20 Jun 2024

Tax-free religion has crippled our economy. Their wars will complete the job

People are in denial about what really caused the Israel-Palestine conflict. It's another 'dogma war'

Did you know religion is 100% tax-deductible in democratic countries but science is not? Peddling an iron age 'faith' and you live tax free. It explains so many small churches pushing the same lies and all living off the exploited taxpayer.

It explains why religious salesman Scott Morrison attacked the unemployed while protecting the revenue stream of multi-millionaire pedophile cults. Cults like the Anglican Church who were forced to sell most of their churches to compensate their victims. Most of their victims were children.

'spiritual beliefs' that are supposed to be helping humanity

The current Middle East crisis is caused 100% by religion, yet in Australia both sides of the conflict are tax-free. No wonder Anthony Albanese looks uncomfortable? Populism means more votes but the votes come from increasingly brainwashed nutters who are undermining our economy.

Lets look at the intellectual basis of the Middle East conflict for a moment? One side is an abusive, threatening teaching where just questioning it's validity could end in your death. The other side is an Neanderthal dogma where an imaginary god creates humans in his image, thus proving god is un-circumcised. This fake god then orders humans to circumcise babies. The fact Judaism is unable to explain this contradiction reveals how primitive they are. Judaism is just as corrupt as I$lam.

Corrupt mullahs decide to hold the Hajj on the Summer Solstice, the longest and hottest day of the year. Christianity had already grabbed the Winter Solstice for their big day of delusion. 'Each person wears a single piece of unstitched white clothing, walks counter-clockwise seven times around the Kaaba (a cube-shaped building and the direction of prayer for Muslims), kisses the black stone mounted on the corner wall of Kaaba, walks briskly back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah seven times, then drinks from the Zamzam Well, goes to the plains of Mount Arafat' etc,etc.

So what caused these deaths? god, climate change, the Saudi oil industry, the timing of the Hajj or just brainwashing? The Saudis don't even need to hold an inquest.

The Rise of Theocracies

Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Israel, the UK, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc, etc.  This is worrying. The theocracies deny science but can't wait to use the inventions of science like nuclear weapons to destroy each other. Nobody questions it and Albo mindlessly keeps funding all of them because a church that is also a state is tax exempt in Australia.

Britain Is a Theocracy

The same guy is head of state and head of the state church in Great Britain. So it's impossible for the UK to present an example to any of the other '3rd World' theocracies is it?

Why this makes sense for Tasmania

The Jewish Bible condones slavery because god accepted slaves as long as they were circumcised. The British monarchy copy and pasted this Jewish lie into the Anglican Church dogma and then used slave traders to ship convict slaves to Tasmania. All OK because it's in the Bible. So was the Tasmanian genocide because god made Jews in his image therefore white or coffee-colored people can kill and abuse everything and everybody else. 

Religion is criminal and evil and you are funding it. Congratulations.

What needs to happen next

Any religion that is also a country cannot have tax-free charity status in Australia. Why must the hard working Australian taxpayer fund foreign countries that mean nothing to Australia and have zero interest in Australia? 

Countries like Saudi Arabia and Israel. Why do we fund them? In our view their religions are a huge invention and an outright scam. Prove your gods even exist and prove it beyond reasonable doubt. Also 99% of religious charities are duplicates of each other and only work to partially fix problems they create. Problems like alcoholism and homelessness that they create by using alcohol as a sacrament. I$lam even condones the use of narcotics and dopey Australians make them a tax-exempt charity?

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