14 May 2024

What's Wrong With The Australian Federal Police?

Non-AFP Executive Summary.

Australian taxes support Ukraine's defense against the invasion by Russian dictator Putin who has a 'no limits' partnership with his closest ally China.

Now we find the AFP has a partnership with the Communist Chinese secret police. That means the AFP have forced the Australian taxpayer to fund both sides of a war that will decide the future of democracy on this planet for decades. Our constitution does not give the AFP contradictory powers. Why are they supporting a criminal regime while pretending to be crime fighters?

Looking back at the cartoonish way the AFP handled the 'Parliament House Rape Case', it's obvious they are clueless. They are helping Xi Jinping's thugs kidnap Australians and drag them back to Communist concentration camps probably to be tortured. How is that in Australia's interest? Why is the Aussie taxpayer funding this global dictatorship scam?

Reality check for the Australian Federal Police: China and North Korea are the same overlapping dictatorship. The AFP have no right to fraudulently steal Australian taxes to prop-up criminals carrying-out massive computer hacking operations in Australia. If the Australian Federal Police is an ally of Communist China why don't they live there?  

Remember how the Australian Tax Office ignores religious scams selling tax-exempt breakfast cereal to China, and you realize we have a trillion dollar debt because we are a nation of imbeciles. Don't ever talk about high interest rates or our trillion dollar national debt because 'public servants' created it.

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