29 May 2023

Have The AFP Painted Themselves Into A Corner?

How bizarre of the Australian Federal Police to be investigating Price Waterhouse Coopers, while employing Price Waterhouse Coopers to investigate the AFP? They should call it 'Operation Ouroboros' (the snake eating it's own tail). No wonder the AFP thought an alleged rape inside Parliament House should not go to court or why so few rapes in the ACT ever see justice?

Remember The Chaser? Still Chasing by the look of it. Regarding the alleged rape in the Defense Ministry of Parliament House, why did the AFP accept the Morrison government covered-up the alleged rape for years? Why wasn't Morrison questioned as to why he publicly apologized to Brittany Higgins? What did the AFP think Morrison apologized for?  

The AFP and Ben Roberts-Smith

The AFP were investigating war crimes in Afghanistan a few years ago. We have a question for the AFP. 'Was the war in Afghanistan a war between two fraudulent religious texts or not'? The answer to this question points to the brainfog the AFP has to operate in. 

History says Australia got embroiled in a religious war initiated by John Howard. The entire war was a war crime because it was defined by religion. How can you win a theological war with weapons? Isn't that exactly what Al Qaeda and the terrorists were doing? Afghanistan proves how retarded John Howard was. 

Policing is not the same as politicking, even if you are paid by politicians. If it's a corrupt system and you are the police force then maybe you need to reinvent yourself. Policing John Howards primitive religious dogmas is way off side for the AFP. Just do your job and keep Australia's borders and streets safe.

Australia needs a functioning and coherent AFP not a bunch of people who can't tell the difference between illusion and reality.

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