21 Apr 2024

Humanity Has Moved Past The Faked Abrahamic Religions

The 'Abrahamic religions' are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They share the ancient patriarch Abraham and other similarities. Genesis in the Hebrew Bible is the foundation of these ideologies but fails 21st century fact checking. Genesis was written by primitive tribesmen with no knowledge of science, while trying to make sense of an infinite universe.

Why Genesis is a car wreck

Early in the 'creating the universe in a week' myth, God makes males and females look like him-herself.

Let's look at the fabrications?

God makes woman in his own image although 'he' is never depicted as androgynous in any Abrahamic religion. Is God a dual sex entity or not? Can God 'self-fertilize'? If God is androgynous why did he conceive a 'son' with a human partner who was someone else's wife? ('he' broke most of his own commandments doing so)

God put humans in a management role of all other living things on Earth and told humans to 'subdue' them. This is so self-serving it could only have been written by a human not a god. 

Today it's accepted that thousands of other organisms like bacteria and viruses share the human body, but the stone age writers of Genesis didn't know that. The 'subdue everything' clause has caused the destruction of biological diversity and degraded all aspects of life on Earth including the climate. What an 'own goal' for brain-washing?

God creates man in his own image but God doesn't have a foreskin and man does. A few centuries later God realizes he bungled the 'own image' project and orders a 99 year old Abraham to self-circumcise. God is forced to do a penis recall but for reasons unknown can't circumcise retrospectively. He imposes a DIY operation on herdsmen and shepherds and claims to be having a relationship with them via their penises.

The 'creator' of an infinite number of galaxies centered around massive black holes slips-up on foreskins and has to get the repairs done outside of warranty. This makes as much sense as all the other junk science in the Abrahamic religions.

God only 'appears' to herdman like Abraham while they are alone to ensure the entire scam remains unsubstantiated.

Because of Genesis, 'God' crippled human existence for eons by only revealing what was already known by the primitive people who wrote it. Look how the Abrahamic religions are slaughtering each other all over the World today and ask yourself 'would we be better off without them'? Imagine if we took Inca and Mayan human sacrifices seriously in 2024? Sadly the Abrahamic religions were carrying-out human sacrifices to god. 

Modern man could be looking at other cultures like the Australian Aborigines for inspiration.

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