9 May 2024

As Australian As A Totalitarian EV

While war drags on in Ukraine and Palestine, fat dictator Xi Jinping is parading around far-right Eastern European countries pretending Communism is a functioning system for his 1.4 billion serfs. Xi flies the globe in a capitalist Boeing 747 because any airliner built by China would be a death trap. Even Xi would not be stupid enough to fly on it.

If North Korea made EV's Australia's corrupt media would advertise them. Our media specialize in propping-up a dictators. All the media companies are helping China dump cheap cars in Australia as if they are legitimate products. They are not.

MG's are a Chinese brand

To learn more about Chinese cars check this video. 🠉 🠉 🠉  In an accident the air bags fail, the batteries catch fire and the victims are trapped inside by the central locking. Way to go Aussies! If you need spare parts forget it. Just buy another one.

Look at the hypocrite Australian media that advertises this stuff?








Peter Costello's 9 network constantly takes communist cash to advertise TEMU garbage while warning us of the Chinese threat. Australian media oligarchs get their brains from Temu.

The Great Wall ute screengrab is from news.com part of the Murdoch empire who also push communism. The Murdoch cartel crippled Australia's economy for centuries by denying climate change up to the point it became catastrophic. Their Fox Corp new boy Tony Abbott still denies climate change. The Murdochs should be in prison for crimes against humanity. Sky News is hate speech media. No wonder Abbott is on the board?

China is the World's biggest greenhouse gas emitter so don't believe their EV hype. Dictator Xi Jinping doesn't care about destroying the Earths climate to keep his 1.4 billion serfs living in digital delusion.

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