president, bribed by the National Rifle Association to wage war on the children of his own country. The very people he stood to represent. Even worse, Trump is actively destroying the climate of this planet so the children of the US will live their lives in a climatic nightmare. In solidarity with the school children of the United States we are proud to announce President Donald Trump is the Inside Tasmania Psychopath Of The Year for 2018.

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