4 Jun 2024

Tasmanian Minority Government Faces Colonial Paradigm Shift

How the minority government handle situations like Jim Everett-puralia meenamatta telling the World he doesn't recognise the colonialist regime in Tasmania will be interesting.

screengrab from ABC

Tasmanian Aboriginals have many reasons not to recognise the corrupt, slave-trading British monarchy who dumped 85,000 convicts onto their island. Then the corrupt slave trading monarchists started ethnically cleansing the indigenous people for purely commercial reasons. Britain deserves every bit of misery it's experiencing today. They are a nation of liars with a shocking history of cruelty.

Current Premier Rockliff and his predecessors studiously avoided an apology for the genocide their imperialist government wreaked on Tasmania. Past Premier Lennon apologised for the 'stolen generation' but not the genocide.

The Tasmanian Aboriginals now have many new friends who have never been part of the colonial regime. Some came to Tasmanian knowing there had been a genocide here and seeking permission from the indigenous owners to live here.

What has the colonial regime created by wrecking Tasmania's ecology? Not much. A minority government clutching at the memory of centuries of corruption.

Why Is Jeremy Rockliff Dumbing-Down Tasmania?

Foreign companies get the red carpet treatment while Tasmanians die in our dysfunctional 'health' system. Populist Premier Rockcliff wastes his days promoting football and alcohol and hasn't realised emergency departments are full of injured drunks and footballers. Where was Jeremy when everybody else learned alcohol is carcinogenic and causes brain atrophy?

The Monarchy

Nobody can prove King Charles really is a 'king'. Why is his DNA different to Richard III? Why is Camilla 'queen' when she effectively disposed of Diana Spencer? Why is Charles running a fake religion that sexually abuses children and used slave labour? The hapless Tasmanian government is left pushing state-sponsored brainwashing and using football and alcohol as cover.

We can make Tasmania a good place for the first time in it's modern history. People don't want to be at war with nature and they don't need a government tying to bury them in lies and a distorted reality based on delusions.

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