19 Dec 2023

We Have Had Almost 5 Years Of The Alleged Parliament House Rape Fiasco

Is it a surprise that almost 5 years after an alleged rape in Parliament House Canberra, Australian taxpayers are again ordered to remain silent or be charged with contempt? Again free speech is deemed worse than the alleged crime.

Reality Check. Australian taxpayers own parliament House and the main players were 'public servants' at some point in this charade. What value for money did Australian taxpayers get from these public servants? What value do we get from a corrupt legal system that protects predators yet punishes the innocent?











Two Australian Prime Ministers got involved. One apologized for what we all thought was a rape. Another paid the alleged victim $2.3million of our money as compensation for what we have to assume was a rape.

Why were these PM's not charged with perverting the course of justice? Instead hapless social media users are hunted-down by a bizarre legal system that's based on a hereditary monarch living in a foreign country.

Remember these public servants were responsible for the defense of our country in dangerous times? Instead we got a soap opera of idiocy from a corrupt bureaucracy and the ACT legal establishment. We've lost count of how many reputations were trashed and how many loop holes exist in the alleged ACT 'justice system' We maintain Canberra doesn't have a justice system it has a crime system.

Incredibly a major media outlet is allegedly funding this attack on one of it's competition. How does that even make sense? Why don't the privileged lawyers hunt them down for turning the court into an ATM? We saw expensive lawyers trying to trick a  journalist into saying she 'coached' a rape victim?

Few woman invent a rape and need to be coached about it. This case has already destroyed the credibility of the ACT legal system. It's about time Australians were allowed to comment about this 'crime' in our building by our servants or is Australia already a totalitarian state?

BTW. We are sick and tired of using the word 'alleged'.

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