24 Sept 2022

What Is Waleed Aly's Position On The Morality Police?

In 2022 the World is going right back to the Dark Ages. Time for the push-back. Why is Waleed Aly still on the Project? It's not 'diversity' but 'stupidity'.

This is definitely not religious discrimination but a call for rational thinking. Did the prophet really have a book recited to him by angels when in a cave, or was he hallucinating after fasting or consuming toxic substances? Where is the proof he was not hallucinating? And why are females now being killed because of what they wear by followers of this delusional cult?

We have contacted Waleed in the past asking him if he supports Apostasy and Blasphemy, the lightening rods of an irrational belief. Of course, no answer but we tried.  

At the moment the Iranian 'Morality Police are beating-up and killing females for not wearing head scarves approved by their insane and violent cult. Has Waleed condemned human rights abuses in Iran on the Project?







Australia is a majority non-religious country, yet Waleed defended a politician preaching 'don't trust the government' in a Penetecostal church. Isn't that the same as Waleed telling viewers 'don't trust The Project'?

We refuse to watch the Project because of Waleed. Did Aly condemn the stabbing of Salman Rushdie by an insane fundamentalist? If you did see Waleed do that on the Project please drop it in the comments below.

We acknowledge Iran is a Shia theocracy and we agree 100% it is a dictatorship of ignorance and stupidity and that Waleed is a Sunni but they follow the same book and we know that none of it is scientifically verifiable or substantiated. So who really cares what the difference between Sunni and Shia is? Neither are science based and all of it is blatantly abusive. The fact Australia is importing this garbage is a disgrace. It's not 'tolerance' to import 'non-tolerance'.

Waleed has a law degree and a chemical engineering degree so would he accept evidence in a murder trial based on somebody's 'belief'? This is exactly what the evil dictatorship in Iran is asking the World to accept. If Waleed was diagnosed with cancer would he see a doctor or an Iman? That's a new question we are asking Waleed Aly as well as our two original questions. They were 'do you believe in apostasy and blasphemy'?

As long as Waleed hasn't got the guts to answer three simple questions publicly, while he lectures the rest of us on how to respond to religion we will not be watching Rove McManus's The Project. 

Waleed's Fake Thesis - Lets See It

Incredibly, Waleed is covering-up his own thesis from Monash University. So why would Waleed have to restrict access to his thesis? One theory is Waleed is very scared of members of his own religious cult. All they have to do is announce a 'Fatwa' against it and he is a goner. How can this 'religion' be tax deductible in Australia. Australia really is a nation of self-sabotaging half wits.


Why Does The Project Even Exist?

Here Friendlyjordies exposes Waleed as a pro-Liberal media stooge. Is Waleed the glue holding Islam and the Liberal Party together in Australia?

Why did they carry out the Tasmanian genocide and continue to systematically kill Aboriginals in police custody just to replace them with people like Waleed Aly? 

Australians couldn't stop British colonisation but we can stop the mindless globalisation of Australian culture. The Aboriginals were here for tens of thousands of years before Islam was even thought of. Islam doesn't accept any culture older than itself. Therefore Moslems don't recognise Aboriginal culture and we are supposed to accept that?

So why is Australia being forced to go backwards?

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Anonymous said...

To answer your questions, we are at the end of the human ideological era. There is nowhere, for ideology to go, but back to the past where it belongs and clings to. Ideology is the belief in fantasy and that fantasy can overrule reality, neither can work for more than a short time and the entire existence of earth in universal terms, is very short time. Ideological humans have only been around a few thousand years and has past its zenith, now reality if taking over and ideologues are desperately trying to avoid reality and push fantasy a real.

Waleed ali, is a devout ideologue so has no answers that don't include delusional concepts and fantasy winning out over reality. So we are seeing calamity after calamity as ideologues world wide try to push their deranged belief systems and are failing miserably.

The problem the sane people of the world face is they are in the minority, ideology rules the world with psychological and physical violence against all who disagree with the delusionary concepts anyone with any form of intelligence can see through.

The problem is there is nothing sensible evolving humans can do until the ideologues are relegated to the past and that will happen afte4r they create as much damage and destruction as they can. But it will be all over by 2031 as the direction and approach by ideological humanity is self destructive and all evolving humans can do is hang in prepare and hope we don't become collateral damage to the deranged insanity ideologues are imposing on the life of the planet.

As for the yahweh cult, it's on it's last legs, reality has exposed for what it is, violent suppressive abusive genocidal and elitist. The Koran was written by a christian, mohammad was illiterate,as was 99.5% of humans back then. Yahweh describes himself within the OT and Torah, on a number of occasions as the4 god of war and one of many gods, yo can read that in the Interlinear hebrew and greek texts. Then we have the glaring fact, the bibles torah and koran all originate from the 6th century CE, nothing exists before that century. There are many other glaring facts which prove from the yahweh cults own writings and it.s recorded history, which has been nothing but war suppression, genocidal invasion, elitism, abuse and nothing else.