18 Oct 2022

肥蛇 Xi Jinping's Vision Of Enforced Uniformity And Mass Brainwashing

Yesterday dictator Xi Jinping addressed the Chinese Communist Party Congress in the 'Great Hall of the Dictator'. The World saw stifling uniformity and stage-managed subservience from mindless apparatchiks who mirror Kim Jong Un's North Korean zombies.

Xi is another self-fixated dictator with blood on his hands. As students of Chinese philosophy, we call Xi Jinping 肥蛇 or 'fat snake' based on his Chinese zodiac sign of the water snake. The snake is notoriously corrupt in Chinese philosophy and Xi is no different.

Have you noticed Xi can never explain why China has to be on an 'expansionist' path? The Communist Chinese population explosion is a biological catastrophe not a political philosophy.

China owes the rest of the World a massive debt for creating and spreading COVID-19 by their criminal irresponsibility and sheer stupidity, much of it Xi Jinping's fault. Anyone who has lost a love one to COVID can only blame Communist China. 

The horrible condition 'long COVID' points to a bio-weapons source. Xi is corrupt and evil enough to have developed the disease in a lab. Look at the cost of COVID-19 to Australia's economy? China must be forced to compensate the rest of the World for this negligence, not threaten us with expansionist military exploits.

Banner translation: 'We want food, not PCR tests. We want reform, not a Cultural Revolution. We want a vote, not a leader. We want freedom, not lockdowns. We want respect, not lies. We want to be citizens, not slaves.'

肥蛇 Fat Snake Xi is forced to cover-up protests like the one above and fanatically censor all media and internet continually to stop 1.4 billion Chinese from discovering the truth. The truth is communism is a crap system that doesn't work.

Why did the CCP have to globalise their economy and parasitize Western democracies just to keep their obsolete system functioning? They are total hypocrites. Importantly, why is their busted system a European invention from 1800's Germany? Is this all a nation with thousands of years of Taoist and Confucian thinking is now capable of? And why the slavish adoption of obsolete Western thought?

Above. The Great Hall of the Dictator.

Asian Communist Control Is Similar To Clonal Ant Colonies

A frightening parallel can be drawn between Asian personality cult dictatorships and clonal ant colonies.  We urge those interested to read-up on clonal ant colones. This is extremist biology so be warned.

Clonal ants are all genetically identical and are forced to ovulate at the same time in order to parasitize other ant colonies on which they are totally dependent for their survival. Parallels can be made between clonal ants and the obsessive and unnecessary control imposed by North Korea and Communist China.

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