23 Dec 2023

The United Nations Is Humanity's Biggest Failure

 Israel Is A Terrorist State

he UN is a farce and a failure with just one vote in the Security Council enough to 'veto' or cripple the will of the whole World. This scam is identical to the ACT criminal justice system with it's unanimous jury decision that lets rapists straight back out onto the streets. Just one juror is enough to abort a case and the corrupt system always manage to find one corrupt juror.

The current 'Palestinian Holocaust'* in Gaza was set-up by the United Nations who parachuted a Jewish theocracy into somebody else's country in 1947. This was always opposed by Palestine and the face of the opposition today is Hamas, not the children of Gaza. The UN enabled this Palestinian Holocaust. At the end of the day all religions are unsubstantiated delusions based on lies. If Judaism was a peace-based faith why are they forced to use extreme violence and genocide to defend their existence?

Apparently only Western countries are even seeing the dead and injured babies and children in Gaza. Israel blocks news of their war crimes domestically. A nation of brainwashed zombies.  

A week ago at the UN General Assembly passed a meaningless resolution for a humanitarian ceasefire. The US voted against it preferring to keep slaughtering children in Gaza for religious reasons. That has left the US isolated and further disconnected from the international community.


* We are possibly the first media to use the term 'Palestinian Holocaust'. Other media refer to a 'genocide' in Palestine. The two terms are interchangeable. We are familiar with 'genocide' here in Tasmania and know exactly how a genocide is sanitized by war criminals.

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