7 Jun 2023

The US Second Amendment Is Total Garbage

In the US, mass shooting events are spawned by the 1791 Second Amendment. This ancient amendment to an ancient constitution is now meaningless because of flaws and contradictions.

This is what the amendment says. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed".

2nd Amendment walkthru

Most mass shooting in the US are carried-out by individuals, not by militia. 'A well regulated militia' does not exist in the US because they were replaced by the national armed forces and agencies like the FBI and CIA.

There are no 'free states' in the US because it's a nation composed of states that abide by Federal Laws.

'The right of people to keep and bear arms' is meaningless because 'arms' have not been defined. Are they talking about firearms, nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, conventional weapons, bombs or just the 2 appendages that hang down from your shoulders? 

The word 'bear' implies arms that can be carried but inexplicably only firearms are now considered. Why have they ignored all other arms? The moldy paperwork also says people can 'keep' arms which could mean arms of any size like aircraft carriers, jet-fighters or intercontinental ballistic missiles. The eggheads running the US legal system are guilty of massive selective interpretation. The 1700's old timers didn't define anything because it didn't exist. Now it does.

Therefore, the US right to bear arms is total, absolute, unequivocal bullsh1t and it proves how stupid the country is. They became a superpower by accident and now they are losing that status because they are so stupid. Why does it take people on the other side of the Earth to tell them how stupid they are and how they lost something that could have been great for civilization?

Go and arm bears but the fact is the Communists are consuming you with their methodical and robotic march to World domination.

The so-called 'free world' wants to stay free but to do that we have to reform the US constitution because Americans have convinced themselves a moldy piece of paper is more important than their own children. 

A 2/3 majority to change the constitution.

Constitutions try to lock themselves in by requiring a greater than half majority to alter the original document. Eventually this becomes almost impossible due to the adversarial nature of party politics.

The outcome is primitive constitutions are holding-back the evolution of human society. If lawyers appeared earlier in the historic record we would still be in the stone age.

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