12 Jun 2024

Republican says Jesus committed the same crimes as Trump

With people as unhinged as Trump, barely a day goes by without a brand-new stuff-up. Now Republicans want to start worshiping him.

Trump actually killed close to a million Americans in his first term by regarding COVID as a minor illness. Today the Republican (slavery) party has based a messianic cult on him.  According to Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jesus had the same criminal record as Trump.

Every Republican (slavery party) voter knows Jesus paid-off porn stars and distorted his assets.

The 'rigged trial'

Being found guilty of falsifying records to hide payments to a porn star he didn't have sex with is clearly 'election interference'. What else could it be? Why can't Trump make secret payments to a porn star without everyone knowing? These payments helped make America great again before Trump lost the next election. 


Stormy and Melania 

Stormy advised Melania to leave Trump due to his criminal record. We don't think that's possible. Think about the theory that Melania is a Kremlin asset who works for Putin? She is not going to leave Donald because Putin will poison her with novichok. In or out of the White House Putin could destroy her if she leaves Trump. Donald is more valuable to Putin than Melania.


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