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24 Jan 2019

Fossil Fuel Exports Must Be Included In National CO2 Emissions

The Game Of Hiding The Sources Of CO2 Emissions Is Over

There has been a cynical shell game obscuring the fact fossil fuels are not included in the CO2 emissions of source nations but are included in the CO2 emissions of importing nations. This is the mindless localization of the global climate catastrophe.

Coal exported by Australia has never been included in our total CO2 emissions. But why hasn't it? Coal is exported solely to be burnt. Where it is burnt is insignificant. That's exactly the same as criminalizing drug addicts while totally ignoring drug dealers.

Climate Criminal Australia

We have known for decades we are near or at the top of per capita CO2 emission figures.

Looking at the coal export graph for 2017 Indonesia and Australia are in a class of their own. But on the CO2 emissions per capita for the same year, Indonesia doesn't even appear. This shows Australia is responsible for causing more climate change than anyone else on the planet. It also shows that one of biggest sources of atmospheric CO2 is Australia.


Woodchips Are a Major Source of CO2 Emissions

The woodchip industry in Tasmania and Southern Australia is run by the pseudo-academic Institute of Foresters Australia.

They claim woodchips store carbon which is a lie. For example, does toilet paper and packaging last for a century? Of course not. These products last for months or just weeks. That's why there is no carbon auditing done on woodchips and why Australia escapes blame for cutting-down forests to supply countries that are breeding themselves to annihilation.

Not only don't woodchips store carbon but the oxygen produced by trees is also lost. The Institute of Foresters claim dead trees will be replaced eventually, but why are we seeing complete ecological collapse driven by climate change if this is true? It's another corporate lie. They are cutting forests faster than they are growing.

If you include total land clearing, it would be interesting to know if Australia or Indonesia is doing the most damage to the future of the planet. Lets lay the blame where it belongs?

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