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5 Jun 2017

Why Are Turnbull's Liberals Arming Muslims?

It's not only Trump arming the Islamic theocracy of Saudi Arabia, Australia is doing it as well. 'Defence has approved four military exports to the kingdom in the past year and the Australian government has led the push for more.'

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne meets with Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah al-Saud in Riyadh in December 2016.

Saudi Arabia are not terrorists I hear you say, but they are a brutal hereditary dictatorship that oppresses all women and practices Sharia Law including beheadings and stonings. So what's the difference between Islamic State and the Islamic State of Saudi Arabia? IS or ISIL is just the militant form of extreme Saudi Wahhabism. Saudi law requires all citizens must be Muslims. Any non-Muslim attempting to acquire Saudi nationality must convert to Islam.

All Muslims are required to make a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia at least once in their lives, in a country that stones people to death? If stoning is terrorism then there are no 'moderate' Muslims. They are all 'terrorists'.

Interestingly, Pyne was part of the 1996 Howard government that disarmed Australians after the Port Arthur Massacre. So his career has covered disarming his own country while arming an extreme religious sect who enforce a system that is incompatible with modern values and civilisation itself. Yet Trump, Turnbull and Pyne claim to be conservatives?

What were the Saudis doing during the rise of Islamic State? The were bombing Yemen, an insignificant backwater in the grip of a famine, just because they follow a rival thread of Islam.
So what good is it for Australia to be arming Muslims? We had a half a trillion dollar government debt before we started pandering to Islam and it's just gotten bigger so wipe that idiotic idea. Australians can make money in more creative ways but it seems our government is not on our side.

Inside Tasmania wants to alert Australians about the blatant contradictions being pushed by Australian politicians. It's getting worse and the media is not up to the task of bringing the idiots to account. And that's the crux of the problem. Elections consistently select average people to power who then undermine the national security of the countries they loudly claim to represent.

Before moving on to other things, take 30 seconds to consider the image below. Ask yourself 'do the Australian Liberal Party represent your moral values?'

Imbecile President Trump used the June 4 terror attack in London to criticise London lord mayor Khan. But hasn't Trump just signed the biggest arms deal in the history of the planet with a brutal regime that stones people to death? And doesn't Trump own hotel interests in Saudi Arabia?
Looks like the psychopaths are in power and Americans are too dumbed-down to follow the narrative.
Are all Muslims terrorists?
If you regard the stoning to death of woman as an act of terrorism then all Muslims are terrorists. Rajm is part of their belief system. It Muslims think Rajm is not part of their cult then the onus is on Muslims to get rid of it from their Sharia Law before polluting other parts of the planet with a sub-human, Neanderthal belief system.

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