12 Mar 2024

Putin's Puppet

Trump owned by a mass murderer who has evidence that would destroy Trump

'Big Butt' Viktor Orban Gives The US A Policy Update

According to 'Big Butt' Orban Trump will not give a penny to Ukraine. Trump and Orban are Putin allies and Trump is a controlled KGB asset.

Interesting what Orban didn't say after visiting Mar-a-Lago. Like the fact Russia's next election will be a dwarf mass murderer standing against an empty space of dead opposition leaders? What's breath-taking here is that Trump and Orban both think that slaughtering your opponents is routine and acceptable. This is the danger of networked psychopaths - they normalize the most barbaric behavior. We can't wait for Belorussian psycho Alexander Lukashenko to get a Mar-a-Lago invite.

And what of the rest of Russia? They got into space first and are not so stupid they didn't notice their entire opposition fell out of windows. Unbelievable that Orban and Trump have no issue with eliminating opposition candidates?

Pope Francis head of the Catholic pedophile cult, has called on Ukraine to surrender to Russia so that a mass murderer can escape the law and get re-elected in his clown election. Putin was found guilty of war crimes yet this corrupt Pope thinks mass murder is acceptable? The criminal Catholic Church supported fascism in WW2 and now the rotund Argentinian thinks they will do it again.

This evil Pope spent decades covering-up child sexual abuse.


The Alliance Of Corrupt Dictatorships

Just looked at the dictators that congratulated Putin on 'winning" a sham election by removing HIS ENTIRE OPPOSITION. 

Xi Jinping of course, the dirty snake of Communist China and Norendra Modi the current Indian dictator. Do they kill their opponents as well? Probably.

get a backbone you sycophant, corrupt morons!

We hold all Indians responsible for their corrupt, opportunistic prime minister 

Name One Software Product Made In India?

India is over-hyped in our opinion. Their population is an unsustainable catastrophe yet Indians dominate the global IT industry as they exploit Western democracies. Indians are at the apex of the biggest software companies yet tolerate a domestic dictator who mindlessly supports war criminals. Do they need to kill Ukrainians to help India survive? 

These IT leaders are all pushing AI as if we need machines to tell us humans are stupid and corrupt. Indian nationals are mainly information aggregators and historically have not produced anything to advance the human race. We predict they mostly advance Indian interests....

...Indian interests like the oppression of women, rape, blind allegiance to brutal and murderous dictators such as Putin, normalized corruption like Adani and the promotion of unsubstantiated belief systems.

After failing to clean-up their own back yard, they appear in management roles in US computer companies and political parties.

We are not racist one bit and have roots that go back to the subcontinent. We also have friends from India. As humanists we say 'fix India first then try to fix the World'. We predict they will fail to fix India, preferring to attack anybody who says India needs fixing. They will also use their positions to suppress the truth about India.

Calling all Indian nationals. If you don't agree with the above drop a comment below. Because nobody has the guts to disagree with us we believe we onto the truth. 👍

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